Shin Chan

Season 2 Episode 26

The Epicish Battle Comenceth!

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 14, 2008 on UPN
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The final episode of Shin Chan's second season, The Epicish Battle Comenceth, follows Shin as he enters a kendo tournament. Brimming with the bizarre sense of humor and pop-culture references the series is known for, Shin uses his own unique style to advance in the tournament while his crazy and supposedly orphaned teacher makes contact with a man claiming to be his estranged father.


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      • Mitzi: Why is he wearing clown pants?
        Hiro: Please tell me those aren't Mr. Peebles's

      • Hiro: My boy!
        Mitzi: Now Hiro, half his genes are from me, and considering who wins all our semi-joking fights, it's clear where he gets his toughness.
        Hiro: Let me dream.

      • Hiro: I made that kid! He came from my sperm!

      • Hito: You're gonna beat this kid, aren't ya, Billy?
        Billy: Yes, master.
        Hito: Because if you don't, I'll break your fingers, then I'll sell you to that rich girl for her basement fights, like I sold the Latvian twins, and after her bodyguard rips off your jaw and you're a screaming bloody mess, you'll be grateful when I stab you in the heart.
        Billy: Thank you, master.
        Kenta: The next fly vessel awaits, my lord.
        Shin: Wait, I'm eating this free food Pignose got us.
        Announcer: Kleptomania!

      • Hiro: Shin's performed in public, and no one's called security!
        Mitzi: Plus it's free, so I'm not secretly resentful.
        Hiro: I forgot we're not paying for his kendo, but does that mean if we wins, we have to share the prize basket with that Kenta guy?
        Mitzi: Oh, hell no!

      • Porker: (strikes blocked by Shin's sword) I strike like a waterfall! Smash you with my waterfall! I love saying waterfall!
        (Shin moves sword down briefly and gets hit in mask)
        Referee: Point Red.
        Shin: Man, fatty waterfalls kinda hurt. I guess there's only one thing I can do.
        Referee: Fight dirty. Please me.
        Porker: (resuming attack) Once again, my waterfall! Nothing stops my waterfall! All I have is waterfall! Waterfall! Waterfall!
        Kenta: That crouch--Dildor's up to something.
        Shin: Take THIS! (Leaps into the air) Fish on TV swimming up the waterfall before he gets eaten by Survivorman HO! (Strikes Porker's head)
        Referee: Point White. Match tied.

      • Shin: (seeing Trevor fight) Coo-coo bananas, how do I beat that?!
        Kenta: I don't know, you just do.
        Shin: You're supposed to be my teacher--teach me!
        Kenta: The prophecy is unclear, but it foretells that the Fly Lord and his wretched sister Sluterus will fornicate, and the product of those incentuous insects' sex will be a powerful beast know as Rodlid, capable of bringing about the Curdleclysm. Humanity's only hope will be Dildor, descending from the heavens riding on a rainbow.
        Shin: Now I get it, you're really bat-poop crazy.

      • Hiro: Shin's so fast. He came out of nowhere.
        Mitzi: He takes after his father that way.

      • Shin: Hey, dude, you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?
        Trevor: Do you watch Nancy Grace?
        Shin: That's not it.
        Trevor: If you don't recognize me from a show, please say you've seen my picture on a milk carton.
        Shin: You're not a cow!

      • Kenta: Are you prepared for combat, Dildor?
        Shin: Yeah, 'cept I brought my skis instead of my sword. Be right back.
        Kenta: Clearly the doing of witchpaste.
        Announcer: Schizophrenia!

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