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Shin Koihime Musou

Season 1 Episode 5

Kakuka and Teiiku Come Into Sousou`s Service

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2009 on
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Episode Summary

Kakuka and Teiiku Come Into Sousou`s Service
Chouhi has a bad stomach ache and they take her to where they see someone with a campfire and meet a doctor named Kada who heals her and travels with them to meet Sousou and along the way they also find Kakuka and Teiiku who are also on the way to meet Sousou.moreless

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    Erika Narumi

    Erika Narumi

    Shokatsuryo (Zhuge Liang)/ Koumei / Shuri

    Hiroka Nishizawa

    Hiroka Nishizawa

    Chouhi (Zhang Fei) / Ekitoku / Rin Rin

    Emi Motoi

    Emi Motoi

    Chou'un (Zhao Yun) / Shiryuu / Sei

    Mai Goto

    Mai Goto

    Ryuubi (Liu Bei) / Gentoku / Toka

    Nami Kurokawa

    Nami Kurokawa

    Kan'u (Guan Yu) / Uncho / Aisha

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      • (after a foiled assassination attempt on Sousou)
        Kan'u: It seems that you, as usual, have many enemies.
        Sousou: It can't be helped. The world is wrong now. If you do what's right, those who can't appreciate it will naturally come after you.

      • Sousou: (about Kada) Jeez, what was with that quack?

      • Kada: I'm going straight to Sousou-san's place. Would you like to come with me?
        Teiiku: Oh, that's a fine idea...
        Kakuka: Um...You know, they say you can't fight on an empty stomach. I'd like to get something to eat first.
        Houkei: Sure you would...You've gotten scared, haven't you?
        (Kakuka glares at Houkei)
        Teiiku: Hey, Houkei, when you see something that obvious, you're not supposed to say anything.

      • Kakuka: I'm sorry for that embarrassing scene.
        Chouhi: I was so surprised, I thought my bellybutton would jump out!

      • Koumei: Rin Rin-chan is doing great. You'd never think she was sick yesterday.
        Kada: Kids should always be energetic. I'm sure her mother feels better now, too.
        Kan'u: Mother?
        Kada: Am I wrong?
        Kan'u: Y-Yes. Rin Rin has sworn a bond of sisterhood with me! Actually, I've never done anything that could lead to a kid...(realizes what she just said and turns away very embarrassed)

      • Kada: My name is Kada. I'm a traveling doctor.
        Koumei: Kada? Of the Way of the Five Grains...
        Kada: No! It's the (shouts) Way of the Five Grains! It's amportant to give it the appropriate emphasis.
        Koumei: U-Uh, I'll remember that.

      • (Kada has just healed Chouhi's stomach ache)
        Chouhi: H-huh? My stomach doesn't hurt anymore?
        Kan'u: A-Are you really okay?
        Chouhi: It pricked for a second, felt funny for a second, and then suddenly stopped hurting!
        Kada: My guess is that you consumed a bad combination and it made your stomach convulse.

      • Kan'u: I guess we should have taken the other road back at that fork.
        Chou'un: We'll be sleeping outside if we don't find a place soon.
        Kan'u: Rin Rin, we followed your fortune and look what happened. It was completely useless.

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