Season 2 Episode 3

Show 54: September 23, 1965 Jerry Lee Lewis, Raquel Welch, The Yardbirds, The Pretty Things

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 23, 1965 on ABC

Episode Recap

Opening medley (song excerpts):
1. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Breathless"
2. Blossoms - "Johnny B. Goode"
3. The Wellingtons - "Whole Lotta Lovin'" (Raquel Welch cameo)
4. Billy Preston - "Baby, Please Don't Go" (end of medley)
Commercials: Score hair creme and Ban Deodorant
--Jerry Lee Lewis - "High Heeled Sneakers"
--Mike Clifford - "Ruby Baby" (with the Wellingtons)
--Raquel Welch - "Dancing In the Street" (with the Blossoms)
--The Yardbirds - "For Your Love"
Commerical: Stri-Dex acne medication (with Jimmy O'Neill)
--Billy Preston and the Blossoms - "Look at Me"
--Mike Clifford and the Wellingtons - "Wonderful World"
--Jerry Lee Lewis - "Mean Woman Blues"
Commercial: Listerine mouthwash
--The Pretty Things - "Honey, I Need"
--The Blossoms - "Nowhere to Run"
--The Yardbirds - "Heart Full Of Soul"
Shindig promo with clips of upcoming guests.
Jimmy O'Neill closing comments.
--Finale (with closing credits): Jerry Lee Lewis (singing at the piano) - "High School Confidential," "Great Balls of Fire" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" medley, with Raquel Welch and other guests are gathered around Lewis.