Shin Koihime Musou

Season 1 Episode 4

The Three Chou Sisters Acquire the "Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace"

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 2009 on



  • Trivia

    • The spell Chiihou casts to create the magical sound amplifiers very closely resembles Lina Inverse's signature "Dragon Slave" from the various "Slayers" series.

  • Quotes

    • Tenhou: (wakes up) I need to pee... (she sees that Chiihou is still up reading the book) You're still awake?
      Chiihou: Nee-san, this book is amazing! There are all kinds of magic here that I've never seen anywhere else. With this, our dreams will come true!
      Tehou: I don't really understand, but staying up late is bad for your skin. So get to bed soon, okay? (lays down and starts to go back to sleep but sits up again) I forgot to pee.

    • Tenhou: If you enjoyed it, anything you'd like to give is appreciated. Please putit into this basket.
      Renhou: Even rice and vegetables are most welcome.
      Chiihou: Money's even better!

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