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    • Episode 26
      Episode 26
      Season 1 - Episode 26

      A monster tears across Oklahoma it's heading toward a pig farm, and 6 people are trapped inside; Horror on the highway. His friend screams "Look out!" but the rider is deaf; Plus, a young boy races toward a train wreck and then...

    • Shockwave - 24
      Shockwave - 24
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      A jet engine used to dry asphalt on roadways is on fire. Firefighters think they have it all under control little do they know the jet dryer is loaded with an explosive chemical. When the fire reaches a certain temperature KABOOM. A two firefighters are caught in the flashpoint. A party boat has gone over the waterfall just outside downtown Minneapolis with five people on board. The boat is crushed and the passengers are clinging to anything the can latch on to. The raging current is pushing them toward another, bigger fall. A rescue team is dispatched by boat but their engine stalls and now they have to be rescued. A news helicopter swoops into save the day. A semi truck is stalled on the tracks and the train can't stop. An amateur photographer, and train enthusiast is rolling tape as the train and truck collide. An Australian couple is caught in a flash-flood. Rescue teams try over and over to pull them out but the Jeep continues to move down the raging current. A hydroplane boat goes airborne and flies onto and island narrowly missing a cameraman on shore and lands in a grove of trees.moreless
    • Shockwave - 23
      Shockwave - 23
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      A mountain climbing expedition is in Kyrgysztan is being airlifted from one base camp to another when disaster strikes. The chopper is overloaded with equipment and bodies as it starts to lift up when it suddenly dives and comes crashing back down. A mad man is on a killing spree in Brentwood, Tennessee and a female officer is in the line of fire. Her dashboard camera captures the point blank gunfight between the gunman and lady cop. A July 4th celebration on a lake in Minnesota turns to sheer terror. A very rare tornado forms and head straight toward a family that has taken shelter in their home. The raging twister rips through their lake house leaving it in shambles. A gas tanker trucks brakes are on fire. Flames are licking the tanker when a highway patrol officer rolls up to the scene. He immediately calls for firefighters, but just as they arrive the tankers erupts into a massive fireball. A daredevil in Florida is fired out of a cannon, flies more than one hundred feet thru the air, but overshoots his safety net and splats hard on the groundmoreless
    • Shockwave - 22
      Shockwave - 22
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      First see a demolition team preparing to sink a barge to create an artificial reef--they stay onboard while detonating and are sent flying! Next a small plane carrying a grandfather and grandson is on fire on the runway and then the oxygen tanks explode. Watch as the Iranian embassy in London, being held by terrorists, is stormed by the SAS. Then parents in Atlanta witness the absolute horror of their children's nursery school explode a target of the infamous bomber Eric Rudolf. Finally a motorcycle race through the streets on the Isle of Man ends in a spectacular crash--see footage from three angles, including two pov cams.moreless
    • Shockwave - 21
      Shockwave - 21
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      A helicopter in Hawaii crashes into a drainage ditch, and a mountain of a man named Tiny single handedly lifts the 15 hundred pound chopper so rescuers can pull the pilot out. A huge cloud of black smoke and flames erupt when a gas tanker explodes on an Oklahoma freeway. Neighbors nearby have their video camera rolling when blood-curdling screams come from inside of the fireball. The men run in to the smoke with little regard for their own safety to help lead her out of harms way. A race in Ohio ends tragically just before the finish line. The driver of the BMW car flips over 13 times, flying more than the length of a football field before coming to a crashing stop. A kayaker in France on vacation gets caught in a vicious torrent. He's turned upside down and cannot right the kayak to get his head above water. Storm chasers are caught in the eye of Hurricane Charley in Punta Gorda, Florida. Cameras are rolling as the town is ripped to shreds and the storm chasers scramble for their lives.moreless
    • Shockwave - 20
      Shockwave - 20
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      A couple out on a lake in Austin Texas get too close to the Dam and their boat is sucked in and swallowed under. A marine helicopter on training maneuvers when disaster strikers. The chopper catches its rear wheel in the steel netting on the edge of an aircraft carrier and crashes into the sea with 16 Navy Seals on board. Just weeks before 911 a man paraglides in toward the Statue of Liberty and tries to land. Panic breaks out as security scrambles to secure the area. The man's canopy becomes tangled on the torch and leaves him dangling hundreds of feet in the air. A man turns a Lincoln Continental into a rocket car and tries to jump over the St. Lawrence Seaway from Canada into the US. It ends in spectacular failure and leaves the driver scrambling for his life. A professional surf photographer is caught in a killer wave. A monster from the deep crashes over him, knocking him out, and pulling him down in what could be a watery grave. A lot of the footage is underwater.moreless
    • Shockwave - 19
      Shockwave - 19
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      A member of the most elite squad of the US Air Force crashes into a fireball, and there is no sign of the pilot. The terror on the tarmac is caught by one camera in the control tower, and another inside the cockpit. A skydiver is making his first jump tethered to his instructor, but when he pulls his chute the cords wrap around his instructors neck. Now they are in a freefall and the instructor is out cold. Their seconds away from crashing to earth and their only hope is another skydiver who is desperately trying to catch them and pull their reserve chute. A longtime stuntman/daredevil is performing his signature stunt for a crowd in his backyard and disaster strikes. Texas Jack Hondo stands on three sticks of dynamite with only a thick metal plate and the soles of his cowboy boots to protect him. He's preformed the stunt hundreds of times, but this time the explosion could cost him his life. Heavy snowfall has left a dangerous threat of an avalanche in Colorado. Authorities, trying to manage the snow, are dropping bombs in the ridge above to keep a natural disaster from happening. But one of the man made avalanches takes a deadly turn and buries a reporter and his cameraman covering the story. It's a race to the finish line and one Jet Ski racer comes crashing down on another. The 650 pound Jet Ski lands right on top of the rider crushing him and sending him flying. A racecar driver erupts into a fireball when his car crashes into a pileup on the track. Rescuers rush in to put him out, but the fire extinguishers are all out of foam. He drops and rolls on the track to put himself out, but he's rolling in high flammable racing fuel.moreless
    • Shockwave - 18
      Shockwave - 18
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      A fire captain sends his son into a burning house during a training exercise, and then suddenly it erupts into a massive fireball. Three other firefighters make it out but the captain's son is trapped in the inferno and can't find his way out thru the thick black smoke. An Australian dragster literally breaks in half at nearly 300 miles an hour. The driver is stuck in the roll cage as it violently tumbles down the track, then slams into a cement wall and bursts into flames. Camera's are rolling in a Marine convoy in Afghanistan as a suicide bomber takes dead aim at a Hum-Vee with 6 marines riding inside. The bomber broadsides the marines triggering a massive explosion, sending flames shooting 30 feet in the air. It's the most horrific spill in skateboard history. Super-Skater Jake Brown takes a terrifying fall from almost 50 feet up. Jake comes crashing down after flying off his skateboard. The impact is so powerful it literally blows his shoes off his feet. A Turkish folksinger and his crew are buried alive under a mountain of snow when a avalanche hits. In a weird twist of fate they were filming a music video trying to simulate another avalanche that devastated the area just two years before when things became all to real. A tortured father is forced to leave his two sons in danger of drowning behind, or go under himself. The three were trying to rescue another couple when their boat was swamped in a deadly current caused by something known as a lock dam.moreless
    • Shockwave - 25
      Shockwave - 25
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      A routine training exercise erupts into a dark day in San Diego History. It's supposed to be a demonstration of how to battle a boat fire. But when the lifeguard on board moves into ignite the boat…it triggers a massive explosion. The lifeguard, dressed in firefighter protective gear, disappears in the blast as his support crew and the cameraman look on in horror. An Iraqi sniper has his video camera rolling and his sights set on an American soldier. It's a terrifying image as the insurgent pulls the trigger, and one of our own falls in a heap. But this soldier was wearing the latest bullet proof vest and survives! In fact he becomes part of the platoon that hunts down the sniper. Shockwave takes you to the factory of the company who made the vest, and show you in slow motion how it saved this soldiers life. A killer twister rips through “Tornado Alleyâ€-. The deadly funnel of fury just outside of Wichita, Kansas has already claimed 12 lives, and it's got a news crew on the run. The reporter and camera man are trapped along with a family traveling with small children. They all take shelter under a freeway overpass as the twister takes dead aim. Coast Guard camera's are rolling as a massive explosion erupts from chemical plant in Jacksonville, Florida. The Shockwave is caught on surveillance cameras at nearby businesses as workers run for their lives. One man is caught in the deadly inferno, and guides firefighters too him in a nail biting, heart wrenching 911 call. Two Base jumpers Richard Burke and Ron Broyles, self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies, attempt to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. The two take the breathtaking plunge but their chutes get tangled and they're caught on the bridge dangling hundreds of feet in the air.moreless
    • Shockwave - 26
      Shockwave - 26
      Season 2 - Episode 26

