Shin Koihime Musou

Season 1 Episode 12

The General's Attempt to Suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 2009 on
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The General's Attempt to Suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion
Sousou enlists Kan'u and friends to defeat the Yellow Turbans and capture the Crucial Keys from the Chou Sisters. Can they accomplish this goal against overwhelming odds?

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    Yu Amamiya

    Yu Amamiya

    Kouchuu (Huang Zhong) / Kansho / Shion

    Nami Kurokawa

    Nami Kurokawa

    Kan'u (Guan Yu) / Uncho / Aisha

    Mai Goto

    Mai Goto

    Ryuubi (Liu Bei) / Gentoku / Toka

    Hiroka Nishizawa

    Hiroka Nishizawa

    Chouhi (Zhang Fei) / Ekitoku / Rin Rin

    Emi Motoi

    Emi Motoi

    Chou'un (Zhao Yun) / Shiryuu / Sei

    Erika Narumi

    Erika Narumi

    Shokatsuryo (Zhuge Liang)/ Koumei / Shuri

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      • Shunran: (thinks to herself) If we have to attack, it'll be a massive battle.

      • Shuuran: (thinks to herself) If they're surrounded by tens of thousands of Yellow Turbans, even Kan'u and her group...

      • Riten: OK. It's working like you expected, old man.
        Kada: I'm not old!

      • Ryuubi: No one who likes songs can be a bad person.

      • Kan'u: It's almost time. But shouldn't you have waited at the main camp, Ryuubi-dono?
        Ryuubi: My two sisters are going into danger to quell a rebellion. I can't stay in safety all by myself!

      • Kan'u: Lately, Kakouton seem unhappy. What's wrong?
        Shuuran: Just leave her alone. It wold be bothersome to try and help.

      • Enjutsu: Come on. Let's talk more about how great I am.
        Choukun: Way to go, Miu-sama! A true lady is impervious to any and every sort of sarcasm!

      • Ryuubi: (about Enjutsu and Choukun) Wow. You two are really good at singing.
        Sousou: I'm surprised. I thought your only talent in life was eating honey.

      • Kada: When I was looking around the outskirts of the Yellow Turbans' camp, I noticed their control spell seems to work only on those whose hearts have been stolen by their songs. So if you regained them, using the songs of another singer...
        Koumei: I see... Then they wouldn't be the Chou Sisters' slaves anymore! If we're only up against the sisters themselves, it should be easy to catch them!

      • Keifa: Then first, we must eliminate the Yellow Turbans, and the THree Chou Sisters must be...
        Ryuubi: Wait a moment. The Three Chou Sisters are controlling the Yellow Turbans. And it's the Crucial Keys' fault that they're doing it! So we only need to seal it away. We need not eliminate them...
        Keifa: You don't seem to understand the situation, so I'll repeat it. Tens of thousands of Yellow Turbans surround the Three Chou Sisters.
        Ryuubi: I know that!
        Keifa: Then you must realize we cannot get to the book without dealing with them first, right? You don't plan to tell me that you expect to say, "Let us seal the book," assuming they'll say yes, do you?

      • Sousou: I've underestimated it, thinking it's a simple book. I'd no idea of its power.
        Kada: Yes. We must seal it away before the damage spreads any further.

      • Sousou: The Yellow Turban Rebellion is due to the Three Crucial Keys?
        Kada: Yes. From the intelligence I've gathered, the Three Chou Sisiters are using the Crucial Keys to control the Yellow Turbans.

      • Kan'u: Don't you think it's worth listening to what he has to say?
        Chouhi: Old man Kada is a good guy!
        Kada: Old man...

      • Kada: I just wanted to take care of your...
        Shunran: Impudence!
        Shuuran: You will address her as Sousou-sama!
        Kada: Sousou-sama's consti-
        Sousou: One more word, and I really will cut off your head.

      • Sousou: Kada, you've got guts, coming here to offer up your neck. You haven't forgotten the humiliating words you said to me, have you?
        Kada: That was a misunderstanding!

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