Shining Time Station

Season 3 Episode 29

Family Special: One of the Family

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on PBS
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Family Special: One of the Family
It is the day of the Soap-Box Derby Race.

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    Ringo Starr

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    Mr. Conductor (1991-1993)

    Jonathan Freeman

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    Henry 'Harry' Cupper (1990-1991)

    Nicole Leach

    Nicole Leach

    Tanya (1990-1991)

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      • Schemer: (enters his shed with a familiar dog) Hey, Schemee. Look who I got.
        Schemee: Hey. It's Sergeant Arfenbark! Does your mom know you took him?
        Schemer: SHH! (whispers) No! Quiet! And nobody's gonna know, because we're gonna put the dog inside the cart! (barks and imitates cart zoom) Okay. Now, how do we hook 'im up?
        Schemee: 'Kay, you're gonna love this. We take him, and we strap him in here. And then...
        (Schemer suddenly reacts to the sound of a cat's meow)
        Schemer: What was that?
        (Sergeant Arfenbark barks loudly and runs out of the shed to investigate, but Schemer tries to pull him back in by holding his leash)
        Schemer: Not so fast, doggy-boy! WHOA! WHOA!!!
        (he suddenly gets pulled by S.A. and unfortunately lets go)
        (he gets back on his feet, and back inside the shed, very angry at himself)
        Schemer: Okay. Okay! That's it! That is it! That is it! No more Mr. Wonderful-Nice-Guy, who puts his trust in animals, and gives 'em useful employment. THAT IS IT IT IT!!!!
        (what would've been his cart crashes down)
        Schemer: THAT... is it!

      • Mr. Conductor: You just can't keep still about anything, can you?!
        Sister Conductor: Oh, lighten up. Don't be such a fusspot.
        Mr. Conductor: Come on. You've bothered these little people long enough!
        Sister Conductor: Are you kidding?! I was just about to sing a song with this wild and crazy gang.
        Mr. Conductor: Well, I didn't know you could sing.
        Sister Conductor
        : Well, there's a lot of things you didn't know about me, big brother. I'm full of surprises.

      • (at the Jukebox, Sister Conductor has chatted with the Jukebox Band, who laughs)
        Tex: That's quite a story!
        Rex: Cut it out! Cut it out! My side hurts!
        Didi: It wasn't that funny.
        (Mr. Conductor appears)
        Mr. Conductor: I have been looking everywhere for you!
        Sister Conductor: Hey, there, big brother. Look at all these tiny people I found. They talk too much, but I've got them under control.
        Tito: (laughs) Your sister's quite a card: A joker!
        Rex: She was just tellin' us about when you was younger.
        Tex: And you ran outside.
        (the band laughs, much to Mr. Conductor's chagrin)
        Sister Conductor: That's pretty much the bare facts.
        Rex: Make it true.
        Tex: Yeah. The long and the shorts of it.
        (the band laughs again)
        Mr. Conductor: How could you?!
        Didi: STOP LAUGHING, GUYS!!!

      • Harry: What do we engineers say about our ears?
        Kara: Nobody's ears are like engineers'.
        Harry: That's right! (laughs) We can hear that machinery talk to us!

      • (Midge and Ginny notice Schemer riding on his out-of-control cart on the grass)
        Midge: My goodness, Ginny! What in the world is Schemer doing?
        Ginny: Looks like he's mowin' the lawn.
        Midge: Oh. Isn't that nice?

      • Schemer: Nobody but nobody stands a chance against us. We shall be victorious in our victory.
        Schemee: What'd you put in here? A couple of huskies?
        Schemer: Better than that.
        Schemee: You didn't stick in little Tommy Havermayer, the fastest kid in the valley, did ya?
        Schemer: No! I didn't think of that.
        (he whispers into Schemee's ear)
        Schemer: There's a lawn mower engine in here! (laughs)
        Schemee: Doesn't look like there's much room for a driver.

      • (Sister Conductor is giving Tex and Rex a ride on her plane)
        Rex: Say, Tex, did I ever tell you that I was afraid a' heights?
        Tex: How long have ya had this problem, Rex?
        Rex: Since we took off!

      • Becky: Are you gonna ask your uncle Billy to help you?
        Kit: No. I think I'm gonna do it by myself.
        Becky: Me, too.
        (Kit looks in the box for a wheel)
        Becky: (shows him a long piece of wood) I can use this as a brake.
        Kit: That'd be perfect! But I'm still missing a wheel.
        (Becky finds a wheel on the desk)
        Becky: (hands the wheel to Kit) Here's one.
        (Kit looks closely at it)
        Kit: No, I mean a steering wheel.
        Becky: That could be a steering wheel.
        Kit: Hey, you're right. Thanks!

