Shining Time Station

Season 2 Episode 5

Sweet And Sour

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1991 on PBS
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Sweet And Sour
The kids sell lemonades and cookies. Schemer and his nephew Schemee come along and encourage them to raise the prices and sell lower-quality products.

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    Ringo Starr

    Ringo Starr

    Mr. Conductor (1990-1991)

    George Carlin

    George Carlin

    Mr. Conductor (1991-1993)

    Jonathan Freeman

    Jonathan Freeman

    Tito Swing

    Didi Conn

    Didi Conn

    Stacy Jones

    Leonard Jackson

    Leonard Jackson

    Henry 'Harry' Cupper (1990-1991)

    Nicole Leach

    Nicole Leach

    Tanya (1990-1991)

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      • Mr. Conductor: (sees the sign on the kids' new stand) "Everything But Lemonade"! Well, that's original, I must say.

      • (Midge and her friends picket around Schemer's stand)
        Midge: All right, ladies. Just keep going around in a circle.
        Schemer: Ah! My dear Midge Smoot. I--
        Midge: Don't you dare "Midge Smoot" me. Why, you're lucky my dog is better. After eating 2 of your cookies, he was sick all afternoon.

      • Mr. Conductor: If things keep going like this, you'll end up like Donald and Douglas and the Brake Van.
        Kara: Who are they?
        Mr. Conductor: You don't know the 2 Scottish twins, Donald and Douglas? Of course you don't know Donald and Douglas. Because I haven't told you about Donald and Douglas. Or was it Douglas and Donald?
        Becky: Do you have time to tell us a story? I mean, aren't you supposed to be running a race against the tortoise?
        Mr. Conductor: Don't worry about him. He probably isn't even to Point Pokey yet. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Donald and Douglas.

      • (Mr. Conductor is eating a slice of lemon pie after the story)
        Mr. Conductor: So, as you can see, some of the most surprising things can happen when you stand up for what you believe. And speaking of "believing", it's time to be leaving.
        (he disappears)

      • Midge: Kids, we'll see ya at the garden party.
        (she turns to Schemer)
        Midge: As for you, Schemer, if you ever, ever, EVER try, or even THINK of trying, or consider, pulling such a stunt again, I PERSONALLY will bring every member of the Friends of the Flowering Cactus Ladies' Auxillary down here to picket your arcade! And that is no JOKE!
        (she and her ladies drop Schemer to the floor and leave the station)
        Schemer: Wait a minute. "Friends of the Flowering Cactus Ladies' Auxillary"?! My mommy is in that group!
        (he and Schemee run quickly out of the station)
        Schemer: Hey, Midge! (screaming) MIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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