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Episode Guide

    • Show 30: April 7, 1965 - Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Lesley Gore, Larry Hovis, Martha and the Vandellas, Righteous Brothers

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Glen Campbell - "Hot Dog."
      2. Wellingtons, Blossoms, John Andrea - "Rock Island Line."
      3. Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Righteous Brothers - "Willie and the Hand Jive" (end of medley).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Marvin Gaye - "I'll Be Doggone," "Memphis," "Stubborn Kind of Fellow" and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (Plus, the finale).
      --Tina Turner - "Money," "That'll Be the Day," "Tell Her I'm Not Home" and "Tell the Truth."
      --Martha and the Vandellas - "Nowhere to Run."
      --Lesley Gore - "The Look of Love," "Gee Baby I'm Sorry " and "All of My Life."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "I Need Your Loving."
      --Bill Medley - "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" & "Leave My Woman Alone."
      --Bobby Hatfield - "Teasing You," "Tell Her No," "I'm A Lover Not a Fighter."
      --Bobby Hatfield and Donna Loren - "I Must Be Seeing Things."
      --Donna Loren - "Got to Get You off My Mind."
      --Larry Hovis - "Cherry Pie."
      --Glen Campbell - "Tomorrow Never Comes."
      --John Andrea - "Sweet Little 16" (with the Shindogs).
      --Dalaney Bramlett - "Jack of Diamonds."
      --Jimmy Clanton - "Tired of Waiting for You."
      --The Blossoms - "The Barracuda" (Blossoms without Darlene Love).
      --The Shindogs - "Shotgun."
      --The Wellingtons - "The Game of Love" and "She Loves You."
      --Willy Nelson - "Metropole" (a.k.a. "I'm In Love with the Dancing Girl Working at the Metropole").

      Finale: Marvin Gaye - "Can I Get a Witness?" (with closing credits).

    • Show 39: June 9, 1965 - Righteous Brothers, Bettye Lavette, Piccola Pupa
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Jackie and Gayle - "Iko Iko"
      2. The Blossoms - "Don't Hang Up"
      3. Wellingtons, Bobby Sherman - "The Bristol Stomp"
      4. Billy Preston - "Baby Face"
      5. Everly Brothers - "Gone Gone Gone" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Glen Campbell - "Tom Dooley" and "Fort Worth Jail" excerpt
      --Jimmy Clanton - "Hurting Each Other"
      --The Everly Brothers - "Great Balls of Fire," "Slippin' and Slidin'" excerpt and "The Price Of Love"
      --Bobby Hatfield - "Out of Sight"
      --Jackie and Gayle - "And That's How It Goes" & "Camel Walk" excerpt
      --Clydie King - "The Thrill Is Gone"
      --Bettye Lavette - "Let Me Down Easy"
      --Darlene Love - "Didn't It Rain?"
      --Billy Preston - "Log Cabin" & "Breathless" excerpt
      --Piccola Pupa - "Breakaway" and "Skateboard"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Slippin' and Slidin'" excerpt, "Camel Walk" excerpt and "Fee Fi Fidily I Oh"
      --Sandie Shaw - "(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Country Boy" and "Good Golly Miss Molly" excerpt
      --The Vocals - "Lonesome Mood"
      --The Wellingtons (with the Shindig dancers) - "Sunglasses"
    • Show 52: September 16, 1965 The Byrds, The McCoys, Rolling Stones, Ketty Lester, Everly Brothers
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. The McCoys, The Byrds - "California Sun"
      2. Jerry Naylor - "I Got A Feeling"
      3. The Everly Brothers - ""Rip It Up"
      4. Chad & Jill - "Ready Teddy" (end of medley)
      --The Everly Brothers - "Love Is Strange"
      --The Byrds - "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better"
      --Billy Preston - "Short Fat Fanny"
      --Jerry Naylor - "Action"
      --Ketty Lester - "I'll Be Looking Back"
      --The Byrds - "The Bells of Rhymney"
      --The McCoys - "Hang on Sloopy"
      --Chad and Jill - "I Don't Want to Lose You Baby" (Chad Stuart of Chad and Jeremy, and his wife Jill)
      --Chad Stuart - "Funny How Love Can Be" (Chad singing to Jill)
      --The Rolling Stones - "Satisfaction" (with line "trying to make some girl" censored).
      Finale: Everly Brothers - "The Girl Can't Help It" (with closing credits)moreless
    • Show 53: September 18, 1965 The Righteous Brothers, Jackie DeShannon, We Five, Marianne Faithfull
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. The Righteous Brothers - "Money Honey"
      2. Shindogs and the Wellingtons - "Two Hound Dogs" (Bill Haley & the Comets song)
      3. Bobby Sherman - "Out of Sight"
      4. James Burton (guitarist) - instrumental song
      5. Jackie DeShannon - "All Around the World" (end of medley)
      --The Dave Clark Five - "Catch Us If You Can"
      --Bobby Sherman, the Wellingtons and the Blossoms - "JuJu Hand" (Sam the Sham song)
      --The Shindogs (Joey Cooper singing lead) and the Wellingtons - "I'm Down"
      --Marianne Faithfull - "Summer Nights"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Ko Ko Mo"
      --Billy Preston - "In the Midnight Hour"
      --We Five - "You Were On My Mind"
      --Jackie De Shannon - "Shop Around"
      --Freddie and the Dreamers - "Little Bitty Pretty One"
      --Jackie De Shannon, Bobby Sherman, Delaney Bramlett and Joey Cooper - "Shake and Fingerpop"
      --Finale: Righteous Brothers - medley: "My Babe," "Try to Find Another Man," "Little Latin Lupe Lu" and "Koko Jo" (closing credits)moreless
    • Show 42: June 30, 1965
      Show 42: June 30, 1965
      Season 1 - Episode 42

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman, Wellingtons - "At the Hop"
      2. The Blossoms, Donna Loren - "I Do the Shimmy Shimmy"
      3. Jackie Wilson - "Shake Shake"
      4. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Jenny, Jenny" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Jerry Lee Lewis - "Rockin' Pneumonia" and "High School Confidential"
      --Jackie Wilson - "That's Why (I Love You So)," "No Pity in the Naked City" and "I'm So Lonely"
      --Chad and Jeremy - "Before and After" & "A Summer Song"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Baby, What You Want Me to Do"
      --Bobby Hatfield - "Hey Little Girl"
      --Bill Medley - "Charlie Brown"
      --The Righteous Brothers and the Blossoms - "Night Time Is the Right Time"
      --Glen Campbell - "Cumberland Gap"
      --Donna Loren - "Rock Me in the Cradle of Love" and "My Boyfriend's Back"
      --Bobby Sherman and Donna Loren - "Casting My Spell on You"
      --Bobby Sherman - "You Can't Sit Down"
      --The Shindogs - "My Baby Left Me" and "Hard Day's Night"
      --The Shindogs & Bobby Sherman - "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"
      --The Blossoms - "(He's Gonna Be) Fine, Fine, Fine"
      Finale: Jerry Lee Lewis, the Righteous Brothers, Jerry Cole and Jackie Wilson - "Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On" (with closing credits)

    • Show 23: February 10, 1965 - Del Shannon, Coasters, Ventures, Marianne Faithfull
      Opening song:
      --"It's Alright" (performed by Willy Nelson, Pat and Lolly Vegas, Coasters, Ventures, Bobby Sherman & Donna Loren, Temptations, Eligibles, and Bobby Hatfield).
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Jewel Akens - "The Birds and the Bees"
      --John Andrea - "Lemon Tree" and "Take Her."
      --The Coasters - "Along Came Jones," "What Is the Secret of Your Success?" and "Searchin'."
      --The Eligibles - "Zing! Went the Strings of my Heart"
      --Marianne Faithfull - "As Tears Go By" (clip taped in England).
      --Bobby Hatfield - "Joy Joy Joy," "My Prayer" and "Shake."
      --Jean King (of the Blossoms) - "Somewhere."
      --Donna Loren - "The Boy from New York City"
      --Jerry Mason - "Mala"
      --Willy Nelson - "Metropole" (a.k.a. "I'm In Love with the Dancing Girl Working at the Metropole") Not Willie Nelson, the country singer.
      --Del Shannon - "Stranger in Town," "Do You Wanna Dance," and "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)."
      --Bobby Sherman - "It Hurts Me."
      --The Temptations - "My Girl."
      --Pat and Lolly Vegas - "La Bomba" and "Write Me, Baby."
      --The Ventures - "Diamond Head" and "Caravan."
      --The Temptations – "When the Saints Go Marching In" (with closing credits).
    • Show 76: December 9, 1965 Shindig Goes to London, Part 2
      Filmed at the Richmond-On-Thames Jazz Festival (August 6 - 8, 1965):
      --The Who - "Anyhow, Anyway, Anywhere" and "Shout & Shimmy"
      --The Yardbirds - "For Your Love" and "Hang On Sloopy"
      --Manfred Mann - "If You Gotta Go, Go Now"
      --The Graham Bond Organisation - "Hoochy Koochy Man"
    • Show 28: March 24, 1965 - Shirley Ellis, Jackie Wilson, Bobby Goldsboro, Standells

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Dick and Dee Dee – "Do You Wanna Dance?"
      2. Shirley Ellis – "Name Game"
      3. Bobby Sherman - "King Creole" (end of medley)
      --The Shindogs, the Ray Pohlman Band - "Shotgun"
      --Shirley Ellis and Jackie Wilson - "Gonna Mess Up a Good Thing"
      --Dick and Dee Dee – "Be My Baby" (not the Ronettes song)
      --The Ray Polman Band & the Wellingtons - "Rah Rah Shindig" (a.k.a. "Rah Rah Rockingham")
      --The Tradewinds – "New York's a Lonely Town"
      --The Blossoms – "Peaches and Cream"
      --The Shindogs - "Baby Please Don't Go"
      --Donna Loren – "Goldfinger"
      --The Standells – "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
      --Shindig dancers with Ray Pohlman – "South Street"
      --The Shindogs - "I've Got A Tiger by the Tail"
      --The Wellingtons – "If I Fell"
      --Jewel Atkins – "The Birds and the Bees"
      --Dick and Dee Dee – "How Do You Do It"
      --Jackie Wilson – "Danny Boy"
      --Bobby Goldsboro – "Little Things"
      --Shirley Ellis – "The Clapping Song"
      -- Bobby Sherman – "Hello Mary Lou"
      --The Standells – "Come Home"
      --Jackie Wilson – "Sing" Jimmy O'Neill & Jack Good talk with Ray Polman
      Finale: Glen Campbell - "Do the Clam" (with closing credits)
      Additional song?
      --The Shinding Band - "Twine Time"

    • Show 43: July 7, 1965 - Aretha Franklin, Marianne Faithfull, The Gauchos, The Kinks, Sonny & Cher

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman, Donna Loren, Eligibles, Blossoms - "You Really Got Me."
      2. Rick Lancelot - "All Day and All of the Night."
      3. The Kinks – "I'm A Lover Not A Fighter" (end of medley).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --The Blossoms - "Gimme Some" and "I Can't Believe What You Say."
      --Sonny Bono - "Hello Josephine."
      --Sonny and Cher - "It's Gonna Rain" and "I Got You, Babe."
      --Cher - "Dream Baby."
      --The Eligibles - "A Little Bit Too Late."
      --Marianne Faithfull - "What Have They Done To The Rain?" "As Tears Go By," "Come and Stay With Me," and "This Little Bird."
      --Aretha Franklin - "Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" and "I'm Losing You."
      --The Gauchos - "I Ain't Got You" and "I Like It Like That."
      --The Kinks - "It's All Right," "Set Me Free" and "Tired of Waiting for You."
      --Rick Lancelot - "Boom Boom."
      --Donna Loren - "Bad Boy" and "Shakin' All Over."
      --Billy Preston - "Satisfaction."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Bring It On Home" and "I Saw Her Standing There."
      Finale: The Kinks (with Dave Davies singing lead) - "Long Tall Shorty" (with closing credits).

    • Show 84: January 6, 1966 - The Who, Sandie Shaw (Final Thursday Show)

      --Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas - "My Babe" (opening song).
      Jimmy O'Neill intro.
      --The Who - "I Can't Explain" (clip originally aired Oct. 2, 1965)
      --Dave Berry - "Little Things."
      --Ian Whitcomb - "Robinson Crusoe."
      --Sandie Shaw - "Long Live Love."
      --The Kinks - "I Gotta Move."
      --The Barron Knights - "Pop Go the Workers" (Novelty song spoofing pop groups and their songs: the Rolling Stones' "Last Time," Freddie and the Dreamers' "I'm Telling You Now" and the Supremes' "Baby Love.").
      --Twinkle - "Boy of My Dreams."
      --The Who - "My Generation."
      --Ian Whitcomb - "Hound Dog" (finale, closing credits).

