Shirt Tales

NBC (ended 1985)





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  • I loved this show as a kid

    this was always a must in the Saturday morning cartoon lineup. I loved Bogey, because he always talked like Humphrey bogart, I like pammy and digger too. I can\'t belived I actually remembered some of the names even before I saw them on this page. Wasn\'t there a tiger too, I didn\'t see him. That show was great I wish I could remember the theme song ha ha. it was whatever on there shirts lit up didn\'t it ? That was a great classic almost up there with some of the other great 80\'s cartoons. The 80\'s were the best decade ever for kids shows and some of us were lucky enough to be kids during that time.
  • I have fond memories of this show from when I was a child! Anybody else remember this show?

    I loved the Shirt Tails when I was younger. Not only were the characters adorable but the show was entertaining.
    The characters were: Tyg the tiger, Rick the raccoon, Pammy the panda, Digger the mole, Bogey the orangutan, and Kip the kangaroo.
    My favorite character was Bogey. He was the silly one in the group. I'm pretty sure he wore a green shirt.
    Of course, I liked Pammy since she was a girl and wore pink (I thought those were very important qualities when I was a kid).
    I don't remember a lot of details, but I remember the group lived in a tree and helped solve mysteries. Mr. Dinkle was their human friend but I can't remember what he looked like. They would say "Shirt T-t-t-tales!" and their shirts would change and show their feelings.
    Kip was actually voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who later went on to voice Bart Simpson.
    The cool thing is that I still have my Shirt Tales rubber stamps. I have no idea where I got them but I have all the characters (except Kip I think). I specifically remember decorating many cards with my Pammy stamp.
    Ah, those were the good old days. Such innocent characters...such innocent storylines.
    Unfortunately, I can hardly find any info on the Shirt Tales. I was hoping the series would come out on DVD so I could relive my childhood.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed. And if anyone hears that this show IS coming to DVD, let me know!!! Thanks!