Shining Time Station

Season 3 Episode 30

Family Special: Queen for a Day

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on PBS



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    • Stacy: I suggest that you leave.
      (Biff and Bull laugh)
      Bull: Who's gonna make us leave? Huh? What, you?
      Stacy: That's right! Now, this happens to be my station. I am the station manager, and I'm not gonna ask you one more time... to leave this station!
      Biff: We'll be back, pal! We'll be back!
      (he and Bull escape)
      Schemer: "We'll be back, pal! We'll be back!" Run! Run! Run, you little chickens! Run!

    • Stacy: (after hearing Queenie's barking at Schemer) What is all the barking about? Schemer? Are you teasing Midge's sweet, little dog?
      Schemer: No, I'm not teasing a sweet, little dog! I just hafta go into crown and get some jewels! (reacts and corrects himself) I mean, I have to go into town and get some tools. So, if you ladies and canine will pardon moi...

    • (Biff prepares a smoke bomb concoction while wearing a clothespin on his nose)
      Biff: Old sneakers.
      (Bull gives him his old sneakers to add to the concoction)
      Biff: Old socks.
      (Bull gives him his old socks to add to the concoction)
      Biff: R-r-rotten broccoli!
      (Bull just stands there, grossed out)
      Biff: I said, "rotten broccoli"! HEY! I told you to wear one a' these, ya dope!
      (he hands Bull a clothespin to put on his nose)
      Biff: Now, rotten broccoli.
      Bull: It's so gross.
      (he gives Biff the broccoli)
      Biff: Well, of course it's gross. It's supposed ta' be gross.
      (he adds the broccoli to the concoction)
      Biff: When this stink bomb goes off at that talent show, those jewels are gonna be ours!
      (he and Bull laugh and finish preparing the smoke bomb)

    • Quartet 1: Well, that's it. Jim missed his train. So much for the talent show! Who ever heard of a 3-man Barbershop Quartet?!
      Schemer: Aw, Jim schmimm. Forget about Jim, fellas. I am the lead singer that you're lookin' for.
      (the Quartet stare at him)
      Schemer: Hey, listen. We'll do the show tonight. Right, guys? And then we'll go on tour. And we will travel all around the world and never come back to this dump again! EVER!! What do you say, huh? The 4 of us? All right, what do you say, huh? (under his breath) C'mon. C'mon.
      Quartet 1: Well, if you're that good... (sings) Hello!
      Quartet 2: Hello!
      Quartet 3: HELLO!
      (the jukebox wires short out with Schemer leaning on it)
      Schemer: (sings wildly) HELLO!!!!!!!
      Quartet 1: You got some set of pipes on ya there, friend! You're in!
      (Schemer laughs in excitement and cheers wildly)

  • Notes

    • The train Stacy and Mr. King use to catch Biff and Bull is the same one from Billy's Thanksgiving.

    • This is the last family special, but not the last of any episodes at all.

    • Final appearances of Stacy, Schemer, Becky, Kara, Kit, Mr. King, Midge, Ginny, Felix, and the Jukebox band. Mr. Conductor is the only main character to appear in every episode of the series. Also he is the only character to appear in future episodes.

    • Thomas stories: Thomas Meets the Queen, Special Attraction

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