    • Show 19: January 13, 1965: Johnny Cash, Herman's Hermits, Paul Petersen
      --Opening song: Dick and Dee Dee - "Thou Shalt Not Steal."
      --Herman's Hermits - "I'm Into Something Good" (clip probably taped in England)
      --Paul Peterson - "Little Dreamer"
      --Johnny Cash - "Amen" (with the Statler Brothers and the Blossoms singing backup).
      --The Detergents - "Leader of the Laundromat"
      --Dick & Dee Dee - "Be My Baby" (not the Ronettes song).
      --The Righteous Brothers - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"
      --The Paris Sisters - "My Buddy"
      --Johnny Cash - "Orange Blossom Special"
      --Jack Good and cast announce who's on next week's show.
      --Paul Peterson - "I'm in Love Again" (finale, with closing credits)
    • Show 40: June 16, 1965
      Show 40: June 16, 1965
      Season 1 - Episode 40

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Everly Brothers - "Wake Up Little Suzie"
      2. Dick and Dee Dee - "Should We Tell Him?" (Everly Brothers song)
      3. Gary Brento Weis - "What'd I Say"
      4. Gerry and the Pacemakers - "Slow Down" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers – "I Can't Stand It"
      --The Bitter End Singers – "Hard Times" & "I Ain't Gonna Take It Sitting Down"
      --Petula Clark – "In Love"
      --Dick and Dee Dee – "Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind"
      --Dick and Dee Dee with Gerry Marsden – "A Shot of Rhythm and Blues"
      --Dick St. John Gosting (of Dick and Dee Dee) with Gerry Marsden & one of the Pacemakers – "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter"
      --The Everly Bros – "Cathy's Clown" and "I'll Never Get Over You"
      --Gerry & The Pacemakers – "It's Gonna Be Alright" and "You'll Never Walk Alone"
      --Gary Lewis & The Playboys – "Count Me In" and "Save Your Heart for Me"
      --Billy Preston – "Little Sally Walker"
      --PJ Proby – "Hold Me," "Let the Water Run Down" and "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?"
      --Gary Brento Weis – "Lover Man"
      --The Wellingtons – "Wonderful World" (Sam Cooke song)
      Medley: The Everly Brothers & Gerry and the Pacemakers sing each others' songs: (1) Everly Brothers - "How Do You Do It?" (2) Gerry and the Pacemakers -"Bye Bye Love" (3) Everly Brothers -"I Like It" (4) Gerry and the Pacemakers -"Bee Bop a Lu La" (5) Gerry, Everlys -"Pretend" (end of medley)

    • Show 32: April 21, 1965 - Beach Boys, Shangri-Las, The Ikettes, Wayne Fontana

      Guests (songs are not in broadcast order):
      --The Beach Boys - "Do You Wanna Dance" (opening song), "Fun Fun Fun," "Long Tall Texan," "Please Let Me Wonder," "Help Me Rhonda" and "Their Hearts Were Full of Spring"
      --The Shangri-Las - "Shout" and "Out in the Streets"
      --The Shangri-Las - "Give Him A Great Big Kiss" (with Ian Whitcomb cameo)
      --The Ikettes - "Peaches and Cream" and "Camel Walk"
      --Joe and Eddie - "Swing Down Chariot" and "All Night Long" (Plus, the finale)
      --Ian Whitcomb - "I'm A Loser" (excerpt, with the Shangri-Las) & "This Sporting Life"
      --Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders - "Stop, Look and Listen"
      --Cilla Black - "I've Been Wrong Before"
      --Rita Pavone - "Just Once More," "Your Baby's Gone Surfing" (in Italian) & "Eyes of Mine"
      --Dick and Dee Dee - "Freight Train" & "Be My Baby"
      --Joey Cooper - "Do the Clam" & "Love Is You"
      --The Shindogs - "She's About A Mover"
      --Carole Shelyne (Shindig dancer) - sings "The Girl in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses"
      --The Wellingtons - "She's About A Mover"
      Finale: Joe and Eddie - "There Is A Meeting" (with closing credits)

    • Show 37: May 26, 1965 - Rolling Stones, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny & Cher, Jackie DeShannon

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman - "Reelin' and Rockin'"
      2. Len and Glenn, Brady and Grady - "Reelin' and Rockin'"
      3. Sonny and Cher - "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On"
      4. Blossoms and Wellingtons - "Johnny B. Goode"
      5. Joey Cooper and Delaney Bramlett (of The Shindogs) - "The Peppermint Twist"
      6. The Rolling Stones - "Down The Road Apiece" (end of medley)
      Other songs (please see "Recap" for list of songs in broadcast order):
      --Rolling Stones - "Little Red Rooster," "The Last Time" & "Play With Fire" (Also: "Satisfaction" finale)
      Jack Good interviews the Stones prior to Howlin' Wolf's performance.
      --Howlin' Wolf - "How Many Years"
      --Sonny and Cher - "We're Gonna Make It"
      --Jimmie Rogers - "Honeycomb" and "Woman From Liberia"
      --Jackie DeShannon - "Something's Got a Hold of Me (It Must Be Love)" (and possibly "What the World Needs Now Is Love")
      --Adam Wade - "Garden in the Rain"
      --The Explosions - "Work with Me, Annie"
      --Rick Lancelot - "Doctor Feelgood"
      --Len and Glenn, Brady and Grady (quartet made up of 2 sets of identical twins) - "I Think I'm Getting Wiser Everyday," & "Love Me or Never Go Steady with Me" (song titles might not be correct)
      --Bobby Sherman - "Ready Teddy"
      --The Wellingtons - "Short, Shorts" (performed with the Shindig dancers)
      --The Shindogs - "Ticket to Ride"
      Finale: The Rolling Stones - "Satisfaction" (closing credits)

    • Show 13: December 2, 1964 - Bobby Vinton, Aretha Franklin, Freddy Canon
      --Show begins with audience members shouting "Shindig! Shindig! Shindig! Rah! Rah! Shindig!"
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman - "Hot Dog"
      2. Donna Loren - "Just Because"
      3. Freddy Canon - "Abigail Beecher"
      4. Chambers Brothers, Righteous Brothers, Blossoms - "Shout" (end of medley)
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Donna Loren - "Rock Me in the Cradle of Love"
      --Bobby Sherman and Donna Loren - "Casting My Spell on You"
      --Bobby Vinton - "Mr. Lonely"
      --Aretha Franklin - "It Won't Be Long"
      --Righteous Brothers - "Baby What You Want Me to Do"
      --Freddy Cannon - "Too Much Monkey Business"
      --Aretha Franklin - "Runnin' Out Of Fools"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Farmer John"
      --Bobby Vinton - "Roses Are Red"
      Jack Good and Jimmy O'Neill segment.
      Finale (with closing credits):
      --The Chambers Brothers - "Rough and Rocky Road" ("I Feel Like Crying All The Time")
    • Show 65: October 30, 1965 Halloween '65 with Boris Karloff, Ted Cassidy
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Billy Preston (playing organ) - instrumental song
      2. Bobby Sherman - "Help"
      3. Bobby Sherman with the Wellingtons - "I'm Down"
      4. Jackie and Gayle, Ted Cassidy (as Lurch), the Blossoms, and the Spokesmen - "Get on the Right Track Bobby" (end of medley)
      --Jimmy O'Neill talks with guest host Boris Karloff.
      --Jim Doval and the Gauchos - "Tell Me What You're Gonna Do"
      --Jackie and Gayle - "Everyone's Gone to the Moon."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Memphis"
      --The Spokesmen - "There But For Fortune"
      --Boris Karloff recites (then almost sings) the lyrics for "The Peppermint Twist"
      --The Wellingtons - "Some Enchanted Evening"
      --The Gauchos with Billy Preston - "Bony Moronie"
      --Jimmy O'Neill talks with Boris Karloff and Ted Cassidy. Cassidy appears without Lurch makeup.
      --Boris Karloff announces next week's guests.
      --Bobby Sherman - "You Can't Sit Down" (finale, closing credits)

      "Missing" songs (missing from current copies but listed on an ABC stock-footage printout, possibly song excerpts or part of a medley):
      --Boris Karloff - "Monster Mash"
      --Ted Cassidy - "The Addams Family" & "The Lurch"
      --Jim Doval and the Gauchos - "Out of Sight"
      --Jim Doval - "Bella's Bash"
      --The Gauchos & Billy Preston - "Bony Moronie"
      --The Wellingtons - "Scully Gully"

    • Show 47: August 4, 1965 - Dixie Cups, Marianne Faithfull, Great Scots, Nooney Rickett 4
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Jerry Naylor - "You Turn Me On"
      2. Billy Preston - "Seventh Son"
      3. Jackie & Gayle, Bobby Sherman - "It Happened Just that Way"
      4. The Righteous Brothers - "Burn on Love" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Terry Allen - "Red Bird" & "Freedom School" medley.
      --Linda Clark - "Oh Boy" and "Looking For My Pig"
      --Linda Clark with Jackie and Gayle - "Let the Sun Shine In"
      --Dixie Cups - "I'm Gonna Get You Yet" and "Two Wa Pockey Way."
      --Marianne Faithfull - "My Time Of Sorrow" & "Paris Bells."
      --The Great Scots - "Rockin' Robin" and "Give Some Lovin'"
      --Bobby Hatfield - "Unchained Melody"
      --Jackie and Gayle - "When You Walk in the Room."
      --Jerry Naylor - "Early in the Morning" and "City Lights."
      --Billy Preston - "Clarabella" and "(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man"
      --Nooney Rickett Four - "Maybe the Last Time" and "Shame On You" (a.k.a."Shame, Shame, Shame")
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Keep A Knockin'" and "You Are My Sunshine"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Got My Mojo Working" and "Wabash Cannonball"
      Finale (with closing credits):
      --Nooney Rickett Four - "Shout" (with the Righteous Brothers, Jackie and Gayle, and other guests).
    • Show 75: December 4, 1965 Shindig Goes to London, Part 1

      Performances filmed August 6 - 8, 1965 at the Richmond-On-Thames Jazz Festival.
      --Opening song:The Animals - "Rosie."
      --The Animals - "We Gotta Get Outta This Place."
      --The Moody Blues - "I'll Go Crazy."
      --Brian Auger Trinity (with Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart and Julie Driscoll) - "Do Lord Remember Me."
      --Gary Farr and the T-Bones - "Wooly Bully."
      --Georgie Fame - "Monkeying Around."
      --Finale: Eric Burdon, Steve Winwood, Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll, and Rod Stewart - "I Feel Alright" (with closing credits)

    • Show 60: October 14, 1965 Zsa Zsa Gabor (guest host), The Animals, Millie Small

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Millie Small - "I'm in Love Again."
      2. Willy Nelson - "Jailer, Bring Me Water."
      3. The M.F.Q. - "One Track Mind."
      4. Donna Loren - "When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes."
      5. The Animals - "I'm Crying" (end of medley).
      --Jimmy O'Neill chats with guest host Zsa Zsa Gabor.
      --The M.F.Q. (a.k.a. The Modern Folk Quartet) - "Come On In."
      --Marianne Faithfull - "There But For Fortune" (Phil Ochs song).
      --Jim Weatherly - "I'm a Happy Man."
      --Millie Small - "My Boy Lollipop" (abridged, 75 seconds).
      --The Animals - "Boom Boom."
      --Donna Loren - "The Way of Love" (1972 hit for Cher).
      --The Animals - "We've Got to Get Out of this Place" (1 minute, 55 seconds).
      --Billy Preston - "Sticks And Stones" (Ray Charles song).
      --Zsa Zsa Gabor (with the Blossoms and the Wellingtons) - "High Heeled Sneakers."
      --The Animals - "Bring It On Home to Me" (excerpt) & "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."
      --Millie Small - "Bloodshot Eyes" ("Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me").
      --Willy Nelson - "Sea Cruise" (not Willie Nelson, the country singer).
      Finale: The Animals - "Talkin' 'bout You" (with closing credits).

