Shining Time Station

Season 1 Episode 1

A Place Unlike Any Other

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 1989 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • This show is a American spin off for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

    • In the end credits the stories are printes by their U.K titles. Since they were broadcast in America, they should've used the AMERICAN titles. (Thomas gets tricked and Edward Helps Out) This happens in every episode this season.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Conductor: If you've come back to clean the windows, they haven't had a chance to get dirty!
      Matt: Where did you go before?
      Mr. Conductor: Railroad work takes me everywhere, Matt. You don't spend a lot of time in one place. It's a traveling business. I was just off traveling with Edward.
      Matt: Who's Edward?
      Mr. Conductor: You don't know Edward?! Of course you don't know Edward! If you didn't know Thomas, how could you know Edward? I'll tell you a story about Edward.
      (he blows his whistle)

    • Harry: There's just something about this place.

    • Mr. Conductor: What's your name?
      Matt: Mat--Matthew--M-- Matt!
      Mr. Conductor: Or is it Matthew-Matt-Matthew? And you may call me Mr. Conductor. Well, you're a good worker. You know who'd like you? My friend Thomas.
      Matt: T-Thomas lives in there with you?
      Mr. Conductor: Dear me, no! Thomas is a steam engine, and he lives on the Island of Sodor. You are interested in trains, aren't you?
      Matt: Yes, sir.
      Mr. Conductor: Splendid. Then I'll tell you a story about my friend Thomas. You do like stories, don't you?
      Matt: Oh, yeah.
      Mr. Conductor: Very well. But first, I have to find my whistle.
      (he looks in his pockets for his whistle and finds it)
      Mr. Conductor: Ah! Here we go!
      (he blows his whistle)

    • Harry: When you're on the railroad, you have to watch what you're doing.

  • Notes

    • In the station is a huge mural, which resembles WPA paintings of the 1930s.

    • Kevin Roth sings the theme song played during the opening and closing credits.

    • In the opening, Shining Time is listed as having a population of "5,006 give or take".

    • Matt meets Mr. Conductor for the first time in this episode.

    • First appearances of these characters:

      Stacy Jones (the manager of Shining Time Station)
      Henry "Harry" Cupper (a locomotive engineer and master mechanic who works at the workshop)
      Tanya (Harry's granddaughter)
      Matt (Stacy's nephew)
      Mr. Conductor (an 8-inch man who lives in a signal house on the station mural)
      and the Jukebox Band (a band that lives inside a Jukebox).

    • Thomas Stories: Thomas Gets Tricked and Edward Helps Out.

  • Allusions

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