Shining Time Station

Season 3 Episode 32

Splish, Splash, Splosh

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2007 on PBS

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  • One day in the station, Mr.Conductor is counting tickets while having a cold. He goes in a rush and gets inpatient, he remembers what happended to Duncan, Bertie & Peter Sam when they got inpatient. Soon he clams down and learns not to be in a rush.

    I think its a fantastic episode of Mr.Conductors Thomas Tales showing everyone not to rush, and the episodes of Thomas they used suited the episode perfectly. The song "Gone Fishing" was the best song to use for fishing can be a clam thing to do. I find it cute that his friends in the episode are Goldfish & he tells them about Duncan, Bertie & Peter Sam. I know have Mr Conductor felt in this episode about rushing here & there. Episode List:
    Passengers and Polish
    Gallant Old Engine Bertie's Chase Peter Sam & the Refreshment Lady You Can't Win &
    Gone Fishing(Song)


    Fantasic! =)