    • Show 54: September 23, 1965 Jerry Lee Lewis, Raquel Welch, The Yardbirds, The Pretty Things
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Breathless"
      2. Blossoms - "Johnny B. Goode"
      3. The Wellingtons - "Whole Lotta Lovin'" (Raquel Welch cameo)
      4. Billy Preston - "Baby, Please Don't Go" (end of medley)
      --Jerry Lee Lewis - "High Heeled Sneakers"
      --Mike Clifford - "Ruby Baby" (with the Wellingtons)
      --Raquel Welch - "Dancing In the Street" (with the Blossoms)
      --The Yardbirds - "For Your Love"
      --Billy Preston and the Blossoms - "Look at Me"
      --Mike Clifford and the Wellingtons - "Wonderful World"
      --Jerry Lee Lewis - "Mean Woman Blues"
      --The Pretty Things - "Honey, I Need"
      --The Blossoms - "Nowhere to Run"
      --The Yardbirds - "Heart Full Of Soul"
      --Finale (with closing credits): Jerry Lee Lewis (singing at the piano) - "High School Confidential," "Great Balls of Fire" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" medley, with Raquel Welch and other guests are gathered around the piano.
    • Show 61: October 16, 1965 Hugh O'Brian (guest host), Lovin' Spoonful, Peter and Gordon

      Opening song: "Let the Good Times Roll" (performed by Ray Peterson, Kelly Garrett, the Lovin' Spoonful, Glen Campbell and the Shindogs).
      --Hugh O'Brien (guest host) and Jimmy O'Neill intro.
      --Jimmy Witherspoon - "Love Me Right."
      --Glen Campbell - "Kansas City Star."
      --The Lovin' Spoonful - "Do You Believe In Magic?"
      --Ray Peterson - "Yesterday."
      --Kelly Garrett - "Tossing and Turning."
      --The Shindogs - "Good Golly Miss Molly."
      --Peter and Gordon - "Don't Pity Me."
      --Vashti Bunyan - "Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind" (clip taped in England).
      --The Lovin' Spoonful - "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?"
      --Glen Campbell and Ray Peterson - "Slow Down."
      Finale: The Lovin' Spoonful, Glen Campbell, Kelly Garrett, the Wellingtons, Jimmy Witherspoon and Ray Peterson - "When the Saints Go Marching In" (with closing credits)

    • Show 82: December 30, 1965 - UK clips including The Who, Kinks, Hollies

      The Hollies - "Too Much Monkey Business" (opening song).
      Manfred Mann - "Watermelon Man."
      The Blossoms - "That's When the Tears Start" (taped in US).
      Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - "Yeh, Yeh."
      The Who - "Daddy Rolling Stone."
      Marianne Faithfull - "There But for Fortune" (clip from 14-Oct-1965).
      The Hollies - "Just One Look."
      Adam Faith - "Dig That Kind of Beat" (clip from 6-Jan-1965).
      Gerry and the Pacemakers - "Ferry Cross the Mersey."
      Manfred Mann - "5,4,3,2,1."
      The Kinks - "Milk Cow Blues" (with closing credits).

    • Show 44: July 14, 1965 - Terry Black, Beau Brummels, Shelley Fabares, Kelly Garrett, Sammy Jackson, Ian Whitcomb

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman - "Rave On."
      2. Beau Brummels, Kelly Garrett and Sammy Jackson - "Do You Wanna Dance?"
      3. The Shindogs - "Fun, Fun, Fun" (end of medley).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --The Beau Brummels - "Just A Little," "Sad Little Girl" and "You Tell Me Why."
      --Terry Black - "Unless You Care."
      --Shelley Fabares - "My Prayer."
      --Kelly Garrett - "Boy on the Drums" and "Fastest Little Racer."
      --Sammy Jackson (actor) - "Memphis" and "Hard Headed Woman."
      --Ian Whitcomb - "I'm Henry the VIII, I Am" and "Nervous."
      --George Wydell - "Do the Walk."
      --The Blossoms - "Goodbye, So Long"
      --The Gauchos - "For You My Love" and "Seventh Son."
      --Billy Preston - "All About Melanie" (instrumental song, on piano).
      --The Shindogs - "Talkin' 'bout You" & "She's Fine She's Mine."
      -- Bobby Sherman - "Catch the Wind," "My Ferrari GTO" (excerpt) and "For Your Love."
      --The Wellingtons - "Lotus 23" and "Restless Rookie."
      Finale: Ian Whitcomb - "You Turn Me On" (with closing credits).

    • Show 4: October 7, 1964 - The Beatles, Karl Denver Trio, P.J. Proby, Tommy Quickly, Sandie Shaw, Sounds Inc.

      Show taped in London:
      --The Beatles - "Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey" (opening song).
      --Karl Denver Trio - "Wimoweh."
      --Lyn Cornell - "Fever."
      --Tommy Quickly - "Stagger Lee."
      --Sandie Shaw - "(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me."
      --Sounds Incorporated - "Sounds like Locomotion."
      --P.J. Proby - "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Hold Me."
      --The Beatles - "I'm A Loser" and "Boys."

      --Finale: Karl Denver - "Old Folks At Home" with closing credits. (Note: On the 2" master videotape, The Beatles are seen during the last few seconds of the finale. But their cameo appearance is missing from 16mm kinescope copies, which run a few seconds shorter.)

    • Show 63: October 23, 1965 Ed Wynn (guest host), The Shangri-Las, The Byrds, Dobie Gray

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Dobie Gray - "See You at the Go-Go."
      2. The Shangri-Las - "Thirty Days."
      3. The Byrds - "I'm A Loser."
      4. Bobby Sherman and Glen Campbell - "Ready Teddy" (end of medley).
      --Jimmy O'Neill introduces guest host Ed Wynn (who tells a few jokes).
      --The Byrds - "Chimes of Freedom."
      --Dobie Gray - "The 'In' Crowd."
      --The Shangri-Las - "Right Now and Not Later."
      --The Shindogs - "Keep A Knockin'."
      --Glen Campbell - "Everyone's Gone to the Moon."
      --The Byrds - "Turn, Turn, Turn."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Goody Galum Shus."
      --The Shangri-Las - "Give Him A Great Big Kiss."
      --Dobie Gray - "My Baby."
      --Glen Campbell, the Elgibles, Bobby Sherman, the Blossoms, Joey Cooper and Delaney Bramlet - "Peppermint Twist" ('Shindig Club' segment).
      --Finale: Shangri-Las, Dobie Gray, Glen Campbell and Bobby Sherman – "Twist and Shout" (with closing credits).

    • Show 50: September 1, 1965 - James Brown, Booker T & the MG's, The Kinks
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman - "Susie Q"
      2. The Shindogs - "I'm A Fool"
      3. Glen Campbell - "Hard Headed Woman"
      4. Kathy Kersh - "Evil" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --James Brown - "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" and "Please Please Please."
      --Booker T & the MG's - "Bootleg," "My Babe"/"Big Train" and "Green Onions."
      --Glen Campbell - "Right String Baby," "Hallelujah I Love Her So" and "I'm Alive."
      --Kathy Kersh - "You'd Better Come Home"
      --Kathy Kersh & Bobby Sherman - "You Can't Sit Down."
      --The Kinks - "I'm A Lover Not A Fighter" and "Beautiful Delilah."
      --The Offbeats - "Mary," "I'm All Right" and "You Know I Need You."
      --Billy Preston - "Shake and Fingerpop."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Lover Please," "Wooly Bully," and "Heart of Soul"
      --The Shindogs - "Price of Love"
      --The Shindogs & the Elgibles - "Help."
      --Cathie Taylor - "Rock Me in the Cradle of Love" and "Around the Corner."
      --Jean Paul Vignon - "What Now My Love?" and "It's My Party" (French version of 2nd song).
      --James Brown - "Night Train" (with closing credits)
    • Show 33: April 28, 1965
      Show 33: April 28, 1965
      Season 1 - Episode 33

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Donna Loren, The Wellingtons, and The Blossoms – "Tootie Fruity"
      2. Dick and Dee Dee – "(The Bees Are for the Birds) the Birds Are for the Bees"
      3. Shindogs – "Dear Dad" (end of medley, Shindig logo)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Four Tops - "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'" and "Ask The Lonely"
      --Bettye Swann - "Man Who Said No"
      --Manfred Mann - "I Got My Mojo Workin'" and "Come Tomorrow"
      --Freddie and the Dreamers - "If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody" and "I Understand"
      --Leroy Van Dyke - "The Auctioneer" and "My Heart Keeps Hangin' On"
      --Sandie Shaw - "Girl Don't Come" and "I'd Be Far Better Off Without You"
      --Dick and Dee Dee - "Rockin' Pneumonia"
      --Donna Loren - "I Know A Place"
      --Bobby Sherman & Donna Loren - "Heebie Jeebies"
      --Bobby Sherman - "School Days"
      --The Blossoms - "All Around the World"
      --The Shindogs - "My Baby Left Me" and "She's About A Mover"
      Finale: The Wellingtons - "You Can't Sit Down" (with closing credits)

    • Show 20: January 20, 1965 - First 60-minute show - The Rolling Stones, Petula Clark, The Kinks
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman - "I Can't Stop"
      2. Jackie and Gayle - "Give Him A Great Big Kiss"
      3. The Walker Brothers - "I'm A Loser"
      4. Donna Loren - "Rock 'n' Roll Music"
      5. Glen Campbell - "Mean Woman Blues" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Petula Clark - "Downtown"
      --The Rolling Stones - "Heart of Stone"
      --The Kinks - "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night"
      --The Dave Clark Five - "Because" and "Glad All Over"
      --Gerry and the Pacemakers - "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" and "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying"
      --Bobby Vee - "Cross My Heart" and "Early in the Morning"
      --The Walker Brothers - "Promised Land" and "Pretty Girls Everywhere"
      --The Fearsome Foursome - "Since You're Gone" (Quartet made up of Los Angeles Rams linemen Rosevelt Grier, Merlin Olsen, Lamar Lundy, and David "Deacon" Jones)
      --Rosevelt "Rosie" Grier - "I Who Have Nothing"
      --Glen Campbell - "Crying"
      --Donna Loren - "Ten Good Reasons" and "Boys"
      --Bobby Sherman - "That is Rock 'n' Roll" and "Girls Girls Girls"
      --Jackie and Gayle - "Yakety Yak"
      Finale: Glen Campbell - "Dream Baby" (with closing credits)
    • Show 45: July 21, 1965 - The Chiffons, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Jody Miller, Gene Pitney, Sir Douglas Quintet, Sonny & Cher

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Gene Pitney - "Carol."
      2. Sir Douglas Quintet - "Roll Over Beethoven."
      3. Bruce Scott - "Maybelline."
      4. Sonny and Cher - "Ride On Josephine" (end of medley).

      Additional songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Gene Pitney - "Looking Through the Eyes of Love," "Last Chance To Turn Around" and "The Race is On."
      --Gary Lewis and the Playboys - "Save Your Heart for Me" and "This Diamond Ring."
      --Sir Douglas Quintet - "She's About A Mover" and "The Tracker."
      --Sonny and Cher - "Do You Love Me?"
      --Cher - "All I Really Want to Do."
      --The Nashville Teens - "Tobacco Road."
      --Jody Miller - "Silver Threads and Golden Needles."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Justine" and "In That Great Gettin' up Morning." (Plus, the finale.)
      --The Chiffons - "Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)."
      --Billy Preston - "Do the Boomerang" and "Maggie's Farm."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Seventh Son."
      --The Elgibles & the Blossoms - "I Want Candy."
      --The Blossoms - "I Can't Help Myself."
      --Bruce Scott - "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Let the Little Girl Dance."
      Finale: The Righteous Brothers - "Here 'tis" (with closing credits).

    • Show 36: May 19, 1965 - Ray Charles, Zombies, Dinah Lee, Righteous Brothers

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Righteous Brothers - "This Little Girl of Mine"
      2. Donna Loren and Bobby Sherman - "Sticks and Stones"
      3. Blossoms – "Guess Who"
      4. Wellingtons – "Hit the Road Jack"
      5. Ray Charles – "I Can't Stop Loving You" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Ray Charles - "I've Got A Woman" and "Georgia" (also, the finale)
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Bring It on Home To Me" and "Sticks and Stones"
      --The Zombies - "It's Alright with Me" and "Summertime" (clips probably taped in England)
      --Dinah Lee - "You Don't Talk about Love" ("You Never Talk about Love") and "Oh, Boy!"
      --Donna Loren - "Cycle Set" and "Into My Heart" (or "So High So Low")
      --Bobby Sherman - "Hey Little Girl" and "Well Alright"
      --George Soulé - "I Love The Way You Love"
      --Joe Williams - "I'm Sticking with You Baby"
      --Glen Campbell - "I Guess I'm Dumb"
      --Ray Peterson - "House Without Windows"
      --The Wellingtons - "Little Old Lady from Pasadena"
      --The Shindogs - "Hippy Hippy Shake"
      Finale: Ray Charles - "What'd I Say" (with the Righteous Brothers and the Blossoms)

    • Show 57: October 02, 1965 The Four Tops, The Who, Billy Joe Royal
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Ray Peterson - "Let's Have A Party"
      2. Linda Gayle - "Do You Wanna Dance?"
      3. The Four Tops - "Down the Road Apiece" (end of medley)
      Shindig logo, Jimmy O'Neill intro
      --Billy Joe Royal - "Down in the Boondocks"
      --Linda Gayle - "Home of the Brave" (Jody Miller hit)
      --The Four Tops - "It's the Same Old Song"
      --Ray Peterson - "Mean Woman Blues"
      --The Who - "I Can't Explain" (The Who's US TV debut, performance taped in England)
      --The Blossoms - "Lover's Concerto"
      --Linda Gayle - "Stop, Look and Listen"
      --Billy Joe Royal - "I Knew You When"
      --Gerry and the Pacemakers - "Ferry Cross the Mersey" (repeat from earlier episode)
      --Ray Peterson - "Let the Four Winds Blow"
      --Four Tops - song? (The Four Tops start to perform a song but it is interrupted by a Shindig promo mentioning upcoming guests. Song might have been "I Can't Help Myself")
      --Ray Peterson - "Mickey's Monkey" (finale, closing titles)moreless
    • Show 83: January 1, 1966 - Shindig in Europe, Part 2

      --Opening credits with George Chakiris (guest host) and woman dancing (to song possibly titled "Never Trust in Time.")
      --Footage of Molin Rogue dancers.
      --Françoise Hardy sings "Petite Couer."
      --At the Colosseum in Rome, George Chakiris sings "What's New Pussycat?" to Italian film actress Liana Orfei.
      --Dancers shown rehearsing at Club Pigalle in London.
      --George Chakiris - "Name of the Game Is Love"
      --Shirley Bassey (performing at the Mayfair Club in London) - "A Lot of Living to Do," "He Loves Me" & "It's Yourself."
      --Closing comments by George Chakiris and Liana Orfei, followed by closing titles.

