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  • Season 1
    • Rival Warlords Vacation On a Tropical Island
      Special Episode- Rival Warlords Vacation on a Tropical Island: There Will Also be Tentacles!
    • The General's Attempt to Suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion
      Sousou enlists Kan'u and friends to defeat the Yellow Turbans and capture the Crucial Keys from the Chou Sisters. Can they accomplish this goal against overwhelming odds?
    • Bachou Tries To Hold It In
      The Chou sisters decide that they will build an army of followers so they won't be arrested and Bachou's cousin, Batai, challenges her to drink a jug of water and hold off going to the bathroom until dinner. Can Bachou accomplish this seemingly impossible task and what will happen when the sisters amass their large group of followers?moreless
    • Koumei Wishes for a Sister
      Ryuubi is trying to act like Kan'u's older sister like Chouhi had said she could be and Kan'u doesn't want that to be the case. Koumei starts to think about the two sisters she had before they got separated and they drop by her home and find out that Suikyou has taken in another orphan.moreless
    • Gakushin, Riten, and Ukin, Protect a Village
      Kan'u and friends are traveling through the mountains when they come to a village that is under seige from bandits and is being protected by Gakushin, Riten, and Ukin. Can they join forces and defeat the bandits?
    • Enjutsu Orders a Monster's Extermination
      Ryuubi begs Enjutsu to return her sword to her and Enjutsu agrees on the condition that Ryuubi eliminates a monster that is in a shrine that she wants to tear down to build a villa. Can Ryuubi defeat a monster even with Kan'u and friends?
    • Chinkyuu Is Taken In By Ryofu
      A young girl named Chinkyuu fights with Chouhi over a trinket and she is with Ryofu. Why does Chinkyuu want the trinket so bad and why is she with Ryofu?
    • Ten`i is Tested by Sousou
      While staying in town, Kan'u and friends discover a restaurant with excellent food and meet the chef, Ten'i. They are also invited later to sample Sousou's cooking and Chouhi mentions Ten'i and now Sousou wants to see this chef and taste her food as well.
    • Kakuka and Teiiku Come Into Sousou`s Service
      Chouhi has a bad stomach ache and they take her to where they see someone with a campfire and meet a doctor named Kada who heals her and travels with them to meet Sousou and along the way they also find Kakuka and Teiiku who are also on the way to meet Sousou.moreless
    • The Three Chou Sisters Acquire the "Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace"
      The Chou sisters are not doing so well with there magic and singing act until a mysterious stranger gives them a magical book and with its help, they become a very popular group.
    • Kousonsan Fights Enshou
      Ryuubi goes to Kousonsan to ask for her sword back but it's not in her possession anymore. Can they get the sword back from the one she left it with, Enshou?
    • Ryubi Visits Touka Village
      A girl with pink hair is cornered by the trio bandits, with perverse thoughts about her. Kan-u's group come in time and with one swing, Kan-u sends the trio away.
    • Ryuubi Visits Touka Village
      Kan'u and her friends rescue a young woman. They learn that her name is Ryuubi and she has lost a precious family sword and they vow to help her find it. Can they retrieve the sword?
    • Bachou's Anguish
      Bachou's Anguish
      Episode 1
      Bachou tries and tries to say Chouhi's given name, Rin Rin, but just can't say it. Everyone in the group thinks that Bachou should go home because they think that she is depressed having to stay in a village. Will they discover what's really bugging her or will this drive Bachou away?moreless