Shin Chan

Season 2 Episode 11

The Emperor's Love

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 22, 2008 on UPN
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The Boy Scouts of Japan
While hunting illegal aliens, the gang encounters some boy scouts.

The Not-So-Last Temptation of Hiro
Hiro engages in a potentially scandalous relationship with an attractive woman he inadvertently rescued.

Cupid's a Slut!
It's a classic tale of star-crossed love between Ai, Penny, Shin and Mr. K.

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    Greg Ayres

    Greg Ayres


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    Kent Williams

    Kent Williams

    Scout Leader

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    Z. Charles Bolton

    Z. Charles Bolton


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    Jason Liebrecht

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • One of the text messages that briefly appear during the second visitation of Hiro's message in box reads "It's snowing!" On 3/7/2008 it started snowing at the FUNimation studios. Since snow is such a rare event in that part of Texas, it is a big deal when it does occur, especially so close to spring. FUNimation headquarters closed early that day at 1pm.

      • Since it can only be seen for just a few frames, "Quick! What does this say?" was also added to the "Pointless Menu." It was added to make fun of the timing, as well as to make fun of possible fans who would revisit the scene just to see what it said.

      • When Hiro navigates to his message center for the first time, there is an additional menu that he navigates through that is not in the second visit. Seeing no point in having an additional menu to navigate to, the original was edited to read "Pointless Menu."

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Georgie: Somewhere in those bushes are the aliens. They've infiltrated the country and they're ruining our way of life.
        Maso: I hate aliens! They're green and covered in goo!
        Georgie: Though I'm glad to see you hating things you don't understand, I'm talking about find illegal aliens, you nitwit.

      • Maso: Aliens! They're her to probe us!
        Penny: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

      • Shin: Boy Scouts are lame.
        Georgie: They are not lame, Shin. They're one of the few groups that can legally ban women, gays, and atheists.

      • Shin: Haven't you noticed there's something weird about this troop?
        Maso: Yeah, they're older boys, but they're accepting me instead of throwing me in trash cans or dangling me off roofs by my ears.

      • Scout: The best way for a Scout to go on the Journey is to win our scavenger hunt.
        Shin: There's a prize for finding crap? What do I win, what do I win?!
        Scout: Just don't tell your friends yet, okay? The winner gets to free everyone's soul with the Emperor's Love after the Punch puts us to sleep, then drives the Love into himself.

      • Penny: What's the Emperor's Love?
        Scoutmaster: It's...razor-sharp and hard to explain.

      • Hiro: I'm a married man...a married man who only gets sex after Mitzi watches 300, but a married man, dammit.

      • Ai: Shinny-poo, I'm "it". Come get touched by me.
        Penny: You stupid! Go tag someone! If you wanna play this game, you have to work for it! We're not playing "Heiress Rules," hippo!
        Ai: Okay. (Tags Penny) You're "it"!
        Penny: That prissy, scheming bitch!

      • Mr. K: (thinking while fixing Penny's scrape) I've got to make sure she's okay. If Ai doesn't have Penny to focus her hatred on, she'll start calling for more basement death battles. And I barely survived those Latvian twins.
        Penny: (thinking) Wait, he's a man...but he's not giving me ouchies, he's fixing them. How can this be?
        Mr. K: You're all set.
        (He jumps back into the bush)
        Penny: I thought men like him were a Hollywood fantasy, like hunks who aren't asswads. He's the anti-dad, a protector instead of a hurtie maker. He's...he's dreamy.

      • Ai: (grabbing Shin in a mad embrace) Shin, my rump-waving sex beast! You finally professed your love for me! How long I've dreamed of this day. People say you can't buy love with money and manipulation, but I knew in my heart they were wrong! Let's celebrate! Where do you want to go? My daddy owns a spaceship!
        Penny: (giant in Ai's point-of-view) Don't interrupt our game, you whore! Shin doesn't love your cow ass!
        Ai: (same view) Then why do I have this flower and love letter, you welfare whore?
        Penny: Why the hell do you have them? I'll break your face!
        Ai: Oh, Penny, there's no need to be jealous just because Shin gave me these. I'm sure that one day, you'll find a smelly pimp to take care of you.
        Penny: Don't be an idiot! Those gifts are from me!
        Ai: But...why would you... so you love me? (Fantasy of Ai and Penny in love) Oh, lesbo.
        Penny: (back to reality) I'd rather eat my razors than love you, Ai!

    • NOTES (1)

      • The Emperor's Love is the eleventh episode of the second season of FUNimation's adaptation of Shin Chan, and the thirty-seventh episode overall.

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • FUNimation Entertainment

        When Hiro is text messaging Suki, the viewer can briefly see Hiro's inbox. One of the messages appearing is "FUNi FTW." FUNi is the abbreviation for FUNimation Entertainment, Shin Chan's North American co-licensor.

      • Scoutmaster: Wait 'til you reach the rank of Bear Scout, or Super Bear Scout, or Bear Scout EX + Alpha.

        Referencing two games in the Street Fighter series.

      • Scout: We based [the latrine] off the one in Schindler's List.

        Refers to a scene from the 1993 film Schindler's List where children hide in latrines to avoid transportation.