Shipping Wars

Tuesday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jan 10, 2012 In Season


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  • Not great

    These people bid based on pride instead of trying to make money. They hate each other and run every bid into the ground. Yeah let's drop it 500$ because I don't like Dusty and I'll teach him a lesson. Terrible.
  • Get rid of dusty

    I love the show just can't stand Dusty and his mouth!!!! Get rid of him and I might watch the show again... I don't understand why yall let him on the show with his nasty mouth!!!!
  • shipping wars

    I Understand You Have Find Someone To Replace Roy Which Can Never Be Done But Get Rid Of Dusty He Is A Waste Of Space On The Show
  • RIP Roy

    The show won't be the same without Roy ad his attitude.
  • shipping bores

    Simply wouldn't let any of this crowd deliver the paper.
  • I wander...

    how Jerret's van wasn't on this list

  • Best Show!

    so much fun to watch, Roy is the best. Some of you guys take things too seriously.
  • The DirtBag Roy!!

    What a real idiot that guy Roy is! Lol his life gotta really suck !! You watch him trying to act like the world is below him, but if you really pay attention to how he acts you can tell he is just a trailer trash Clown who tries to put on a show for the camera man he flirts with! I wish him nothing but bad luck and transmission problems for life :) Jennifer got good heart and the right attitude! You go Jen! ;-)
  • Roy the "Head up his butt' Jerk,

    I cannot stand so called Handy

    Roy the "Head up his butt' Jerk, made a delivery to Austin Texas and because he had some bad luck along the road, he referred to Austin being the worst city in the country.

    I hope he has a lifetime of blowouts along his road to greedy,arrogant self gain.

  • Please set the record straight.

    As a retired over the road truckdriver, I can tell you, the people on this show are not professional truckdrivers. I think the producers should show a disclaimer at the beginning of the show. This show is giving the viewing public the impression that all truckdrivers are like these wannabes, and nothing could be farther from the truth.The closest one to a truckdriver is Marc, and that's only because he took the time to get a "CDL" and drives a real truck.The rest of the cast should sell their pickups and trailers and vans and find new careers.Of course Jarrett would probably be fired from flipping burgers being that he's always late.I think the concept of the show is great, but I think the camera crew should ride along with real OTR drivers and show the things they have to deal with on a daily basis. I don't recall ever hearing of a professional driver having to take apart a piece of freight to get it to fit in his trailer. That's hilarious.
  • otr driver of 45 yrs

    I have never seen a bigger bunch of moorons in my life.There is not a one of them i would let haul anything I have.The guy with the 18 wheeler is a make believe trucker or a trucker want a be.The rest is dum as the day is long.Hell dummer.
  • Show promotes good old American competition.

    The show is all about real life challenges of being self employed. No protection from big government, big business and unions. I love it.

  • Show promotes illegal trucking

    google search 'uship pissed' and see the REAL behind the scenes of A&E's partern uShip. Help get the word out and make our roads safe from these illegal truckers and tax evaders. Visit "Stop Shipping Wars' page on facebook or visit to read real stories about scams on uship