Shion no Ou

Fuji Television (ended 2008)


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Shion no Ou

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A brutal murder has occurred and Shion Ishiwatari's parents were killed in their own home. Luckily Shion escaped unharmed, yet the trauma caused her to become a mute. The only evidence police found was a shougi board and one piece; the King. Neighbors and close friends of the family, Shinji and Sachiko Yasuoka, adopted Shion and taught her how to play shougi. Shion was amazingly adept at shougi and became known as a genius fame followed the mute player. Shion's fame rises and her past resurfaces, she discovers that being a professional shogi player may just lead to finding her parents' killer.
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  • A show about shougi (Japanese chess), but still its so much more! I recommend it!

    This show is a pretty cool one. Now, it may not seem interesting to many people - Japanese chess a.k.a. shougi is the foundation of this show. However, it's also pretty interesting in the fact that it's a murder/mystery-solving show as well. The main person's parents were murdered, causing her to go mute. That's the first thing you get to know. That's pretty interesting; a mute main character.

    Talking about characters, this show has an array of great, well-built characters, all of which have some depth to them. It's not like the hero's only objective is to win, win and win. She's got her struggles and other things to do. And the hero's rival doesn't exist solely for the purpose of being a rival. He has some depth to him. So does pretty much all the other characters too. They're all interesting characters, and that got me hooked.

    The animation of the show is nothing to complain on either - detailed, awesome-looking and realistic. It's hard to think that they can make one once a week - the detail put in it is pretty amazing, if you ask me. That alone is worth checking out!

    Final thing; the tension. "How can playing shougi possibly be tense?" you may ask. Well, it is pretty tense. They present it in such a way that I can't help but feel the tense aura. In fact, I almost forget that it's about shougi. Seriously, you don't really have to be that interested in shougi to enjoy this show.

    This is a definite recommendation, and an awesome show! Watch it!moreless
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