Shining Time Station

Season 3 Episode 21

Dan's Big Race

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • It is assumed that after Schemee got disqualified from the race, everyone in the Jukebox Band who bet against him got all their money back, and all who bet on Schemee lost everything.

  • Quotes

    • Schemer: (holds a wheel from Dan's broken bike) Well, I am "wheel" sorry about that, Dan, but those are the brakes.

    • (a wrench falls out of Schemee's pockets)
      Dan: What was that?
      Stacy: I was wondering the same thing.
      Barton: It's a lug wrench!
      (Stacy picks up the wrench)
      Stacy: And I bet that this lug wrench will fit Dan's bike.
      Schemee: Uh-oh. (to Schemer) You said to do anything to win.
      Schemer: Hey. When I said "anything", I did not mean anything.
      Barton: And that means you're disqualified, Schemee. And I get my nickels back.
      (Schemer hands him back his nickels)
      Schemee: That's not fair!
      Stacy: Fair? Schemee, not only did you break Dan's bike, but you could've caused Dan to have a serious accident. Now, is that fair?
      Schemee: No.
      Stacy: Well, I think you owe someone an apology.
      Schemee: But I won the race.
      Schemer: Hey, hey, hey! Won the race?! I lost a pile of nickels, and more importantly than that, I lost the pride of the Schemer name.
      Schemee: I'm really sorry now.
      Schemer: You're gonna be a lot more sorry when I get you home, take away your bike, and... straighten out this curl! Now, c'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!

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