      • Kara: (has a letter in her pocket) This came in the mail for you today. It has no address on it, but I guess it's for you.
        (she hands Mr. Conductor the letter)
        Mr. Conductor: Let's see. Who could be writing to me?
        (he opens the letter and sees something, to his dismay)
        Mr. Conductor: Oh, no! No! This can't be happening! No way!
        Kara: What's the matter?
        Mr. Conductor: My sister's coming for a visit.
        Kara: You have a sister?
        Mr. Conductor: Well, I know we had the same parents, and we grew up in the same house. But somewhere along the way, my little sister was raised by laughing hyenas.
        Kara: Little sister? How little is she?
        Mr. Conductor: Oh, she's grown up now. But she'd never know it.
        Kara: What do you mean?
        Mr. Conductor: Well, you see how neat and polite I am? She's messy and rude. She got away with everything when we were kids.
        Kara: Like what?
        Mr. Conductor: Well, one night at dinner, she took off her shoes and socks, and put her feet in the mashed potatoes! UGH! Another time, she took my drawings and made paper airplanes out of them!
        Kara: Well, she was younger then. She wouldn't do that now.
        Mr. Conductor: Oh? What about the time she threw my favorite mittens in the toilet?!
        Kara: Maybe she was just trying to have some fun.
        Mr. Conductor: She had fun, all right. And she laughed about it for weeks.
        Kara: Still, it's nice when relatives come to visit, remember?

      • Schemer: (after failing to catch his runaway mouse cart) I'm never gonna work with mice again! Ya just can't trust 'em. (to the mice, but loudly) YOU'RE NOTHIN' BUT A BUNCH OF RATS WITH DIAPERS ON!!! YA HEAR ME?! YA HEAR ME?!
        (he faints)

      • Mr. King: First things first.
        (he stands up)
        Mr. King: First, we have to talk about the Soap-Box Derby Race.
        Ginny: (stands up) No. First, we hafta talk about the refreshments.
        Midge: (stands up, as well) No, first, we hafta talk about the Silly-Hat Contest.
        Mr. King: Will you please sit down?!
        (all 3 sit back down)
        Mr. King: All right. We'll have to vote. All in favor of staying seated... Say "aye".
        Ginny and Midge: (both stand up) AYE!
        (Mr. King is so angry, he bites his hat)

      • Schemer: Oh, pah! We're not gonna worry about those guys. We're gonna win this race, Schemee, and ya know why?
        Schemee: We're gonna cheat.
        Schemer: That's right, we're gonna cheat, like... (reacts) Shame on you, Schemee! Of course we're not gonna cheat! We're not supposed to cheat at that race! We're simply going to, uh... Improve our chances. (laughs) Come here. Come here. Behold... our secret weapon. (he opens a little box, exposing...) Say hello... to Rocket Mouse! (laughs) I got 99 of these hot-rod critters (points to his mouse cart) running on a flywheel inside here. WHOOWOWOWOWOO. They run like crazy,... FOOP!! ...Nobody is gonna catch this cart. And then, you and I, my friend, are gonna gulp from the bowl of victory. Our names shall forever fester in glory. (laughs) (he opens a compartment door on his cart) All right, little buddy. Join your family. (he puts the Rocket Mouse in the compartment with the other mice and closes the door) Now, this is a 100-Mouse-Powered Vehicle. (laughs) Okay, buddy. Get behind that wheel. But whatever ya do, don't touch that handbrake before ya get in there, though.
        Schemee: (touches the handbrake, causing the cart to take off on its own) Ya mean this thing?
        Schemer: Yeah. Otherwise that cart'll take off.

      • (after Mr. Conductor has witnessed the mouse-powered cart run amok in Shining Time, he confronts his sister, who had been using his magic dust, but unknown to him, not for the cart)
        Mr. Conductor: (grabs his bag of dust) I hope you're satisfied scaring those people half to death!
        Sister Conductor: I didn't!
        Mr. Conductor: This is not a toy! You oughta be ashamed of yourself! When will you ever grow up?!
        Sister Conductor: Please, listen to me!
        Mr. Conductor: No! No. I want you to go. I want you to pack your bags and go.
        Sister Conductor: But the race is tomorrow.
        Mr. Conductor: That's all the more reason for you to go. I can just imagine what kind of problems you'll cause at the race.

      • Sister Conductor: Well, you've gotta fly through the sky before you zoom through the room.

      • (Mr. Conductor paces, wondering what to do before his sister arrives)
        Mr. Conductor: Well, I could lock up my house and go away for a few days, or I could lock myself inside my house and hide under the bed, or I could... (hears the sound of an airplane engine) Oh, no. It's too late!

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