    • Show 58: October 07, 1965 Dee Dee Sharp, Kinks, Evie Sands, Charlie Rich
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Evie Sands - "Live It Up"
      2. Bobby Sherman - "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby"
      3. Dee Dee Sharp - "Rock Me in the Cradle of Love"
      4. The Shindogs - "Come On Let's Go" (end of medley)
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --The Kinks - "Who'll Be the Next in Line?"
      --Evie Sands - "Take Me for a Little While"
      --Charlie Rich - "Mohair Sam"
      --Dee Dee Sharp - "Do the Bird"
      --Bobby Sherman (with the Wellingtons) - "You're the One"
      --Jean King - "Something Happens to Me"
      --Charlie Rich - "Lonely Weekends"
      --The Shindogs - "The Night Before"
      --The Kinks - "See My Friends"
      --Dee Dee Sharp (with the Blossoms) - "Mashed Potato Time"
      --Billy Preston and Dee Dee Sharp - "Slow Twistin'"
      --Bobby Sherman and Evie Sands - "Shu Rah"
      --Finale: The Shindogs, Dee Dee Sharp, Billy Preston and Bobby Sherman - "I'm Movin' On" (with closing credits)
    • Show 49: August 18, 1965 - Bo Diddley, Tina Turner, Jackie DeShannon, Eddie Hodges
      Opening medley - Bo Diddley songs (excerpts):
      1. The Shindogs - "Ride On Josephine"
      2. Bobby Sherman - "Pretty Thing"
      3. Jay P. Mobey - "Bo Diddley"
      4. Eddie Hodges, Glen Campbell, Bo Diddley - "Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Glen Campbell - "Don't You Rock Me, Daddy-O" & "Rip It Up."
      --Jackie DeShannon - "What the World Needs Now" and "Feel So Fine."
      --Dick and Dee Dee - "Thou Shalt Not Steal" and "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright."
      --Bo Diddley - "Give Me A Break," "You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover" "Road Runner" and "Hey Bo Diddley."
      --Eddie Hodges - "New Orleans."
      --Fanita James (of the Blossoms) - "Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte."
      --Patty Michaels - "Mrs. Johnny."
      --Jay P. Mobey (a "Shindig! discovery") - "Don't Cry No More."
      --Billy Preston - "Satisfaction" (with the Wellingtons).
      --Eddie Rambeau - "Concrete and Clay" & "My Name Is Mud."
      --Tina Turner - "I Don't Need" "Goodbye, So Long" & "I Can't Believe What You Say."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Down in the Boondocks"
      --The Shindig Dancers dance to "Green Peppers."
      --The Shindogs - "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" and "It's All Over Now."
      Medley of beach songs:
      1. Bobby Sherman - "On the Beach."
      2. Jay P. Mobey - "Surf City" (with Eddie Rambeau and Dick St. James).
      3. The Wellingtons and Eddie Hodges - "Noble Surfer."
      4. Patty Michaels, Dee Dee, and Jackie DeShannon - "Surfin' U.S.A."
      5. The Wellingtons - "The Girls on the Beach."
      6. Bobby Sherman - "On the Beach" (reprise).
      --Jay P. Mobey, Bo Diddley and Tina Turner - "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?" (with closing credits).
    • Show 5: October 14, 1964 - The Everly Brothers, Adam Faith, The Hondells, Manfred Mann, Roy Orbison
      --Adam Faith – "It's Alright" (opening song).
      --Manfred Mann – "Do Wah Diddy" (performance taped in England).
      --Bobby Sherman – "You Make Me Happy."
      --Elkie Brooks – "Nothing Left To Do but Cry" (performance taped in England).
      --Roy Orbison – "Oh, Pretty Woman."
      --The Hondells – "Little Honda" (clip with Teri Garr and other dancers on back of motor scooters).
      --Adam Faith – "Big Time."
      --The Everly Brothers – "Let It Be Me" and "Gone Gone Gone."
      Finale: Roy Orbison – "Wha'd I Say?" (with closing credits).moreless
    • Show 85: January 8, 1966 - Salute to ABC's 2nd Season (Final Saturday Show)

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Jackie DeShannon - "C. C. Rider."
      2. Bobby Sherman, Dick and Dee Dee - "Reelin' & Rockin'."
      3.Billy Preston, the Knickerbockers - "Jenny, Jenny" (end of medley).

      Jimmy O'Neill announces that Shindig will be saluting ABC's Second Season (new shows beginning in January) on this show.
      --Dick and DeeDee - "Lightnin' Strikes" (a salute to "Batman").
      --The Blossoms - "Good Good Lovin'."
      --Jackie DeShannon - "We Can Work It Out."
      --The Knickerbockers - "Lies."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Michelle" (Jackie DeShannon cameo) (a salute to the series "Blue Light").
      --The Knickerbockers - "Let Me Be" (a salute to "The Double Life of Henry Phyfe").
      --Jackie DeShannon - "As Tears Go By."
      --The Wellingtons - "Flowers on the Wall."
      --Dick and Dee Dee - "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright."
      --Billy Preston - "Uptight."

      Finale with closing credits:
      1. The Knickerbockers - "C.C. Rider."
      2. Billy Preston, Bobby Sherman & Jackie DeShannon - "Jenny, Jenny."
      3. Dick and DeeDee - "C.C. Rider."

    • Show 2: September 23, 1964 - Johnny Rivers, Jody Miller, Righteous Brothers
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Alan Sues, Jerry Cole - "Ain't She Sweet?"
      2. The Cables and the Blossoms - "Cannon Ball"
      3. The Righteous Brothers, with Jody Miller and Pamela Bennett - "California Here I Come" (end of medley)
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Jody Miller - "Yes, My Darling Daughter" (1940's song)
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Koko Joe"
      --Pamela Bennett - "And I Love Him" (folk singer performing a Beatles' song).
      --Comedy bit: Alan Sues sings "Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey."
      --Bobby Freeman - "C'Mon And Swim"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "My Babe"
      --Delaney Bramlett - "You Never Can Tell"
      --Alan Sues comedy bit
      --Darlene Love - "You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break my Heart)"
      --The Cables - "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans"
      --Johnny Rivers - "Maybelline" and "Memphis."
      --Jody Miller -"Saved" (with closing credits)
    • Show 74: December 2, 1965 Gloria Jones, Hollies, We Five, Melody Patterson

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Leroy Van Dyke - "The Auctioneer."
      2. Gloria Jones - "Puppy Love."
      3. Bobby Sherman - "Wake Up Little Suzie."
      4. We Five - "Green Green" (end of medley, Shindig logo).
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Leroy Van Dyke - "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue."
      --Gloria Jones - "Heartbeat."
      --We Five - "You Were On My Mind."
      --Bobby Sherman - "New Orleans."
      --The Hollies - "Look Through Any Window."
      --Tommy Turner - "Aware of Love."
      --Melody Patterson (actress, from "F Troop") - "You're the One."
      --We Five - "Get Together."
      --The Searchers - "Needles and Pins."
      --Leroy Van Dyke - "Walk on By."
      --Bobby Sherman and Billy Preston - "Lucille."
      --Finale: "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" performed by We Five, Bobby Sherman & Melody Patterson, the Blossoms, and other performers.

    • Show 10: November 18, 1964 (1 of 2) - The Supremes, Paul Petersen, Righteous Brothers

      Opening song: Leon Russell (singing and playing piano) - "Roll Over Beethoven."
      --Jackie and Gayle - "You Should Have Seen the Way He Looked at Me."
      --Bobby Doqui and Arnold Rollin - "Round About the Mountain."
      --Paul Petersen (of 'The Donna Reed Show') - "My Dad."
      --The Supremes - "Baby Love."
      --Donna Loren - "African Waltz."
      --Bill Medley - "Georgia on My Mind."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Ko Ko Joe."
      --The Supremes - "Come See About Me."
      --Paul Petersen - "She Can't Find Her Keys."
      Finale:The Righteous Brothers - "Little Latin Lupe Lu" (with closing credits).

    • Show 6: October 21, 1964 - The Honeycombs, Jay and the Americans, Righteous Brothers, Jackie Wilson
      --Donna Loren - "Down the Line" (opening song).
      --Willy Nelson - "Jump Back" (not Willie Nelson, the country singer).
      --Jackie Wilson - "She's Alright."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Man Overboard."
      --The Blossoms - "Dancing in the Street."
      --Bobby Sherman (with the Chambers Brothers) - "I'm Crying."
      --Donna Loren - "That's What Love Is Made Of."
      --Jay and the Americans - "Come A Little Bit Closer."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Let The Good Times Roll."
      --The Honeycombs - "Have I the Right?" (performance taped in England).
      Finale: Jackie Wilson - "Baby Workout" (with closing credits).
    • Show 8: November 4, 1964 - Glen Campbell, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Ketty Lester, The Miracles, Gene Pitney
      --Gerry and the Pacemakers - "How Do You Do It?" (opening song).
      --The Righteous Brothers - "In That Great Getting' Up Mornin'."
      --Glen Campbell - "Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall."
      --Ketty Lester - "You Can Have Him" (with The Blossoms and The Eligibles).
      --Gene Pitney - "I'm Gonna Be Strong."
      --Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - "You Really Got A Hold on Me."
      --Glenn Campbell - "Ain't that Lovin' You Baby?"
      --Ketty Lester - "Love Letters."
      --Gerry and the Pacemakers - "I Like It" (barbershop set with Shindig dancers) and "A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues."
      Finale: The Miracles - "Mickey's Monkey" (with closing credits).
    • Show 31: April 14, 1965 - Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Sedaka, Millie Small, April and Nino

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Shindogs – "Shakin' All Over"
      2. Donna Loren – "Talk About Love" (with the Wellingtons)
      3. The Blossoms – "Peaches and Cream"
      4. Millie Small – "Be My Baby" (Dick and Dee song)
      5. Jerry Lee Lewis – "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On"
      6. Righteous Brothers – "Ko Ko Joe" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Jerry Lee Lewis - "I Believe in You"
      --Neil Sedaka - "Let the People Talk" and "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"
      --Millie Small - "I'm Blue" and "My Boy Lollipop"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Try to Find Another Man"
      --Bobby Hatfield - "Come See"
      --Glen Campbell - "Wabash Cannonball"
      --Nino Tempo and April Stevens - "Swing Me"
      --Sounds Inc. - "Time for You" and "Hall of the Mountain King"
      --Anita Sheer - "Cecilia" and "I'll Never Find Another You"
      --Donna Loren - "Talk About Love" and "Finger Poppin'"
      --The Blossoms - "I Like It Like That"
      --The Shindogs - "Find My Way Back Home"
      --Jerry Mason - "For Mama"
      --The Wellingtons - "Bumble Bee"
      --James Burton - "Love Lost"
      --Finale: Jerry Lee Lewis and Neil Sedaka - "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (with closing credits)

