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  • Who made this show!? This Show is boring!

    This Show is boring. The only intersting thing i have with this show is George Carlin narrating seasons 2 and 3 Thomas stories part. And the Thomas stories. But everything else sucks. I give it a 7/100 Horrible
  • This show is a classic and deserves to be released on DVD and go on air again!

    This show is great! I love it. Its one show where we can get to see Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor. It is a great show & should come back on TV. And be released on VHS & DVD, too!


    Shining Time Station is a train station in the Indian Valey. It is also the home of an 18 inch tall man called Mr. Conductor. Everyday, three kids named Kara, Becky and Dan visit the station. They usually get into a pickle or some sort of trouble. That's when Mr. Conductor tells the three children a Thomas The Tank Engine story, which s related to their problem, and gives them ideas on how to solve it. The manager, Stacy Jones, and Schemer, owner of the arcade also join them in their adventures.

    I thought Ringo Starr was a great narrator & I still do. Britt Alcroft did a great job! So bring it back!

    Who`s with me?

  • The show that introduced Thomas to America.

    Since I lived in the UK, I never saw this, but I looked into it recently, and I was surprised how good it is. It features a tiny conductor called Mr. Conductor (Played by Ringo Starr in Season 1, and George Carlin from Season 2 until it finished). It features other characters (I forgot their names) in a station unlike any other. The best part is that it features Thomas episodes! It ended in 1995, and then there was the horrible Thomas and the Magic Railroad, which features Alec Baldwin as Mr. Conductor and he reacts too much here. Even though STS is finished, Thomas still remains thriving on PBS these days. Overall, This show is great and is recommended watching on YouTube, and we are still waiting for the DVD release.
  • Mr. Conductor was the best ever

    I used to love this show when I was a kid. My favorite train was Duck. To me, he was so cool. Diesel gave me the creeps though - I was terrified of him. It's funny how Ringo Starr was in it, but since I was young I had no idea.
  • hi i live in Australia & would love shining time series to come down under. My 2 sons love the movie the Magic Railroad, & would love to see more of it. Please consider this request if read by any tv producers. Thankyour from oz

    my children loved the movie Thomas & the magic railroad. And would love to see more of this series. Please could it be screaned in Australia?
    And does any one know if you can get the series on DVD in Australian. Or does any one in Australia have access to getting it on DVD. It would be receved in australia with the utmost pleasure from all children i garente.
  • A Great show about kids who listen to stories about the Island Of Sodor

    It really aired before I was born but I started watching it and read the books and bought the videos. (still have them) But because of this show I learned how to read at an early age. I wish they would bring this back with new episodes but same conductors.
  • Shining Time Station Shined Brightly.


    I've always loved this PBS series and it became one of my favorites growing up, this was how I first learned of Thomas The Tank Engine via this show. And while I found the Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends stories fine, I liked what took place in the eponymous train station more and was always more interested in that. I liked how those stories were always incorporated into the episodes when either of the two Mr. Conductors (portrayed by Ringo Starr or the late George Carlin) would tell whatever the stories were, depending on the episode's subject, to the handful of kids who frequented there. That aspect of the program makes it similar to the concept of the Noddy series from the late '90s. This gets my vote to be on the most outstanding kid shows of all time list. What isn't there to like about it?

    Aside from the aforementioned two Mr. Conductors (who were small, could magically appear and disappear at will, and weren't seen nor known about by many, and the few, notable kids who visited the station), there were also the station master Stacy, who I think was related to one or a couple of the kids; Schemer, who if I recall exactly owned the arcade there, loved money (especially nickels) and was always trying to come up with and plot ways (as his name is self-explanatory and implies) to get rich quickly, almost like a true con artist or scam artist; the Flexitoon Puppets who comprised a band and lived in a jukebox where they performed (and they were the ones who played the tracks every time a nickel was dropped into it, and a track was selected) and more. If anyone reading my review has never seen Shining Time, I say check it out, because everything about it, from the storylines to the characters are great. With morals or lessons that were done the right way, I pick and consider this as yet another winner and a keeper for sure.

  • Probably my favorite childhood show.

    Shining Time Station was probably my favorite show when I was little. I really was a huge fan of Thomas and all of his friends. I couldn't get enough of the show and every morning I would try to watch every episode. It is a shame it only lasted as long as it did. I thought that it had some really good stories and it was cleverly written. My favorite engines had to be Thomas, Edward, and The Scottish Twins, Donald and Douglas. Whenever they were on the show, I made show to watch as I would think it was extra interesting. I will never forget watching this show as it was an all time classic for children. Hopefully they will run re-runs again. Thank you.
  • Great spinoff of the original Thomas & Friends series!

    Man, I used to like this show when I was 4 months old. My favorite narrators Ringo Starr and George Carlin were in it too. My favorite parts are when they tell the stories of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends on the Island of Sodor. Too bad it got cancelled. That show was classic on PBS and always will be. I wonder how it got cancelled, was it Rev. W. Awdry's death, or maybe Thomas & the Magic Railroad was the final episode? Probably B. I wish this show came back. I might rent or buy the videos online.
  • One of the ways I watched thomas when I was younger.

