Shining Time Station

Season 1 Episode 21

'Tis a Gift

Aired Unknown Unknown on PBS



  • Trivia

    • When Vickie picks up Mr. Conductor before she puts him on the Christmas tree, you can tell that he's a still figure.

  • Quotes

    • (upon noticing a train leaving the station)
      Mr. King: Miss Jones!
      Stacy: Yes, sir!
      Mr. King: There's a train leaving the station! It's... It's impossible!
      Stacy: No, it's not, Mr. King. Nothing's impossible, unless you stop believing in it.

    • Stacy: Mr. Nicholas?
      Mr. Nicholas: Yes, Stacy?
      Stacy: There won't be anymore trains until tomorrow, but you're welcome to stay here if you like.
      Mr. Nicholas: Oh, thank you, Stacy. That's very kind of you, but (looks at his watch) my train will be here any minute now.
      (Stacy hears a train whistle)
      Stacy: Where's that whistle coming from?!
      Mr. Nicholas: That's the Northern Star! And she's right on time too!
      Stacy: But, Mr. Nicholas, that's... That's impossible!
      Mr. Nicholas: Stacy Jones, I'm surprised at you. Nothing is impossible, unless you stop believing in it. Huh?

    • Stacy: Hello? Shining Time Station. Stacy Jones speaking. Oh, hi, Clare. Oh. Oh, you want to bring Vickie here this afternoon?
      (Matt and Tanya wave their arms around and try playing dead, telling Stacy to refuse)
      Stacy: Oh, sure. No problem. Okay. Glad to be of some help. I'll see you in a little bit.
      (she hangs up and turns to the kids)
      Stacy: What is your problem?!
      Matt: Vickie! She's horrible!
      Stacy: Oh, she's not horrible.
      Tanya: Yes, she is. She's mean, and nasty, and selfish, and rude...!
      Stacy: Okay, okay, okay. Now, come on. Nobody can be that bad.
      Matt and Tanya: Vickie can!

    • Mr. Conductor: Oh! There's Midge Smoot! Don't tell her a secret. She's sure to leak it!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The footage used for the opening and closing sequences was filmed at the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams, Arizona, and features their locomotive #18. Incidentally, the 18 makes a second appearance as it's whistle, a Southern Pacific six-chime, is used for Mr. Nicholas's heard-but-not-seen "Northern Star." This locomotive now resides at the Mt. Hood Railroad in Oregon.