    • Show 9: November 11, 1964 - Apollas, Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Jody Miller, Orriel Smith, Hank Williams Jr.
      --Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas - "I Call Your Name" (opening song, followed by Shindig logo).
      --Bobby Sherman – "I'm Into Something Good."
      --The Apollas - "Swing Down, Sweet Chariot" ("Rock Me Lord").
      --Hank Williams, Jr. - "Endless Sleep."
      --Russ Titleman (with the Wellingtons) – "Things We Said Today."
      --Orriel Smith – "Black is the Color."
      --Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas - "Tennessee Waltz" (with the Blossoms).
      --Jody Miller - "I Can't Believe What You Say."
      --Bobby Sherman - "She's Not There."
      Finale (with closing credits): Willy Nelson (with the Apollas and the Wellingtons) - "The Girl Can't Help It." (This is not Willie Nelson, the country singer.)
    • Show 41: June 23, 1965
      Show 41: June 23, 1965
      Season 1 - Episode 41

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Willy Nelson - "Long Tall Sally"
      2. David Crosby and Roger McGuinn (of the Byrds) - "Long Tall Sally"
      3. Righteous Brothers - "Sticks and Stones"
      4. Kingsmen, Billy Preston - "Good Golly Miss Molly" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --The Byrds - "Not Fade Away" & "Mr. Tambourine Man"
      --The Kingsmen - "Louie, Louie" (Also, the finale: "Do the Climb")
      --Micki Lynn - "Crazy ‘bout My Baby" and "Old Landmark"
      --Jody Miller - "Queen of the House" and "Saved"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Burn On Love" and "Poison Ivy"
      --The Stoneman Family - "Lost Ball in the High Weeds" and "Big Ball In Monterey"
      --The Everly Brothers - "I'll Never Get Over You"
      --Dave Berry - "The Crying Game" & "One Heart between Two" (clips probably taped in England)
      --Adam Faith - "Message to Martha"
      --Melinda Marx - "Is That What I Get for Loving You?" (Groucho's daughter)
      --Billy Preston - "Hey Hey Hey Hey"
      --Jean King (one of the Blossoms) - "Why Did I Choose You?"
      --Willy Nelson - "Shout" (and "Jump Back") Note: This is not Willie Nelson, the country singer.
      Finale: The Kingsmen - "Do the Climb" (with closing credits)

    • Show 7: October 28, 1964 - Chris Crosby, Dick and Dee Dee, Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, Leon Russell
      --Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas – "Da Doo Ron Ron" (opening song).
      --Leon Russell (singing & playing piano) – "Hi Heeled Sneakers."
      --Dick and Dee Dee – "Freight Train."
      --The Blossoms – "Baby Love."
      --Chris Crosby – "The Glory of Love" (Bing Crosby's nephew).
      --Dick and Dee Dee – "Thou Shalt Not Steal."
      --The Wellingtons – "For All We Know."
      --Bobby Sherman – "You Really Got Me" (with The Shindig Band including Russ Titleman).
      --Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas - "Little Children" and "From A Window."
      Finale: Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas – "Great Balls of Fire" (with closing credits).moreless
    • Show 3: September 30, 1964 - Gale Garnett, The Newbeats, Round Robin, The Walker Brothers
      Opening song:
      --"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" (performed by Jackie and Gayle, The Newbeats, and The Walker Brothers).
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --The Walker Brothers - "Slow Down"
      --The Blossoms - "Tell Him"
      --Gale Garnett - "We'll Sing in the Sunshine"
      --Jerry Cole - "Oh, Pretty Woman"
      --The Newbeats - "Bread and Butter"
      --John Bill - "House of the Rising Sun"
      --Jackie and Gayle - "A Summer Song"
      --The Walker Brothers - "Do Wah Diddy"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Have I the Right?"
      --Donna Loren - "It's Alright"
      --Round Robin – "Who's the Roundest of Them All?" (with closing credits).
    • Show 1: September 16, 1964: Sam Cooke, Everly Brothers, Righteous Brothers
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. "(Up Above My Head) There's Music in the Air" (performed by Jackie and Gayle)
      2. "Yes, Indeed" (performed by the Wellingtons and the Blossoms)
      3. "Gonna Build a Mountain" (performed by Jackie & Gayle)
      4. "(Up Above My Head) There's Music in the Air" reprise (performed by Jackie and Gayle, the Righteous Brothers and the Everly Brothers) (end of medley)
      --Shindig dancers (singing to picture of Bobby Sherman) - "If I Had a Talking Picture of You" (1920's song)
      --Bobby Sherman - "Back Home Again in Indiana"
      --The Wellingtons – "Tzena, Tzena, Tzena"
      --Jackie and Gayle - "The Girl from Ipanema"
      --Sam Cooke - "Tennessee Waltz"
      --The Everly Brothers - "You're the One I Love"
      --Donna Loren - "Wishin' and Hopin'"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "This Little Girl of Mine"
      --Alan Sues (comedian doing an imitation of Liberace)
      --Bobby Sherman - "Hello Dolly" (duet with Shindig dancer Maria Ghava)
      --The Everly Brothers - "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo"
      --Sam Cooke - "Blowing in the Wind"
      --Alan Sues (again, as Liberace)
      Finale: The Everly Brothers and Sam Cooke - "Lucille" (with closing credits)
    • Show 27: March 10, 1965 - Beau Brummels, Tony Bennett, The Drifters, Aretha Franklin, Dobie Gray, Mickey Rooney Jr.

      Opening song: "Rock 'n' Roll Music" (performed by the Beau Brummels, Donna Loren, Bobby Sherman, Mickey Rooney, Jr. and Dobie Gray).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Aretha Franklin and Ray Johnson - "Mockingbird" duet.
      --Aretha Franklin - "Can't You Just See Me?"
      --Beau Brummels - "Laugh, Laugh" & "Queen of the Hop."
      --Dobie Gray - "The 'In' Crowd."
      --The Drifters - "At the Club."
      --Tony Bennett - "Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)" and "I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan" (2nd song is abridged).
      --Bill Medley - "Old Man Rive.r"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "This Little Girl of Mine" (Plus, the finale).
      --The Everly Brothers - "Wake Up Little Susie," "That'll Be the Day" and "Bird Dog."
      --John Andrea - "Volare."
      --Donna Loren - "I'm Ready."
      --Donna Loren and Bobby Sherman - "Just One Look."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Somebody to Love."
      --The Shindogs - "I'm A Loser" and "King of the Road."
      --Mickey Rooney, Jr. - "40 Days."
      --The Shindig dancers (Maria Ghava & 2 other dancers) sing "Give Him A Great Big Kiss."

      Finale: The Righteous Brothers - "Ko Ko Mo" (with closing titles).

    • Pilot #3: Shindig - Little Richard; Righteous Brothers; The Angels (1964)

      Shindig pilot taped July 11, 1964: Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Delaney Bramlett & the Angels - "Tom Dooley."
      2. The Blossoms - "Don't Hang Up."
      3. Pat and Lolly Vegas - "Hard Day's Night."
      4. Hollywood All Stars and the Blossoms - "Shout."
      5. The Righteous Brothers - "Shout" & "(Up Above My Head) There's Music in the Air."
      6. Little Richard - "Joy Joy Joy" (end of medley).
      Jimmy O'Neill intro
      --The Hollywood All Stars - "Jamica Ska."
      --Righteous Brothers - "Little Latin Lupe Lu."
      --Jody Miller - "Saved."
      --Delaney Bramlett - "Gambling Man" (Woody Guthrie song).
      --The Angels - "Chapel of Love."
      --Pat and Lolly Vegas - "La Bamba" & "Twist and Shout" medley.
      --Delaney Bramlett - "Memphis."
      --The Blossoms - "(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy."
      --Righteous Brothers - "Ko Ko Joe."
      --Little Richard - "Bama Lama Bama Loo."
      --Little Richard - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" (with closing credits).

    • Show 67: November 6, 1965 Fontella Bass, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joe Royal, The Strangeloves

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Billy Joe Royal - "Down in the Boondocks."
      2. Fontella Bass - "Jim Dandy."
      3. The Strangeloves - "Roll On Mississippi."
      4. Jackie Wilson - "The Way I Am" (end of medley).
      --The Rolling Stones - "Good Times" (segment recorded in England).
      --Fontella Bass - "Rescue Me."
      --The Strangeloves - "Cara Lin."
      --Jackie Wilson - "I Believe I'll Love On."
      --Billy Joe Royal - "I've Got to Be Somebody."
      --Tony and the Bandits - "It's a Bit of All Right" (band from Cincinnati, Ohio - winners of a Shindig band contest).
      --The Rolling Stones - "Have Mercy" (clip recorded in England).
      --Billy Joe Royal - "I Knew You When."
      --Fontella Bass - "Everyday I Have to Cry."
      --The Strangeloves - "I Want Candy."
      --Finale: Jackie Wilson - "Baby Workout" (with closing credits).

    • Show 66: November 4, 1965 Louis Armstrong, Part 1
      Jimmy O'Neill intro
      --Louis Armstrong - "Sleepy Time Down South"
      --Louis Armstrong and band play instrumental song.
      --Louis Armstrong & band - "Indiana" (instrumental) & "The Bucket's Got A Hole in It"
      --Jewel Brown (vocalist with Armstrong's band) - "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"
      --Louis Armstrong - instrumental song
      --Louis Armstrong - "Blueberry Hill" and "Hello Dolly"
      --Louis Armstrong sings "When the Saints Come Marching In" and introduces a few of the band members.
    • Show 81: December 25, 1965 - Johnny Mathis and Our Young Generation

      1965 Christmas show:
      --Johnny Mathis - "On A Wonderful Day Like Today."
      Commercial: Listerine.
      Jimmy O'Neill intro.
      --Johnny Mathis - "Misty."
      --Johnny Mathis - "Maria" & "Tonight Tonight" (both songs from "West Side Story").
      Commercial break: ABC promo for "Blue Light" – series with Robert Goulet.
      --Johnny Mathis – Christmas medley: "Marshmallow World," "Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer" (with Our Young Generation), "Winter Wonderland," "Carol Of The Bells"/"Ding Dong" (with Our Young Generation).
      --Johnny Mathis -"Sounds of Christmas."
      Commercial: Stri-Dex acne medication (with Jimmy O'Neill).
      --Johnny Mathis - "I'll Be Home for Christmas."
      --Our Young Generation – "Hey Look Me Over" (from the Broadway musical "Wildcat").
      --Johnny Mathis and Our Young Generation - "The Sweetheart Tree" (75 seconds).
      --Johnny Mathis – "Moon River."
      --Johnny Mathis and Our Young Generation – "Hey Look Me Over" (closing titles).
      --Johnny Mathis – "Oh Holy Night."

    • Show 80: December 23, 1965 - UK clips including Yardbirds, Lulu, Moody Blues

      --Dave Clark 5 - "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" (excerpt) and "Can't You See That She's Mine?" (opening medley taken from the 16Dec64 Shindig!).
      --Gerry & The Pacemakers - "Jambalaya."
      --Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas - "Trains and Boats and Planes."
      --Ian Whitcomb - "High Blood Pressure."
      --The Moody Blues - "I Go Crazy."
      --The Yardbirds - "I Wish You Would."
      --Anne Sydney - "The Boy with the Woolly Sweater."
      --The Wellingtons - "Go Ahead and Cry" (taped in US).
      --Lulu & the Luvvers - "Shout" (Finale, closing credits).

    • Show 64: October 28, 1965 Jack E. Leonard (guest host), Manfred Mann, The Toys; Dinah Lee
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. The Newbeats - "Everything's All Right"
      2. Dinah Lee - "What Kind of Love Is This"
      3. The Toys, Jerry Naylor - "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?"
      4. The Shindogs - "Reelin' & Rockin'" (end of medley)
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Dinah Lee - "I'm Walkin'"
      --Glen Campbell - "Working for the Man"
      --The Toys - "A Lover's Concerto"
      --The Blossoms and the Wellingtons - "Run Baby Run" excerpt
      --The Newbeats - "Run Baby Run"
      --Manfred Mann - "One in the Middle"
      --Jerry Naylor - "Everybody Loves A Clown"
      --The Shindogs - "Someday Someday" (with Jimmy Durante cameo)
      --Jack E. Leonard - "I'm Sitting On Top of the World"
      --Glen Campbell, Dinah Lee, Jerry Naylor - "Road Runner"
      --The Newbeats - "Bread and Butter"
      --The Shindogs, Glen Campbell - "Do You Wanna Dance?" (finale, with closing credits)
    • Show 79: December 18, 1965 - Shindig in Europe, Part 1

      --George Chakiris (guest host) - sings "Witchcraft"
      --Orson Welles - "Making Up the Rules As You Go" (title might be "So Many Things to Remember")
      --Dizzy Gillespie - "Bavarian Beer Guru"
      --Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Pamela Franklin perform a scene from "Romeo and Juliet."
      --Rita Pavone - "Supercalifragilistic expialidocious"
      --Can Can Dancers at Moylin Rouge
      Also appearing?
      --Liana Orfei (probably a cameo appearance).

