Shin Hakkenden

(ended 1999)


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Shin Hakkenden

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This 1999 anime takes place in the future.Wars were occurring in the heaven trying to take possessions of the eight moon that surrounded God's land.At the end of the war there was only one victor and that was Oowaris and the remaining sons were the new masters of all the moons of heaven,except for one.There was one moon they could not control and that was Meiten which was the moon of the pope. There were eight moon and eight people and each possessing one of the jewels that helps create Earth.They all are heroes to help restore earth but there are those who prevent them from their goal.The mad emperor Kai revives a man from the dead to kill them all. The eight heroes gather to Yatsufusa at Kusanagi which was the center of God's land.They must gathered all the jewels to create the earth and humanity