Shining Time Station

Season 3 Episode 11

Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on PBS
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Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin
Kara asks Mr. Counductor's twin to clean up for her, but instead he makes a mess around the station.

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  • One of the best episodes!

    This is probably one of the most popular "Shining Time Station" episodes ever! Stacy asks Kara to clean up a mess, and then Kara uses Mr. Conductor's magic sparkle dust to free Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin once again. She asks him to clean up the mess; he does, but then he makes an even bigger mess around the station! In other words, he causes trouble around the station and hatches another plot to dispose of the real Mr. Conductor once and for all! I prefer this one over "Double Trouble" because in this one, the real Mr. Conductor doesn't get blamed! I've got this on VHS, and if you haven't seen this episode, you should! It's one of the best!moreless
Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

Mr. Conductor (1990-1991)

George Carlin

George Carlin

Mr. Conductor (1991-1993)

Jonathan Freeman

Jonathan Freeman

Tito Swing

Didi Conn

Didi Conn

Stacy Jones

Leonard Jackson

Leonard Jackson

Henry 'Harry' Cupper (1990-1991)

Nicole Leach

Nicole Leach

Tanya (1990-1991)

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    • Mr. King: I tell you, Miss Jones, I did not make that phone call! Leaky Park has been leak-free for... several days now.
      Stacy: But it sounded just like you, Sir.
      Mr. King: Well, it wasn't me! It must've been an impostor.

    • Stacy: Hello? Shining Time Station. Stacy Jones speaking. Oh, yes, Mr. King? Uh, could you say that again, Mr. King?
      Evil Mr. Conductor: (in Mr. King's voice) Leaky Park is leaking!
      It's from there that I'm speaking.
      You and Billy come,
      Faster than fast.
      Hurry... (glugs) Hurry!
      Or this station won't last!
      Stacy: Yes, Mr. King. That's what I thought you said. We'll be right over!
      (she hangs up)
      Stacy: I wonder why Mr. King is rhyming all his words. Oh, I hope he's not taking another song-writing course again.

    • Kara: Oh, that Schemer. He thinks he's so funny.
      (Mr. Conductor appears)
      Mr. Conductor: It is funny now that you mentioned it.
      Kara: I don't think so, Mr. Conductor. Not one bit.
      Mr. Conductor: Oh? Well, just give a listen.
      (he blows his whistle, but it is out of tune)
      Mr. Conductor: Sounds funny to me. Doesn't that sound funny to you?
      Kara: Oh. I thought you were talking about Schemer. He was making fun of the mess I've made.
      Mr. Conductor: Oh, I see. Well, once it's cleaned, he'll stop.
      Kara: I have an idea. Why don't you help me clean the mess with your magic?
      Mr. Conductor: I'd be glad to.
      Kara: Oh, thank you!
      Mr. Conductor: If only Stacy asked me to, but she didn't. She asked you.
      Kara: I know, but...
      Mr. Conductor: Stacy knows what's best.
      Kara: She doesn't know what's best, not always.
      Mr. Conductor: This time I think she does.
      (he blows his whistle again but it is still out of tune)
      Mr. Conductor: Definitely out of tune. I must get it fixed. If I hurry, I'll be able to catch Miss Earlybird before breakfast. She's a robin, you know, and they get up early. She's the best whistle tuner in the business, and she's "cheap". Get it? Cheep?
      Kara: But, Mr. Conductor...
      Mr. Conductor: My whistle will soon be good as new.
      (he disappears)
      Kara: (catches some of Mr. Conductor's magic dust) Yes!

    • Kara: You have to go back now. You promised.
      Evil Mr. Conductor: I won't go back! Not this time!
      A broken promise is not a crime.
      Kara: Well, then, I'll tell on you.
      Evil Mr. Conductor: Tell. Go ahead.
      They'll just get angry and send you to bed.
      Kara: You! You're terrible.
      Evil Mr. Conductor: Thank you. I know I'm a terrible pest.
      Wait'll you see what I do to the rest.
      Ho ho hee hee! You set me free!
      Now I'm taking over. Wait and see!

    • Evil Mr. Conductor: Candy is dandy, but never to eat.
      Candy is dandy for smashing with feet.

    • (the Evil Mr. Conductor rides the model of the New York Central Hudson right in the path of the real Mr. Conductor)
      Evil Mr. Conductor: Now I've got you, my cheerful twin. It's you or me, and I shall win
      Kara: Mr. Conductor, watch out!
      (the real Mr. Conductor dodges the model, and the model tips over)

    • Evil Mr. Conductor: Stick him quick! He'll get away!
      Mr. Conductor: Wait! I'm me! He's not!
      Evil Mr. Conductor: Stick him with that gluey pot!
      Kara: Which one of you's Mr. Conductor?!
      Evil Mr. Conductor: ME!
      Mr. Conductor: ME!
      Kara: Your whistle!
      Evil Mr. Conductor: My whistle?!
      Mr. Conductor: My whistle!
      (the evil Mr. Conductor blows his whistle, which sounds like it used to be for the real one's whistle, and the real Mr. Conductor blows his whistle, which is still at its low toot)
      (Kara pours the glue on the evil Mr. Conductor)
      Evil Mr. Conductor: NO!!!!
      (he turns back into a picture)
      Mr. Conductor: YES! Thank you, Kara. If you hadn't recognized my whistle, we'd have never gotten out of this mess!

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