    • Show 68: November 11, 1965 Louis Armstrong, Part 2
      --Louis Armstrong and his band - "Sleepy Time Down South"
      --Louis Armstrong - "Struttin' With (Some) Barbeque" (including Band's Intro)
      --Louis Armstrong and band - "I've Got A Lot Of Living To Do"
      --Taree Glenn and band - "Avalon" (Louis Intro)
      --Jewel Brown and band - "My Man"
      --Louis Armstrong and his band - "Mack The Knife"
      --Louis Armstrong and his band - "Ole Miss"
      --Louis Armstrong and the All-Stars - "I've Got a Lot of Living to Do"
    • Show 71: November 20, 1965 - Shindig in Hawaii, Part 1

      Guests (songs are not in broadcast order & some songs may be abridged):
      --Don Ho and Allis - "I'll Remember You"
      --Len Barry - "1-2-3"
      --Tommy Sands - "The Statue" & "Just a Little Bit Better"
      --Ian Whitcomb - "You Turn Me On" & "That's Rock 'n' Roll"
      --Billy Preston - "Ain't That Peculiar?"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Honolulu Lulu"
      --Bobby Sherman and Donna Loren - "Roses and Rainbows"
      --Donna Loren - "Take Me in Your Arms" and "My Heart Sings"
      --The Shindogs - "I Live for the Sun"

    • Show 72: November 25, 1965 Shindig in Hawaii, Part 2
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Glen Campbell - "Hidden Island"
      2. The Wellingtons - "Ride the Wild Surf"
      3. James Burton - "Yakety Sax"
      4. Glen Campbell - instrumental song, probably "Twelfth Street Rag" (end of medley)
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Bobby Sherman - "Pied Piper"
      --The Wellingtons - "Chapel in the Moonlight"
      --Dodie Marshall (with the Blossoms) - "Round Every Corner"
      --Len Barry and Glen Campbell (with the Blossoms) - "Ring Dang Doo"
      --Don Ho & Allis - "Pearly Shells"
      --The Blossoms (with Darlene Love singing lead) - "I Hear A Symphony"
      --Glen Campbell (with The Wellingtons) - "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose"
      --Ian Whitcomb - "Rolling Home to Georgette"
      --Dodie Marshall - "Where Do You Go?"
      --Len Barry - "Lip Synch"
      --The Shindogs - "Kansas City"
      --Closing credits: Don Ho - "Aloha Oe" (Don Ho is shown singing the first few lines of the song. Followed by footage of the Shindig cast boarding an airplane.)
    • Show 70: November 18, 1965 - The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot

      Dr. Goldfoot is planning to kidnap a teenager named Malcolm Andrews. The evil doctor wants the classified government information that has been stored in Malcom's brain. Hugo (Harvey Lembeck) and Diane (Susan Hart) help Goldfoot abduct the teen. Diane distracts 00½, the agent who is supposed to be guarding Malcom. Goldfoot and Hugo take Malcom to the doctor's castle.

    • Show 69: November 13, 1965 Rick Nelson, The Turtles, Barbara Lewis, Roy Head

      Opening song: The Righteous Brothers - "Justine."
      --Donna Loren - "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
      --Rick Nelson - "Live and Learn."
      --Barbara Lewis - "Make Me Your Baby."
      --The Turtles - "Your Ma Said You Cried" (a.k.a."Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night").
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Guess Who?"
      --David Jones (pre-Monkees Davy Jones) - "What Are We Going to Do?"
      --The Turtles - "Let Me Be."
      --Roy Head - "Treat Her Right"
      --Rick Nelson - "I Catch Myself Crying"
      --Barbara Lewis - "Baby I'm Yours"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Fannie Mae"
      --Roy Head - "Apple Of My Eye"
      --Finale: The Gentrys - "Keep On Dancing" (with closing credits)

    • Show 77: December 11, 1965 - Barry McGuire, Mamas and the Papas, The Grass Roots

      --Barry McGuire and the Grassroots - "Out Of Sight."
      --Barry McGuire - "She Belongs To Me" (a.k.a. "She's An Artist").
      --The Grass Roots - "Ain't That Lovin You Baby."
      --Barry McGuire (with the Mamas and the Papas) - "Yesterday."
      --Mamas and the Papas - "I Call Your Name."
      --Mamas and the Papas - "Somebody Groovy" (with the Grass Roots).
      --Barry McGuire - "Do You Believe In Magic?" (with the Mamas and the Papas)
      --Barry McGuire & the Mamas and the Papas - "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away."
      --Mamas & Papas - "California Dreamin'."
      --Barry McGuire - "(This) Precious Time."
      --Barry McGuire (with the Mamas and the Papas) - "Hang On Sloopy."

    • Show 78: December 16, 1965 Gloria Jones, Jackie Lee, others.
      --Opening song: The Yardbirds - "Heart Full of Soul" (longer version, with dancers)
      --Jackie Lee (with the Blossoms) - "The Duck"
      --Vashti Bunyan - "I Want to Be Alone"
      --The Pretty Things - "Big City"
      --Elkie Brooks - "Strange Though It Seems"
      --Unit 4+2 - "Concrete and Clay"
      --Lulu and the Luvvers - "I'll Come Running"
      --Georgie Fame - "Monkeying Around"
      --Gloria Jones - "Heartbeat" (with Billy Preston playing organ)
      --The Yardbirds - "I'm A Man" (with closing credits)
    • Show 73: November 27, 1965 George Maharis and The Young Americans
      --George Maharis - "King of the Road" and "Route 66" medley.
      --George Maharis - "Witchcraft," "My Kind of Girl," and "I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me" medley.
      --The Young Americans - "Yankee Doodle," "Dixie" and "This Land is Your Land."
      --George Maharis - "It's Not Unusual"
      --The Young Americans - excerpts from songs are performed by individual members.
      --George Maharis - "Oh Lonesome Me"
      --George Maharis - "Here's That Rainy Day"
      --The Young Americans - "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee" and "Swanee."
      --George Maharis and the Young Americans - "Carolina in the Morning"
      --The Young Americans - "Hambone"
      --George Maharis and the Young Americans - "Swanee"
      --George Maharis - "God Bless the Child" (a.k.a. "Them That's Got") and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" (sung as "We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands").
    • Show 62: October 21, 1965 Hedy Lamarr (guest host), The Kingsmen, Joe Tex, Dave Clark 5

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. The Shindig Band, the Blossoms, the Kingsmen, Eddie Rambeau and Joe Tex - "Treat Her Right."
      2. The Kingsmen – "Too Much Monkey Business" (end of medley).
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Eddie Rambeau – "Concrete and Clay" (with the Elgibles).
      --Joe Tex – "I Want To."
      --Brenda Holloway – "Shake."
      --The Kingsmen – "Money."
      --Dave Clark Five – "Having A Wild Weekend."
      --Brenda Holloway – "You Can Cry on My Shoulder."
      --The Kingsmen – medley: "Jolly Green Giant," "Annie Fannie" & "Little Latin Lupe Lu."
      --Eddie Rambeau – "The Train."
      --The Kingsmen – "Louie Louie."
      --Joe Tex – "I Got A Woman."
      Finale: The Kingsmen, Joe Tex, Brenda Holloway, and Eddie Rambeau - "Do You Love Me" (with closing credits).

    • Show 18: January 6, 1965: Sal Mineo, Righteous Brothers, Sandie Shaw
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Jackie & Gayle, Righteous Brothers - "Let the Good Times Roll"
      2. Donna Loren, Blossoms - "Too Many Fish in the Sea"
      3. Bobby Sherman - "Hound Dog" (end of medley)
      --Adam Faith - "Dig That Kind Of Beat" (a.k.a. "Don't You Dig This Kind of Beat")
      --The Blossoms - "Swing Down Chariot"
      --Sandie Shaw - "(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me" (clip taped in England)
      --Jackie and Gayle - "Why Can't My Teacher Look Like Mr. Novak?"
      --Donna Loren - "90 Day Guarantee"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Charlie Brown" (at soda fountain set).
      --Bobby Sherman - "High School Confidential"
      --Sal Mineo - "Girl Across the Way" and "Save the Last Dance for Me."
      --Jack Good and Jimmy O'Neill, at soda fountain set, talk about the expanded one-hour Shindig ("The new 1965 model "Shindig!")
      --Finale: The Righteous Brothers - "In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'" (with closing credits)
    • Show 21: January 27, 1965 - Little Anthony, Duane Eddy, Aretha Franklin, The Zombies

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Glen Campbell - "Dixieland Rock."
      2. Little Anthony and the Imperials - "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans."
      3. Bobby Sherman - "New Orleans."
      4. Serendipity Singers - "Battle of New Orleans."
      5. The Blossoms and Bill Medley - "Muskrat Ramble."
      6. Little Anthony and the Imperials - "Dixieland Rock" (end of medley)

      Other guests / songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Duane Eddy - "Ruffneck" and "Rebel Rouser."
      --The Zombies - "Tell Her No."
      --Little Anthony and the Imperials - "Hurts So Bad" (Plus, the finale).
      --Aretha Franklin - "Can't You Just See Me?" and "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody."
      --Serendipity Singers - "Rider" & "Little Brown Jug."
      --Bobby Hatfield - "Good Golly Miss Molly."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "What'd I Say?" and "Look at Me."
      --Freddie and the Dreamers - "You Were Made for Me."
      --Susan Barrett - "Jim Dandy" & "Mr. Lee."
      --Glen Campbell - "Kentucky Means Paradise" & "Cumberland Gap."
      --Ray Peterson - "Unchained Melody."
      --Bobby Sherman - "You Can't Sit Down" & "Splish Splash."
      --The Gloria Tracey Trio (with woman playing a harp) - "Love for Sale" (instrumental).
      --John Andrea - "Take Her."
      Finale: Little Anthony and the Imperials - "Twist and Shout" & "Shout" (with closing credits)

    • Show 22: February 3, 1965 - The Hondells, The Kingsmen, Peter and Gordon, Cara Ward Singers

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Donna Loren - "Keep A Knockin'."
      2. Hondells - "Little Honda."
      3. Blossoms - "(I Do the) Shimmy Shimmy."
      4. Glen Campbell - "Shake, Rattle & Roll" (end of medley, Shindig! logo).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --John Andrea - "Are You Sincere?"
      --Glen Campbell - "Truck Driving Man."
      --The Condors featuring George and Teddy - "Sticks and Stones" and "Rocking Robin."
      --Gale Garnett - "Loving Place."
      --The Hondells - "Hot Rod High" and "You're Gonna Ride With Me."
      --Jackie & Gayle - "Love Potion # 9" and "Turn Around."
      --The Kingsmen - "Little Latin Lupe Lu" and "Jolly Green Giant."
      --Peter and Gordon - "I Go to Pieces" and "Love Me, Baby."
      --Donna Loren - "Personality" and "The Wedding."
      --Leon Russell - "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Rocking Pneumonia" (singing & playing drums) and "You Better Know It."
      --Russ Titleman - "Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat" (with Jackie & Gayle and 5 Shindig dancers, Bobby Sherman cameo).
      --The Clara Ward Singers - "Didn't It Rain?"
      --Donna Loren, Bobby Sherman, Gale Garnett, Glen Campbell - "Shake A Hand."
      --Donna Loren & Bobby Sherman, Glen Campbell, Jackie & Gayle - "Who Do You Love?"
      --The Shindig Dancers (Carole Shelyne, Maria Ghava, and 2 others) - "Bad Motorcycle."

      Finale: Clara Ward Singers - "The Old Landmark" (with closing credits).

    • Show 24: February 17, 1965 - Herman's Hermits, Jerry Lee Lewis, Moody Blues, Dee Dee Sharp, Sonny and Cher

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Steve Alaimo - "Jail House Rock."
      2. Dee Dee Sharp - "Ride."
      3. Sonny and Cher - "Can't Buy Me Love."
      4. The Blossoms - "Name Game."
      5. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Breathless" (end of medley).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Jerry Lee Lewis - "Long Tall Sally" and "Baby Hold Me Close" (Plus, the finale).
      --Peter and Gordon - "World Without Love" and "Land of Oden."
      --Herman's Hermits - "Can't You Hear My Heart Beat."
      --Moody Blues - "Go Now."
      --Sonny and Cher - "Rip It Up" and "Baby Don't Go."
      --Dee Dee Sharp - "Let the Sunshine In" and "Rock Me in the Cradle of Love."
      --Vic Dana - "Red Roses for a Blue Lady."
      --Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis' sister) - "Let's Jump the Broomstick," "Thanks A Lot" and "Girl from Wolverton Mountain."
      --Sandie Shaw - "Girl Don't Come."
      --Glen Campbell - "Oh Boy" and "Tomorrow Never Comes."
      --Steve Alaimo - "Real Live Girl."
      --Bobby Sherman - "It Hurts Me," "Hey Little Girl" and "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands"
      --The Echoes (from Hong Kong) - "Shout" and "Hippy Hippy Shake."
      --Leon Russell - "High Heel Sneakers."
      --Jerry Cole & Russ Titleman - "Not Fade Away."
      Finale: Jerry Lee Lewis - "Great Balls of Fire" (with closing titles).

