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  • This is one of my fav Animes from my childhood. We need to bring it back and get the 3rd season put on TV. Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger and the last ep has everything in it. Its superb. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is one of my fav Animes from my childhood. We need to bring it back and get the 3rd season put on TV. Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger and the last ep has everything in it. Its superb. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my fav Animes from my childhood. We need to bring it back and get the 3rd season put on TV. Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger and the last ep has everything in it. Its superb. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my fav Animes from my childhood. We need to bring it back and get the 3rd season put on TV. Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger and the last ep has everything in it. Its superb. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'll always miss you

    This show needs to be renewed for a third season. No debate. No looking at the production costs. The producers need to think of the kids and renew this fine show for a third season. I liked the first season. It was always fast-paced and never skipped out on a good fight scene. The season one story line set things up so that every few episodes featured a terrific fight with a powerful boss (general). I loved season two. The changed time story line and release of Lanancuras made for entertainment that kept me on the edge of my seat until the final episode in the saga. And the series finale made me cry. Literally. I broke down. It was so sad. The only regret that I have in watching it is that there will never be a season 3.
  • Shinzo-The journey of a girl named Yakumo who was supposed to travel 50 years into the future to find Shinzo, a safe haven where the remaining humans would have gone. There was a great battle between the humans and enterrans, and the humans lost...

    This has got to be the best, underappreciated show ever!!! I loved this show with all my heart and watched it every night, putting everything else aside. I even taped all of the episodes and was glad I did... It's not on anymore, if I remember correctly... This show had a great storyline, and fantastic voiceovers with awesome fight scenes. I felt for Yakumo, who wanted with all her heart to find Shinzo, and when she finally reached Shinzo, it wasn't what I expected.

    Finally, after 2 whole wonderful seasons, she finally reached shinzo, upon being killed by Lanancuras, the dark guardian. I cried so bad, when I saw that she wasn't going to wake up in the final episode... I saw the scene after when it showed her and Mushrambo finally reach Shinzo in spirit, after destroying that meteorite that threatened to destroy enterra. I cried so much, I was sad, and angry at the same time, that Saban had the nerve to bring it back for a second season almost 5 years later, then kill off Yakumo at the end, so they can't make another season. However, Toei, the original company that made Shinzo, independantly made a 3rd season... And guess what Saban did? Yup, they sued them.... Now Saban is on my most hated companies list, next to Fox for cancelling, Firefly, John Doe, and Tru Calling. I have one last thing to say, even though the ending wasn't very satisfying, Shinzo itself, has wonderful mythology and is a breed apart from other cartoon animes on Jetix. Well done, I give you 10/10, and if i could, would give it much more than that.
  • Rock on Shinzo!!!

    Shinzo is the best non-adult swim anime,other then Yu-Gi-Oh!!!!! I love Sago!!!! He's adorable! I love his hyper form too! I like the plot. It's just a show you can't miss, no joke! To bad it ended so soon! They should make more, who's with me? Dark Mushrambo is pretty cool. I think people dont give this show the respect it deserves. Curse you Shinzo hatersssss!!!!!!!! I was surprised they have an awsome show like that on Jetix! Speaking of Shinzo does anyone know where I could get clips of the show? Anyways, he show is pretty cool anime just watch it if you dont believe me! Long live Shinzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The best anime to ever grace the toon disney channel!

    This show is about a girl who was frozen in a time capsul by her father.When she wakes up the world she was knew was destroyed by evil aliens. She finds Mushra the main Hero,whos main goal is to help this girl to find "Shinzo" A place where normal humans live. On thier journey they meet a fat cat and some water dude that help on their journey. This show is so Uber and sweet! I recommend it to everyone!!
  • shinzo man amzing animie, but they did to much with that little girl binka.

    after i went 2 1/2 years without cable i finally got it back i immidtedly went to fox family but they changed the name to abc family most of the old shows were gone. but the new ones were alrite when i first saw shnizo it kinda reminded me of monster rancher i said hey cable\'s really changed i watched shinzo it was amizing it was entertaning to watch in then they took it of the air 3 weeks later it then it came back 3 years later on toon disney. and i taped every episode on blank vhses im just glad i got every episode made but seriously tho man they did too much with that little girl named binka i mean come on a 9 year old girl wearing a pink top with a rocket loncher with blue jeans that took the cake rite there. but the finaly battle with lan and corres was amizing.
  • Could use a little more organization, but I like it!

    This show is not the best anime out there, but it's pretty good compared to the crap on Jetix. I like the action, the story, and the characters. The show takes place in the future, and humans are supposed to be evil. The card soul thing is pretty good, very Monster Rancher-esque. I've really only intensely watched the first two episodes, but from what I've seen, this show needs a thumbs up! If it didn't seem so cheesy, I'd watch it more. And I'd add it to my shows if I would not lose the "action-adventure" emblem.
  • It's not popular, but I guess that's the reason I watched it. And I liked it!!

    I was surprised when I first saw it. I figured it couldn't be that good if I hadn't heard of it before, but I guess I was wrong! It shocked me very much! It's definitely an action show with some fantasy, romance, and science fiction. (Personally, I like the romance part of it.) I've finally seen all of the episodes, and it was totally worth it. It might not be the kind of show some people watch, but it was certainly MY kind of show. Some episodes are scratchy, but give it another chance. Really, it's worth the time spent. I'd give it two thumbs up!!
  • Watch this and you'll know what I mean.

    Although the seasons go by fast, they are still awesome, if not a little confusing. The voices are cool and the plot is even better. The characters are also wonderful. The best thing I like about the show is that it's full of action and adventure, along with some humor. The emotions and feelings aree also shown very well, and give the characters real character. I also like the villains and the mysteries and surprises concerning the past. The animation is also VERY realistic and gives the characters unique backgrounds. In my opinion, this is a very awesome show that I hope everyone enjoys to watch.
  • This show is not worth watching.

    This is one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen. The animation of this show is really bad and pathetic. This show has one of the worst voice acting casts I have ever heard. None of their voices fit their characters. The voices all sound really fake, and the lip and voice don't match either. This show doesn't have much of a storyline either. This is one of the shortest cartoon series I have ever seen. It only has thirty-two episodes. This show isn't even worth it to put it in syndication. I hope Toon Disney gets rid of this show.
  • The story of a future earth. When only one human being will be left in existence to save it.

    As soon as I saw the previews for this show I became interested. The story made sense to me. The future of earth, now called Enterra, falling into the hands of Yakumo, the last remaining human, and her enterran friends Mushra, Kutal, and Saggo. Enterrans, created to fight a deadly virus but end up wiping out their human creators. What a great story line! The ultimate goal and mission of Yakumo is to reach Shinzo where all the answers lie. The mission give to her by her father. The ancient Shinzo, no one knows where it is but the future of mankind depends on the final human reaching it and restoring mankind. It's a great show for any age.
  • Terriffic! Fabulous! 100% Awsome!!!

    Shinzo is one of those shows you watch and are instantly hooked. Everyone loves a good anime and Shinzo is no exception. Between the battle against Lanancuras and the multiple battles against the Enterran generals and their minions, Shinzo is a show you will find yourself watching again and again (I. personally, have seen the series through 4 times). It is as addictive as it is action-packed. It's as drama-filled as it is funny. It's got as much action in it as any good anime can stand. With the plot and the conflicts, Shinzo has become one of the best anime shows of recent times. Overall, it's a teriffic anime.