Shin Chan

Season 3 Episode 7

Vaginoplasty and a Stepladder

Full Episode: Vaginoplasty and a Stepladder (26:26)

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Fibromyalgical Mystery Tour
After a neighbor gives Mitzi a 'medical mushroom', she and Hiro plan to enjoy an evening tripping on some blissful hallucinations.

Ai'll Be Back
The competition between Ai and Penny rise to a new level when the gang agrees to enact a script written by Ai and directed by Penny.

The Katz in the Cradle Robbing
Miss Katz finds herself in charge of getting Shin home when his parents fail to get him after school. Cranky and put off by this inconvenience, Shin makes her some special tea to help her relax; and then things get a little weird.

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Anime, dysfuntional families, issues with authority, Adult, pop culture references