    • Show 17: December 30, 1964 - Mary Wells, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Rydell, Vic Dana
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Donna Loren, the Wellingtons - "At the Hop" (with the Blossoms)
      2. Willy Nelson, The Blossoms - "Long Tall Sally"
      3. The Wellingtons - "At the Hop" (reprise)
      4. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Jenny Jenny" (end of medley)
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Mary Wells - "My Guy"
      --Willy Nelson - "Don't Let Go" (with the Wellingtons and the Blossoms)
      --The Gauchos - "California Sun"
      --Vic Dana - "Down by the River Side"
      --Donna Loren - "Ten Good Reasons"
      --Jerry Lee Lewis -"Mean Woman Blues"
      --Mary Wells - "Use Your Head"
      --Bobby Rydell - "I Just Can't Say Good Bye" and "Swingin' School"
      Finale: Jerry Lee Lewis - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" (with closing credits)
    • Show 16: December 23, 1964 - Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, Righteous Brothers

      --Opening song: The Beach Boys - "Dance, Dance, Dance"
      Jimmy O'Neill intro (begins with O'Neill kissing Carole Shelyne).
      --Bobby Sherman and Donna Loren - "Keep on Searching"
      --The Righteous Brothers - "The Jerk"
      --Marvin Gaye - "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You"
      --Adam Faith - "Watch Your Step"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Sleigh Ride"
      --Adam Faith - "Santa Claus Is Back In Town"
      --Donna Loren - "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
      --The Beach Boys - "Little Saint Nick," "Monster Mash," "Papa Oom Mow Mow," and "Johnny B. Goode."
      --Finale: Marvin Gaye - "Hitch Hike" (with closing credits) and The Beach Boys - "We Three Kings" (end of episode).
    • Show 11: November 18, 1964 (2 of 2) - The Everly Brothers, Manfred Mann
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Carolyn Daye - "Jump Back"
      2. Bobby Sherman - "I'm Crying"
      3. Everly Brothers - "Gone Gone Gone" (end of medley)
      --Manfred Mann - "Sha La La"
      --Carolyn Daye - "See See Ryder"
      --Bessie Griffin and her Gospel Pearls - "Dry Bones"
      --The Wellingtons - "Everybody Knows"
      --The Blossoms - "Needle in a Haystack"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Sea Cruise"
      --Bessie Griffin and her Gospel Pearls - "Come on Children"
      --The Everly Brothers - "All I Have to Do Is Dream" and "Bye Bye Love"
      --Finale: The Everly Brothers - "Rip It Up" (closing credits)
    • Show 12: November 25, 1964 - Chad & Jeremy, Matt Monro, Righteous Brothers, Neil Sedaka, Tina Turner
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Righteous Brothers - "She's Not There."
      2. Donna Loren - "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby?"
      3. Chad and Jeremy - "Yesterday's Gone."
      4. Matt Monro - "My Kind of Girl."
      5. Tina Turner - "A Fool in Love."
      6. Neil Sedaka - "Next Door to an Angel" (end of medley).
      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Chad and Jeremy -"If She Was Mine."
      --Donna Loren - "Too Many Fish in the Sea."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "This Little Girl of Mine."
      --Neil Sedaka - "I Hope He Breaks Your Heart."
      --Matt Monro - "Walk Away."
      --Tina Turner - "A Fool in Love."
      --Chad and Jeremy - "Willow Weep for Me."
      --Neil Sedaka - "Calendar Girl" and "Little Devil."
      Finale (with closing credits): Tina Turner sings "Ooh Pooh Pah Doo" (with Neil Sedaka playing piano).
    • Show 14: December 9, 1964 - Dixie Cups, Manfred Mann, Chubby Checker
      --Opening song: Tommy Quickly - "The Dog."
      Shindig! logo (shaped like a dog, exclamation point as wagging tail)
      --Manfred Mann - "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"
      --Kelly Garrett - "Mellow Fellows"
      --Chubby Checker - "She Wants to Swim"
      --Dixie Cups - Chapel of Love" (excerpt performed during Jimmy O'Neill's introduction) and "You Should Have Seen the Way He Looked At Me" (complete). --The Righteous Brothers - "Fannie Mae"
      --Willy Nelson - "Hand Jive" (not Willie Nelson, the country singer)
      --Tommy Quickly - "Wild Side of Life"
      --Chubby Checker - "Lovely Lovely (Loverly Loverly)"
      Jack Good & Jimmy O'Neill segment
      --Manfred Mann - "Sha La La" (finale, with closing credits)
    • Show 15: December 16, 1964 - Dave Clark 5, Isley Brothers, Newbeats, Adam Faith
      --Opening medley: Dave Clark Five - "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" (excerpt) and "Can't You See That She's Mine?" (end of medley).
      --Mickey Rooney Jr. - "I Feel Fine."
      --The Newbeats - "Everything's All Right"
      --Adam Faith - "Boom Boom"
      --Kelly Garrett - "Wild One" (not the Bobby Rydell song).
      --Bobby Sherman - "She's A Woman"
      --The Blossoms (with Fanita James singing lead) - "Going Out of My Head"
      --Adam Faith - "It's All Right" (with the Isley Brothers and the Newbeats singing backup)
      --Dave Clark 5 - "Everybody Knows" and "Anyway You Want It."
      --Adam Faith with Jack Good. Jimmy O'Neill announces next week's guests.
      --Isley Brothers - "Shout" (finale, with closing credits)
    • Show 25: February 24, 1965 - Supremes, Barbarians, Neil Sedaka, Stan Getz, Ruth Price

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Glen Campbell – "Um Um Um Um"
      2. Donna Loren – "Blue Suede Shoes"
      3. The Gauchos – "Down the Road Apiece"
      4. Bobby Sherman – "Milk Cow Blues" (correct title?) (end of medley)
      Other guests/songs (not in broadcast order):
      --The Supremes - "Eight Days a Week," "Stop in the Name of Love" and "You Can't Do That."
      --Marianne Faithfull - "Mary Ann" (clip taped in England)
      --Neil Sedaka - "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" (Plus, the finale).
      --The Barbarians - "You've Got to Understand."
      --Stan Getz and Ruth Price - "Telephone Song."
      --Freddie and the Dreamers - "I'm Telling You Now" and "Cut Across Shorty."
      --The Poets - "Now We're Through."
      --The New Yorkers - "Ain't that News?" (Note: This group is NOT the Hudson Brothers' 'New Yorkers'.)
      --Glen Campbell - "Only Make Believe."
      --Glen Campbell and Joey Cooper - "I've Got A Tiger By the Tail."
      --The Gauchos - "Out of Sight."
      --Donna Loren - "With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Don't Start Crying Now."
      --The Shindogs - "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party."
      --Jerry Naylor - "I Found You" (might be "I Find You") and "I'll Take You Home."
      Finale: Neil Sedaka - "I Go Ape" (with closing credits)

    • Show 26: March 3, 1965 - Roy Clark, Gauchos, Jay and the Americans, Suzy Kaye, Rolling Stones, Joe Tex, Little Eva, Johnny Tillotson

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman - "All Day and All of the Night."
      (The Shindogs perform an excerpt from "Eight Days a Week" between each song.)
      2. Suzy Kaye - "Really Saying Something."
      3. Roy Clark - "Shake."
      4. Jerry Cole and Russ Titleman - "Little Things" (Bobby Goldsboro song).
      5. Joe Tex - "Keep on Keeping On."
      6. The Shindogs, the Gauchos - "Eight Days a Week" (end of medley, Shindig logo).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --The Rolling Stones - "Heart of Stone" and "Suzie Q" (clips probably taped in England).
      --Joe Tex - "Hold On What You've Got."
      --The Chambers Brothers - "People Get Ready."
      --Jay & The Americans - "Let's Lock The Door," "At the Club" and "Come a Little Bit Closer."
      --Little Eva - "Let's Turkey Trot," "I Want You To Be My Boy" and "Locomotion."
      --Dave Berry - "My Baby Left Me" (clip probably taped in England)
      --Roy Clark - "Lumberjack Man," and "The Wind Always Blows In Chicago."
      --Johnny Tillotson - "Angel."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Good Night," and "Yeah, Yeah."
      --Suzy Kaye - "Jerk And Twine."
      --The Gauchos - "Everyday."
      --The Shindogs - "Midnight Special" and "A Big Hunk 'O Love."
      --John Andrea - "Comin' Home" ("I'm Coming Home").
      --The Shindig dancers - sing "Busy Signal."
      Finale: Joe Tex and Darlene Love - "Yes Indeed" (with closing credits).

    • Show 29: March 31, 1965 - Chuck Berry, Rosie Grier, The Spats, Adam Faith

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. The Wellingtons - "It's A Big Wonderful World" (Jimmy O'Neill quickly stops the song)
      2. Adam Faith & the Wellingtons – "Roll Over Beethoven"
      3. The Blossoms – "Johnny B. Goode"
      4. Bobby Sherman – "Sweet Little Sixteen"
      5. Delaney Bramlett – "Memphis"
      6. Joey Cooper – "Maybelline"
      7. Sylvie Vartan, Chuck Berry – "Reelin' & Rockin'"
      8. Chuck Berry – "Rock ‘n' Roll Music" (end of medley)

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Chuck Berry - "Dear Dad" & "Back in the U.S.A."
      --Roosevelt "Rosie" Grier - "It's Not Unusual"
      --Adam Faith - "Talk About Love," "It's Alright" excerpt & "Lucille"
      --Billy Fury - "I'm Lost Without You"
      --Sylvie Vartan - "Money" and "Twist and Shout"
      --The Spats - "Boney Maronie" & "Gator Tails and Monkey Ribs"
      --Bobby Sherman – "It Hurts Me" and "Roberta"
      --The Blossoms, the Wellingtons, Ray Pohlman, and the Shindig Band - "Woe Tom"
      --The Blossoms - "Land of A Thousand Dances"
      --Jerry Mason - "Viva Las Vegas"
      --Jerry Cole and the Shindig Band - "Come Over to my Place"
      --The Shindogs - "The Race Is On" and "Shakin' All Over"
      --Jackie and Gayle - "If I Loved You" and "I'll Save the Last Dance for You"
      --John Andrea - "Loddy Lo"
      Finale: Adam Faith, Bobby Sherman, Jackie & Gayle – "It Sounds Good to Me" (with closing credits)

    • Show 51: September 8, 1965 - Patty Duke, Barbara Lewis, The Searchers, The Gilloteens

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bruce Scott - "Baby Work Out."
      2. Barbara Lewis - "He's a Real Gone Guy."
      3. Gene Chandler - "I Got A Woman."
      4. The Blossoms & The Elgibles - "Rider."
      5. Collins Kids, Bruce Scott, and John Andrea - "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright."
      6. Searchers, Gilloteens - "I Got My Mojo Working" (end of medley).
      --Billy Preston - "Agent Double-O-Soul."
      --The Guilloteens - "I Don't Believe."
      --John Andrea & the Elgibles - "Bread and Butter."
      --Gene Chandler - "Good Times."
      --The Collins Kids - "Like A Rolling Stone."
      --The Elgibles - "A Summer Place."
      --Bruce Scott - "Summertime Blues."
      --Barbara Lewis - "It's Not Unusual."
      --The Searchers - "He's Got No Love."
      --Patty Duke - "Say Something Funny."
      --John Andrea & the Elgibles - "California Girls."
      --The Collins Kids - "Ticket to Ride."
      --Darlene Love (with the Blossoms) - "Saved."
      --Barbara Lewis - "Baby I'm Yours."
      --The Zombies - "She's Not There."
      --Patty Duke - "Funny Little Butterflies."
      Shindig "In" Club segment:
      1. Barbara Lewis - "Watermelon Man"
      2. Gene Chandler - "Sugar Dumpling"
      3. Shindig band - "Yakety Axe" (or "Wacky Sax")
      4. The Collins Kids - "Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows."
      --Bruce Scott - "Save Your Heart for Me"
      --The Searchers - "Love Potion #9" and "Bumble Bee"
      Finale: Gene Chandler - "Can I Get A Witness?" (with closing credits).

