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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Episode 1

      A terrifying twister tears a house to pieces; A firefighter vanishes in a horrifying split second.

    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Episode 2

      A man with a death wish and a bomb tells cops time's up; A sign of hope turns into a tower of terror; And a lifetime of dreams disappear in a heart-breaking split second.

    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Episode 3

      An eyewitness to aviation history captures a news chopper turning into a horrifying headline; One of drag racing's worst crash ever as a funny car explodes in more than 260 mph; Navy test flights are forever changed after a fighter jet accidentally blows another one out of the sky.

    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Episode 4

      Maritime history sends an SOS, nearly 500 passengers are trapped, and a captain and his crew have abandon ship; a historic run at a world land speed record takes a terrifying turn, andbecomes a race to survive; and a navy landmark, as a crewman get sucked into a jet engine, and lives.

    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Episode 5

      The worst crash in pro-stock racing history rips a car in two; The most powerful hurricane ever hit Hawaii, leaves islanders scrambling for safety, and one family with no place to hide; And the man some people call "the luckiest chopper pilot on the planet".

    • Shockwave - 06
      Shockwave - 06
      Episode 6
      The most harrowing rescue ever at Niagara Falls takes place as a suicidal man stands at the edge of the falls with his feet trapped in an underwater crevice. Then watch drag boat racing superstar Scotty Lambert as he is catapulted hundreds of feet and smashes onto a concrete island. Can two island residents of Montserrat escape molten ash as the volcano erupts; one is trapped in his car the other is racing down the mountain. Next, a nearly impossible helicopter rescue is the only hope for two victims of tropical storm Erin. Witness the Helistat, a huge experimental craft, consisting of a blimp supported by four helicopters as it crashes and burns on its maiden voyage, killing one chopper pilot. Finally will a kite surfer survive a fall 250 feet straight down?moreless
    • Shockwave - 07
      Shockwave - 07
      Episode 7
      Watch as a magician dangling over a river in a straight jacket is set on fire as the burning platform above him collapses. See footage of the infamous Sioux City plane crash and listen to an interview with the pilot who was highly decorated for his heroism on that terrible day. Then a pilot loses control of his plane when a parachute opens prematurely and the chute snags on the tail of the plane. Next, a high tech crime fighting robot provides pictures of a four day standoff between a crazed gunman and Kentucky police. Finally the camera is rolling as two contractors are caught in a massive landslide in Portland, Oregon.moreless
    • Shockwave - 08
      Shockwave - 08
      Episode 8
      The crew of the Alaskan Monarch is stranded in the freezing tide of the Bearing Sea--an iceberg has snapped the rudder. The rescue that ensues will become one of the most dramatic in Coast Guard history. Watch as daredevil Kangaroo Kid attempts to jump a twenty foot high riverboat on a quad runner with a ramp that is only eight feet high. Then a vengeful man uses a bulldozer to plow down a small town in America's heartland. Will the National Guard be called in to take it out with an anti-tank missile? Next, a navy aviator's ejection seat malfunctions and he's stuck half out of the cockpit as his jet is coming in for landing. Finally, a home video camera rolls as a family is trapped in the worst fire in the history of Southern California.moreless
    • Shockwave - 09
      Shockwave - 09
      Episode 9
      Watch as a derailed train whose cars are loaded with toxic chemicals explodes like a rocket in the Illinois countryside. Then a paramedic rushing to help a wrecked driver at the Daytona International Speedway is hit by another racecar, thrown 30 feet in the air and then hit again by the same car. Can eight people fit into a life raft built for four when their perfect fishing day turns into a nightmare? Relive the day Matt "Kangaroo Kid" Coulter tried to jump his 40 horsepower "quad" over a huge riverboat. Finally a Delta ll Rocket explosion in Cape Canaveral, Florida results in huge chunks of burning metal raining down on the launch pad and surrounding areas.moreless
    • Shockwave - 10
      Shockwave - 10
      Episode 10
      A stunned crowd watches as a top fuel funny car hits the rail at over 100 miles an hour, knocking the driver unconscious, and continues roaring down the track. Next, a mountain biker tries to break his own record by riding his bike down a volcano in Nicaragua. But the rocky surface is too much for the bike, and it literally blows apart. A fighter jet pilot tries to make a routine landing onboard an aircraft carrier but the jet rockets off the edge of the deck and plummets into the Mediterranean. A vertical lift bridge operator accidentally lowers a bridge on a fifteen thousand ton freighter--sheering off the boat's pilot house and 29 ton smoke stake. And a tourist and his girlfriend are posing for pictures in front of the Moi Hole, a seaside cave off the coast of Oahu, when a monster wave unexpectedly sweeps him into the sea.moreless
    • Shockwave - 11
      Shockwave - 11
      Episode 11
      What begins as a peaceful air show ends in disaster when three planes collide above Ramstein Germany then slam into the runway. Australian stunt driver Ray Bauman attempts a world record by launching a car off a ramp over 229 feet. He nearly goes the distance, but the car nose dives straight into the track from a height of sixty feet. Two years later he tries again. Next, a huge tanker loaded with 80 tons of crude oil breaks in half and erupts into a massive fireball in the Indian Ocean forcing crew members to scramble for the lives. A daredevil parachutist tries a death-defying stunt and takes a terrifying fall. Two window washers hang-on for dear life when their platform breaks loose from a building in downtown Denver. And, firefighters battle a wind-whipped blaze in an Oklahoma City hotel when suddenly a huge hunk of a burning roof collapses and a fireman is swallowed by 500-degree flames.moreless
    • Shockwave - 12
      Shockwave - 12
      Episode 12
      Watch as a midget car racer crashes and flips several times, then is trapped as the car explodes and engulfs him. Next an 8,000 square foot mansion is sucked into a sinkhole in the hills of San Francisco. A flight instructor is showing another pilot how to recover from a "spin" in a training jet when it spins violently out of control and the ejection system fails. Then a hydroplane speedboat crashes at more than 200 miles an hour. The boat disintegrates, the drivers' capsule fills with water, flips upside down and the driver is drowning while still strapped in his seat. Will a pregnant skydiver survive crashing face first in a parking lot? Finally a helicopter on a rescue mission crashes and erupts into a fireball on a rugged mountain range. The six men on board scramble for their lives and one of the crewmembers is pinned under the nine ton chopper.moreless
    • Shockwave - 13
      Shockwave - 13
      Episode 13
      Watch as a brave bomb squad technician is forced to pick up a bomb when it blows up in his face. Then a skydiver's pant leg is caught on the planes landing gear and he's dangling at 10 thousand feet! Can modern day Evil Knieval, Bubba Blackwell, set a world record by jumping 22 cars on his motorcycle? Will a female extreme ski racer survive a free-fall of 600 feet on an unforgiving mountain? Finally view the tense scene as a maintenance worker clearing debris from a flooded canal is sucked into a drain. Frantic rescue workers desperately try to keep him from drowning.moreless
    • Episode 26
      Episode 26
      Episode 26

      A monster tears across Oklahoma it's heading toward a pig farm, and 6 people are trapped inside; Horror on the highway. His friend screams "Look out!" but the rider is deaf; Plus, a young boy races toward a train wreck and then...

    • Episode 27
      Episode 27
      Episode 27

      A pilot is out of fuel, he's going down, his wheel is stuck, his only hope pulling off the impossible; A angry elephant is on a rampage, she tramples her trainer, and now she's racing toward the street in a rage; Plus, desert heat dooms this helicopter.

  • Season 2