    This show was great because of its storylines and great characters. This was the American spinoff of thomas the tank engine. The person mr conductor was played by Ringo starr for 3 years and George carlin for the rest of the show episodes. Mr conductor was the 18 inch man that told the kids that visited shining time station about thomas the tank engine and all of his friends and then told them a story of thomas each time. For the viewers he showed an episode of thomas the tank engine and the end of every thomas story he told them a valuable moral and a lesson about their problem in the episode of shining time station. Even this show is ended this is one of my favorite shows so i give this show a 10 out of 10 score.
  • What Introduced me to Thomas

    A Great Show whcih Introduced me to Thomas and Friends, I liked George Carlin the Most though I noticed when he started narrated Season 4 of Thomas his voiced changed somewhat or hes just using a Different Tone, Who Knows, But Ringo Starr was also Great. Schemer had to be one of my favorites as well as Mr. Conductor. This is an old Favorite of Mine that I will never forget. Im glad they decided to Introduce Thomas on such a show even though I wish they could have done TUGS to America as a Segment Properly though they Screwed it up in Salty's Lighthouse. Anyway I give this show 5 Stars!
  • The Information on this site is wrong... George carlin filmed this show from 1991 until 1995 not 1993 like the site says. Check carlins website to see the truth!

    The Information on this site is wrong... George carlin filmed this show from 1991 until 1995 not 1993 like the site says. Check George carlins website to see the truth! George carlin is one of my favorite actors and comedians i would hate to be misinformed about his career on this show or any other. I think this is a great program that teaches young children great values in life and I wish it was still around so that my kids could watch it. I truely belive that is the reason that George Carlin agreed to do this show in the first place not realizing that he would be nominated twice for an Emmy.
  • A show that needed to keep going!

    This is the show I grew up with over the years! I just need to ask one question. Why did it cancel?It's one of those great shows that get canceled out of nowhere! It doesn't have to make new episodes,I just want reruns! Anyway about the show,there's Stacy Jones,the station manager of STS.Billy,whos an enginner and works in the workshop.Schemer, funny but sometimes ridiculous character who owns an arcade and plays jokes on people, and I saved best for last. Mr.Conductor. He tells stories about our favorite tank engine and lives inb the signalhouse.

    Such great characters,such little time for 3 seasons.(Although there was a spin off seires,Mr Conductor's Thomas Tales.)
  • One of my most favorite classic show.

    An best classic show.Which I used to watch when it was on Nick or perhaps on PBS.I think it was first on PBS.Man! That show is the best.It does teaches some important things as well.Yeah an show that takes place in the train station.Many things happened in the station as well.Also the cool thing is sometime the conductor the little guy gives the story about Thomas and the gang as well.But my favorite part was the jukebox when the coin goes in the puppets start to sing and stuff.Man this is an total classic something that people should've watched.I wished they brought it back on tv.
  • A show about an old train station on the Indian Valley Railroad where kids listen to an 18'' inch man,Mr.Conductor tell tales of the Island of Sodor.

    This show didn't need to be canceled.I really miss this show because in the more recent seasons of TTTEAF(With the exception of season 10.)rely too much on cliches' and sugar-coated plots.I've loved this show since I was 2.I noticed some of my favorite shows are canceled.I doubt it will ever make it to being on DVD,knowing HIT.(Grrrr.)It was another one of Thomas'related shows that taught us important life lessons.Although the year it was canceled in must've given kids the idea that something was not right in the world of Thomas,as it was canceled just two months after the Rev.W Awdry died.(Sniffle)I really wish they brought this back.Until then,this dream will never become a reality.
  • One of my all time favorite shows growing up.

    This was one of the greatest shows ever when I was growing up. I loved the stories about Thomas the Tank Engine and the rest of the trains. I also liked the little jukebox puppets although I can't quite remember all of them. You could learn small life lessons in this show and it was really good for your imagination. Now they have "Thomas and his friends", but it's nowhere near as good as Shining Time Station was. I miss this show and wish they'd bring it back. It was a great show to have grown up watching and will always be one of my favorites.
  • A classic show that needs to go on!

    I have really enjoied watching Shining time Station and having to see a lot of the episodes makes me want to see the rest. My favorite season is Season one because my favorite narrator Ringo Starr is Mr. Conductor and not to mention is my favorite and the best narrator Thomas and Friends has ever had! Also I love Ringo's narrating for the American version more than the UK Version because the American version just sounds a lot more original and plain to me. I also enjoy Season 3 and I am looking forward to see a chance of seeing the Full length specials.
  • I loved this show, and I still admire it, this show must be brought back to TV!

    This show was/is awesome, I don't see why they cancelled it, because this is off the hook! I liked the first part of the series when Ringo Starr was Mr. Conductor, Idon't get me wrong now, I liked George Carlin when he became the new Mr. Conductor. They're both the best people to ever narrate for Thomas the Tank Engine anyways, so of course they would be excellent for this show. This show has also taught many true life lessons that must not be turned down, such as having Faith in yourself. This show might only have 3 seasons, but who cares? Its still tight and I still love it. Bring this show back onto TV to stay... Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shining time station was a great show that really besides entertaining us taught us a lot of great lifelong lessons.

    I lovved this show.I mean who would not like shining time station.I can still remember in the beginning of the show,when the train is coming along the tracks.Also, of the many shows I watched, the one which will forever have a place in my heart is the christmas episode.That one was very memorable.Why PBS stopped such great shows as these is beyond me.PBS,somone,anyone,please bring back shining time station!.
  • OMG! I loved Shining Time Station! I have almost all the videos but they don`t have all the episodes,Please make a DVD Box Set of the seriesmIt was a great show And I want my baby cousin to one day see the series! The Best Part was...Mr,Conductor`s Thomas

    Ok I loved this show! My favorite episodes had to be,Ay episodes that are about Schemer,And any Mr.Conductor`s Thomas Tales episodes! If I had know this would never be shown again I would have learned to record episodes. :( I did anjoy this show though,Schemer was my favorite character so was Mr.Conductor.
  • This show was the best!

    When I was little, I always watched this show. I learned a lot about Thomas the tank engine by watching this and I do agree that it should be put back on t.v. Another reason why I agree that this show should go back on the air is that Ringo Starr acts in it and he is really awesome! Overall, I give it a perfect 10!