    • Show 55: September 28, 1965 Mary Wells, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Georgie Fame
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Dick and Dee Dee - "Sha La La"
      2. Jimmie Rodgers - "Early in the Morning"
      3. Donna Loren - "I Only Want to be With You"
      4. Little Anthony and the Imperials - "Can I Get A Witness?" (end of medley)
      --Mary Wells - "Me Without You"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Mountain of Love"
      --Little Anthony and the Imperials - "Hurts So Bad"
      --Dick and Dee Dee "Vini Vini"
      --Donna Loren - "You've Got Your Troubles"
      --Jimmie Rodgers - "The World I Used To Know"
      --Mary Wells - "My Guy"
      --Georgie Fame - "Like We Used to Be" (clip probably taped in England)
      --Little Anthony and the Imperials - "I Miss You So"
      --Dick and Dee Dee - "Liar, Liar"
      --Bobby Sherman, Donna Loren and Jimmie Rodgers - "Rock and Roll Music"
      --Finale: Little Anthony and the Imperials - "Good Lovin'" (with closing credits)moreless
    • Show 56: September 30, 1965 Mickey Rooney (guest host), Major Lance, The Turtles, Lesley Gore

      Version #1 (without Mickey Rooney):
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. The Turtles - "We'll Meet Again (Some Sunny Day)."
      2. Lesley Gore - "It's My Party."
      3. Major Lance - "Don't Set Me Free."
      4. The Blossoms & the Wellingtons - "Oh Boy!"
      5. Delaney Bramlett & Joey Cooper (from the Shindogs) - "Dixieland Rock" (end of medley)
      --Major Lance - "Too Hot To Hold."
      --The Hollies - "I'm Alive" (performance taped in England, combined with US footage of the Shindig dancers).
      --The Turtles - "Needles and Pins."
      --Lesley Gore - "Judy's Turn to Cry."
      --Donovan - "Colours."
      --Lesley Gore - "My Town, My Guy And Me."
      --The Shindogs - "Act Naturally."
      --Major Lance - "Um Um Um Um" and "Monkey Time."
      --The Searchers - "High Heel Sneakers" (clip probably taped in England).
      --The Turtles - "It Ain't Me Babe."
      --Lesley Gore - "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows."
      Shindig promo with clips of upcoming guests.
      --Finale: Major Lance - "Land Of A Thousand Dances" (with closing credits).

      Version #2 (with Mickey Rooney) is the same as Version #1 except for the following clips:
      --Mickey Rooney appears with Jimmy O'Neill during the opening introduction.
      --Mickey Rooney - "I've Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin' To Learn About" (written by Rooney) appears instead of Donovan ("Colours").

    • Show 59: October 09, 1965 - Carolyn Jones (guest host), Jr. Walker & the All-Stars, Jackie DeShannon

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Dick and Dee Dee - "Thou Shalt Not Steal."
      2. Jr. Walker - "You're A Wonderful One."
      3. Jackie DeShannon - "It's Love Baby."
      4. Roy Head - "You Can't Sit Down" (end of medley).

      Other songs (in broadcast order):
      --Dick and Dee Dee (with the Wellingtons) - "I Live for the Sun."
      --Jackie DeShannon - "A Lifetime of Loneliness."
      --Jr. Walker and the All Stars - "Shotgun."
      --Roy Head - "Turn On Your Love Light."
      --The Shindogs - "Not the Lovin' Kind."
      --Dick and Dee Dee - "Roll Over Beethoven."
      --Glen Campbell - "Universal Soldier."
      --Carolyn Jones (guest host) - recites the lyrics to "This Little Bird."
      --Jr. Walker and the All Stars - "Shake and Fingerpop."
      --Jackie DeShannon (with the Blossoms & the Wellingtons) - "I Go Crazy."
      --Roy Head - "Treat Her Right."

      Finale: Jr. Walker and the All Stars - "Shout" (with closing credits)

    • Show 48: August 11, 1965 - The Ronettes, Donovan, Rolling Stones, Bobby Goldsboro
      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Goldsboro & Donna Loren - "I Go Ape"
      2. Joey Paige - "Move It"
      3. The Shindogs - "Rock 'n' Roll Music"
      4. Glen Campbell - "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans"
      5. Blossoms, Wellingtons - "Shake Rattle & Roll"
      6. The Ronettes - "All Shook Up"
      7. Sonny and Cher - "Yakety Yak"
      8. Billy Preston - "Hound Dog"
      9. The Righteous Brothers - "Justine" (end of medley)
      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Glen Campbell - "It Happened Just That Way" and "What's New Pussycat?"
      --Donovan - "Catch the Wind" and "Colours."
      --Bobby Goldsboro - "Voodoo Woman" and "If You've Got A Heart."
      --Donna Loren - "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" and "All My Loving."
      --Joey Paige - "I Just Want to Make Love to You" and "West Coast Promo Man" ("The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man").
      --Billy Preston - "Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On."
      --The Ronettes - "Born to Be Together" and "Be My Baby."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Hung on You" and "Turn on Your Love Light,"
      --The Rolling Stones - "Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" and "Down the Road a Piece."
      --The Shindogs - "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" and "I Feel Fine."
      --Sonny and Cher - "I Got You Babe."
      --Sonny Bono - "Laugh At Me."
      --The Wellingtons - "People Get Ready."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "This Little Girl of Mine" (with closing credits).
    • Show 46: July 28, 1965 - Dave Clark Five, Jay and the Americans, Roy Clark, Linda Carr, Dave Berry, Nashville Teens

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      (segment begins with close-up of Dave Clark playing drums)
      1. Jay and the Americans - "Do You Love Me?"
      2. Donna Loren - "Shake, Rattle and Roll."
      3. Terry Black - "Good Golly Miss Molly."
      4. The Blossoms - "Hippy Hippy Shake."
      5. Roy Clark - "Shake, Rattle and Roll."
      6. Linda Carr - "Reelin' and Rockin'."
      7. Dave Clark Five - "Reelin' & Rockin'" (end of medley).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Dave Clark Five - "Glad All Over," "Bits and Pieces," "Can't You See That She's Mine" and "I Like It Like That."
      --Jay and the Americans - "This Land is Your Land" and "Cara Mia."
      --Roy Clark - "Twelfth Street Rag" and "Sally Was A Good 'ol Girl."
      --Linda Carr - "Pain In My Heart" and "Tell Me What You're Gonna Do."
      --The Nashville Teens - "Google Eye."
      --Dave Berry - "Memphis."
      --Terry Black - "She Was Only Sixteen."
      --The Blossoms - "Can I Get A Witness."
      --Billy Preston - "Too Much Monkey Business."
      --Donna Loren - "To Know Him Is To Love Him" and "Long Live Love."
      --Tommy Tucker - "High Heel Sneakers," "Long Tall Shorty," "Just for a Day" and "Walking the Dog."
      --John Andrea - "Route 66."
      --Mike Clifford - "New Orleans" and "Stay."
      --The Wellingtons - "Go Go Girls."

      Finale: Roy Clark (with the Dave Clark Five) - "Bread and Butter Man" (finale, with closing credits).

    • Show 34: May 5, 1965 - Tribute to Elvis Presley

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Joey Cooper - "Blue Suede Shoes."
      2. The Blossoms - "Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do."
      3. Glen Campbell - "Big Hunk O' Love."
      4. The Wellingtons - "I Need Your Love Tonight."
      5. Sonny & Cher - "I Got Stung."
      6. The Isley Brothers - "Hard Headed Woman" (end of medley).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Chambers Brothers - "Jailhouse Rock."
      --Sonny and Cher - "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear," "All Shook Up" and "Treat Me Nice."
      --Cher - "Wooden Heart."
      --Isley Brothers - "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck."
      --Glen Campbell - "Trouble" & "Surrender."
      --Ray Peterson - "Can't Help Falling in Love," "It's Now or Never" and "Heartbreak Hotel."
      --Linda Gail Lewis - "Don't Be Cruel" and "Crying in the Chapel."
      --Jimmy Boyd - "Hot Dog" and "Poor Boy."
      --The Blossoms - "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" and "Shake Rattle & Roll."
      --The Shindogs - "King Creole."
      --Delaney Bramlett - "That's Alright Mama."
      --Joey Cooper - "Mean Woman Blues" and "Crawfish."
      --Willy Nelson - "Hound Dog" (not "Willie Nelson," the country singer).
      --The Wellingtons - "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck."
      --Maria Ghava (Shindig dancer) sings "Hey Memphis."
      --The Shindig dancers - "Party."
      Finale: Joey Cooper - "Blue Suede Shoes" (with closing credits).

    • Show 35: May 12, 1965 - Dick and Dee Dee; Dino, Desi & Billy; Brenda Holloway; Moody Blues; The Olympics; Bach Yen

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Russ Titleman, Righteous Brothers - "Don't Bring Me Down"
      2. Two drummers (Charles Blackwell of the Shindogs and the drummer from Ray Pohlman band) - drum duet/challenge.
      3. Dick and Dee Dee - "Baby, Please Don't Go."
      4. Shindogs - "Jenny, Jenny."
      5. Olympics - "Jenny, Jenny" (end of medley, Shindig logo).

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --The Olympics - "Hully Gully" (Plus, the finale).
      --Moody Blues - "I Go Crazy" and "Go Now."
      --Dino, Desi and Billy (Dean Martin, Jr., Desi Arnaz Jr., and Billy Hinsche) - "I'm a Fool."
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Walking the Dog," "Hully Gully" "Just Once in My Life" and "I'm a Hog for You Baby."
      --Brenda Holloway - "When I'm Gone" and "He's Coming Home."
      --Bach Yen - "Pas Touché."
      --Dick and Dee Dee - "It's Gonna Be Alright" and "Hello Josephine."
      --The Shindogs - "Walking the Dog" excerpt, "The Last Time," and "Gloria."
      --Delaney Bramlett and the Shindogs - "High Blood Pressure."
      --Blossoms - "Hully Gully" and "Goodbye, So Long."
      --Bobby Sherman - "Silhouettes."
      --Jerry Mason - "My Babe."
      --Russ Titleman - "Bright Lights, Big City."
      Finale: The Olympics - "Good Lovin'" (with closing titles).

    • Show 38: June 2, 1965 - Linda Carr, Patty Duke, Marianne Faithfull, Major Lance, Diane Renay, Righteous Bros.

      Opening medley (song excerpts):
      1. Bobby Sherman & Diane Renay - "Peggy Sue."
      2. The Blossoms and Wellingtons - "Keep A Knockin'."
      3. Righteous Brothers - "Be Bop A Lula."

      Other songs (not in broadcast order):
      --Patty Duke - "Don't Just Stand There" & "Everything But Love."
      --Major Lance - "Ain't That A Shame" and "Monkey Time."
      --Diane Renay - "Dum Dum."
      --Linda Carr - "Da Doo Run Run" and "What'd I Say?"
      --Marianne Faithfull - "Once I Had A Sweetheart" (clip taped in England).
      --The Righteous Brothers - "Koko Joe," "You'll Never Walk Alone," and "Big Boy Pete"
      --The Blossoms - "Down by the Riverside"
      --Billy Preston - "Lucille"
      --Bobby Sherman - "Yeh Yeh" & "Peppermint Twist."
      --Bobby Sherman with Delaney Bramlett and Joey Cooper - "Wooly Bully."
      --Delaney Bramlett - "Gambling Man."
      --The Shindogs - "Country Music Is Here to Stay" & "It's Gonna Be Alright."
      --The Wellingtons - "Three Cool Cats."
      --Bobby Sherman, The Blossoms and the Wellingtons - "Peppermint Twist."

      Finale: Linda Carr - "C. C. Rider" (with closing titles)

    • Pilot #1: Young America Swings the World (1962)

      --Jackie De Shannon - "Sing Sing Sing."
      --P.J. Proby - "Endless Sleep" & "Turn Me Loose."
      --The Chambers Brothers, Clydie King and the Sweet Things - "Peppermint Twist" & "What'd I Say?"
      --Tura Johnson (from Sweden) - sings "Personality" in Italian.
      --Scooter Teague - "Mack the Knife."
      --Jesse Collins - "Believe What You Say."
      Also appearing: the Chaps, the Young America Girls, the Leon Russell Band; Glen Campbell and David Gates.

    • Pilot #2: Shindig - Country music pilot hosted by Roy Clark
      --Johnny Cash - "Bad News" (with the Eligibles)
      --Johnny Cash - "Dark as a Dungeon" (with the Eligibles and the Wellingtons)
      --Roy Clark - "Cowboy Boots"
      --Roy Clark and the Collins Kids - "I'm Movin' On," "Lonesome Me" and "Y'all Come"
      --Roy Clark and the Elgibles - "Alabama Jubilee"
      --Roy Clark and the Wellingtons - "God Did a Wonderful Thing"
      --The Collins Kids - "Night Train to Memphis" (with the Eligibles and the Wellingtons)
      --Chris Crosby - "Honeycomb"
      --P.J. Proby - "Cumberland Gap" and "Rock Island Line"
      --P.J. Proby - "Hitchhike to Georgia" (with the Eligibles and the Wellingtons)
      --Dodie Stevens - "Jambalaya"moreless
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