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ABC (ended 1966)



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Shindig Fan Reviews (2)

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  • I loved this show. I couldn\'t watch it at home so I went next door to watch it with my Grandmother. She was cooler than my Dad.

    I was just 14 when this show debuted and was into music. I had just become enamored with the music of the \'Stones as I always love R&B from the 50\'s and 60\'s.
    My father hated my music and would not allow me to watch it at home. I used to go to Nonni\'s house next door to watch it. We had a weekly \'date\' with Shindig.
    The show was at the cutting edge, bringing all kinds of music into the living room.
    I particularly remember the \'Stones performing \"Play With Fire\" while hovering over an automobile.
    I remember Billy Preston\'s appearance. His recent death shook my memory of Shindig and all the fun I actualy had watching the show with Nonni.
    I wish that the episodes would be released on DVD. A wonderful show in a better time in life and wonderful guests and performances.
  • Fab.

    Shindig was the place to go when you wanted your pop music straight. No having to wait through jugglers or comedians to get to the good stuff. Get on, do your songs, get off. Everyone from Neil Sedaka to the Rolling Stones appeared, and the energy level usually stayed fairly high. But they never got Elvis. Too bad.
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