Shin Chan

Season 2 Episode 2

The Stalker Song

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 19, 2008 on UPN
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Kindergarten Pop
To get out of work, Hiros calls in a bogus bomb threat to the office. The enjoyment of this unexpected day off is cut short when Mitzi remembers that it's parent's day at Shin's school. Once he is reminded of the hot young moms that will be attending, Hiro's protests cease and he jumps at the chance to "put his family first!" Unfortunately, things start off on a downer when he hears the essay Shin wrote about him: "He comes home drunk, his life is lame" and then progresses rapidly downhill.

The Secret Life of Georgie

Georgie's harboring a secret! The youth is desperate for a cardboard reproduction of Yaz from the TV series Heiressz. What lengths will he go to in order to get his hands on the prize? And can he do it while keeping his shameful love for such girlish tripe from his friends? Oh, to have so much money and yet not be able to buy your heart's greatest desire... how cruel!

Action Bastard Says, "Give Yourself the Shaft!"

It's another evening at the Nohara house, but Mitzi's in an awfully good mood! Could it have anything to do with the Action Bastard Vibrating Bastard Shaft that Shin won at the store that day? Everyone seems to have a different use for it, but they're all getting off! That is, until Shin tries it out on Hiro. Watch out: Things get really messy! And fast!


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    Gwendolyn Lau

    Gwendolyn Lau

    Penny's mother

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    Kate Oxley

    Kate Oxley


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    Melinda Wood Allen

    Melinda Wood Allen


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    Troy Baker

    Troy Baker

    Action Bastard

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    Christopher R. Sabat

    Christopher R. Sabat

    Mr. Kei

    Recurring Role

    Cherami Leigh

    Cherami Leigh

    Yaz Heiresz

    Recurring Role

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      • The Stalker Song
        I wanted to see you, just wanted to talk.
        Went to the back door of your condo, but you changed the locks.
        Chicks are confusing, I don't understand.
        What message your sending when you pork other men.
        Does this mean we can get back together.
        I called up your mother to get some advice.
        She said that I always was her favorite, she cooked me chicken and rice.
        We knocked back some wine, I cried on her blouse.
        One thing and another, then we boned on the couch.
        Does this mean we can get back together.
        Have me committed, this jacket is straight.
        You know I'm committed to you baby, thats why your cat i ate.
        Doc says theres promise, the medicines great.
        It makes me feel better, though I can't ejaculate.
        Does this mean we can get back together.

      • Georgie: So let's trade--give me the Heiressz tab.
        Shin: That reminds me.
        Georgie: What?
        Shin: What if you really are hooked on the show and I'm helping you destroy yourself?
        Georgie: (nervously) I never watch it, even if the girls' profiting off their dad's death in the factory fire does promote low safety standards.
        Shin: How do you know what the show's about?
        Georgie: I just saw a clip on Fox News's Red Eye!
        Shin: That checks out...but I don't think Penny and Maso will buy it.
        Georgie: It's a perfect excuse!
        Shin: You're not a secret fan of Heiressz?
        Georgie: No, not at all.
        Shin: Even a little?
        Georgie: (sweating profusely) No way. Now that we've confirmed I hate the show, let's trade so you can go away.
        Shin: Uh-uh.
        Georgie: You wanna get waterboarded, bitch?! (Attacks Shin on the bed) Give me what I want, or I'll send you to Camp X-Ray with every other communist hippie!!!
        Shin: I see what you want, it's just Mom's stories where they hate each other, then they get caught in a storm. Time for naked CPR.

      • Shin: Get me that Action Bastard box tab right now or I'll trade with Maso?!
        Georgie: But Maso doesn't have...
        Shin: He has lots of sweet cake to eat and a toilet without a lock on it.
        Georgie: Wait, come back, I know we can find you a snack. I just got some tea biscuits from the baker.
        Shin: I'll need some juice too.
        Georgie: Sure.
        Shin: And full toilet use.
        Georgie: Damn it.

      • Shin: Why are you making the face Dad makes when I ask him what he was watching on TV?
        Georgie: Oh...for no reason. Now go find that Action Bastard tab or I'll rip your eyes out with a plastic spork, and when the handle breaks, I'll use another one, got it?!

      • Shin: Georgie, I didn't know you decided to become an ass-dancer.
        Georgie: Get the hell off me, you want to be gay?!
        Shin: Maybe, I am trying to be a TV star.
        Georgie: This is serious, Shin. We're getting to the age when you choose to be straight.

      • Shin: If you make a mess, don't you have to clean it up?
        Georgie: No, you leave it for the next administration.

      • Georgie: Okay, there are only 1,000 cut-outs and the offer is already a week old and probably 100 are sent out each day and I already missed the government mail-stooge today, so that means 800 have already been taken, and that means there are only...NO! Okay, Georgie, the time has come for drastic measures. You must get a box tab today. The only option is to fabricate a new tab using my existing tabs as models, maybe using art class or Photoshop and China. What if they find out and they ban me for life? Think, Georgie, what would your namesake do if he needed a life-size cardboard girl? Oh, right, he already has Laura. I have to resort to murder, at least shoplifting, which is so...
        Maso: Hey Georgie, what are you doodling? It's pretty.
        (Georgie covers equation and drawing of Yaz)
        Georgie: Oh, nothing, just making fun of you.

      • Georgie: Four precious box tabs. Only one more 'til I have my very own Yaz, and then I can hide her in the back of my closet to begin my dignified double life of shame. Now I know how Senator Craig felt, and Mark Foley, and Bill O'Reilly, Ted Haggard, Newt Gingrich- damn, what's wrong with us.

      • Shin: (reading) I'm Stuck with Him, by Shin. He comes home drunk and gets smacked by Mom, but he's never too drunk for a sake bomb. His life is lame, but he keeps on trucking, and after bedtime, he's still up for... I can't tell what I wrote here, but I know he has taught me some stuff.
        Hiro: Yeah!
        Shin: Like, he taught me how stinky a sock can be, and that a family can scrape by on a very, very low salary, and when hotties smile at you, sweat and mumble. But you're my Hiro, Dad, since- 'cause that's your name.

      • Hiro: I'm off work because there was a bomb threat.
        Shin: How'd that go, by the way? Did they buy your Dutch accent?
        Hiro: It was a Serbian accent!

      • Shin: Did you get fired 'cause they found your hidden cameras in the ladies' room of dumping?
        Georgie: What's sad is I think that's true.

      • Hiro: (thinking) Every man here looks like a sociopath; yep, it's an elementary school, alright.

      • Hiro: I love staying home on a weekday. Sure I'll get canned if the office traces that bomb threat back to me, but 'til they do, it's happy time for Hiro.
        Mitzi: Hey, you realize if you go to jail, you'll be a bitch, right?
        Hiro: Just like work, 'cept in prison, I won't have to wear a tie.

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