Season 1 Episode 3

Web of Evil

Aired Weekdays 4:00 AM Jul 13, 2002 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Still searching for Shinzo, Kutal leads the group through the most difficult places. Then, Yakumo gets sick and the group goes to a little, western-like town nearby to let her rest. The boys are hungry and want to eat. Mushra loses and has to keep watch at the sick Yakumo, but gets so hungry that he leaves to join the others. Then a pack of Spider Enterans come into the restaurant were the trio eats. Mushra immediately charges their bad attitude and a fight starts. Another spider, Big Blue, comes in and calls back his crew. Upstairs the Mushra and the other find that Yakumo has been kidnapped, for a reward for the Enerrans who kills the human. Mushra forces weafel, who runs the hotel, to tell where Yakumo is taken.

At the hideout of the spiders, the older brother of Big Blue declares that he doesn't want to turn Yakumo over to King Daku, but to eat her in hope that the legend that whoever eats a human being will become immortal. Meanwhile, Mushra and his friends find the place and attack. Mushra goes hyper and saves Yakumo, but gets stuck in a web. The spider-brothers also go hyper. At that point Sago and Kutal start transforming. Kutal becomes a lion with the element of earth, Sago becomes a water devil. They attack the spiders and Mushra burns himself free. In the morning they turn out to be the winners. The spiders beg for their lives and Yakumo forgives them. While Big Blue means it, his older brother kills him and absorbs his card. He grows hyper and throws a net around Yakumo, trying to eat her again. Mushra transforms again and destroys the spider and his cards. He brags about it after returning to normal, but then Yakumo hits him on the cheek and tells him that he has to leave, because he uses too much violence. When she walks away, she weeps, but doesn't show it. Mushra is left behind astonished.

Meanwhile, King Daku receives news that Big Blue and his older brother were defeated and sends his soldiers after Yakumo. At the same time, Mushra is mad that Yakumo rejected him.
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