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Shin Don

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Shin Don is a historical dramatic TV series developed by MBC that centers on the turbulent but influential life of Shin Don (Son Chang-min), a Buddhist priest whose ability to work within the political realm of the King Gongmin’s (Jeong Bo-seok) court during the Yuan Dynasty allowed him to gain control over the country he loved. Born to a princess and a slave, Shin Don was raised to become a Buddhist priest, despite his violent and somewhat greedy mind. While working with the people of China during his training, he realized that the first step towards reformation and any type of peace was based in political power, not religious ideals. King Gongmin had been a political captive until the Yuan Dynasty declared him the next king and with his rule, he managed to bring about independence and a radical reform that left many of his administers nervous. With the trust of King Gongmin, who let him take on more and more duties as his right hand, and the help of his beloved wife, Princess Noguk (Seo Ji-hye), Shin Don did his best to bring the land of Goryeo back to its former glory.moreless

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AIRED ON 8/10/2010

Season 1 : Episode 61

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Foreign Language, Historical