Season 2 Episode 19

Show 70: November 18, 1965 - The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 1965 on ABC

Episode Recap

--Show begins with an introduction by Jimmy O'Neill
--Opening credits (with the American International logo): "The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot" Women robots dance to the song "Dr. Goldfoot" (this version might have been recorded by The Bees)
--Commercial: Stri-Dex ad with Jimmy O'Neill
--Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) describes his plan to control the world. Hugo (Harvey Lembeck) sings "It Works."
--Agent 00½ (Aron Kincaid) tells Malcolm Andrews (Tommy Kirk) that fied government information has been stored in Malcolm's brain.
--Dr. Goldfoot selects a robot "Diane" (Susan Hart) to help kidnap Malcolm. Agent 00½ and Malcolm go to a park where people are dancing to an instrumental version of "Among the Young" (a song Donna Loren performed in the movie "Pajama Party.") Diane and Hugo meet up with 00½ and Malcolm. Diane lures away Agent 00½ leaving Malcolm with Hugo.
--Commercials: Mum deodorant, Score men's hair styling crème
--Aron Kincaid & Susan Hart sing "What's A Boy Supposed to Do?"
--Hugo brings Malcolm to Dr. Goldfoot's mansion. Believing he's at a nightclub, Malcolm orders food and demands a floorshow. Three female robots dance. Back at the park, Diane reveals Dr. Goldfoot's plan to Agent 00½.

--The couple arrives at the mansion. Diane rebels against Dr. Goldfoot and gives up her life to save Agent 00½ and Malcolm.
--Commercial: Listerine
--Outside of the mansion, Agent 00½ and Malcolm get into a police car unaware that the policemen are Dr. Goldfoot and Hugo.
--Closing titles. (Entire show runs 29 minutes with commercials)

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