      An EF 3 twister bears down on a pig farm in Oklahoma at close to 200 miles an hour. Six workers huddle inside with 5 thousand pigs and piglets as the monster hits and tears the farm apart. A motorcycle enthusiast is trying out his new motorcycle on an empty highway just south of San Francisco. He's trying a few tricks on his new bike, his friend screams for him to watch out for the one parked car on the three mile stretch of road but the biker is deaf an can't hear the warning. At the last minute he loses control of his bike and slams into the parked car in one of the most terrifying crashes ever caught on tape. A crew is taping a cable television show on Lake Pontiac Michigan, but there is trouble in the air. A small plane starts to sputter, it stalls and then comes crashing down in the middle of the lake. A 12 year old boy dangles by the neck 30 feet in the air off of a ski lift. A strap from his back pack is strangling him as his best friend watches helplessly in horror. Two Base jumpers Richard Burke and Ron Broyles, self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies, attempt to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. The two take the breathtaking plunge but their chutes get tangled and they're caught on the bridge dangling hundreds of feet in the air. A fuel truck is T-boned by a freight train. The truck is flipped on it's side, gas is leaking out and a fire is starting to burn. A news helicopter hovers as a young boy races to the wreck, then suddenly the tanker erupts into a massive fireball.

    • Shockwave - 33
      Shockwave - 33
      Season 2 - Episode 33
      Not Without My Kids Fire erupts in the middle of night trapping an entire family on the third floor. Rescuers are on the scene but they are running out of time. A mother and father are faced with the heart-wrenching decision to evacuate without their two young children trusting firefighters to find them. Florida Dam Rescue- City workers clearing debris to avert a flood disaster from the local dam become trapped under a powerful wall of water. A perilous rescue on the part of the U.S. Coast Guard is their only chance for survival. Helicopter Soap Opera Stunt A helicopter stunt goes horribly wrong. One of Mexico's most beloved stars is the center of attention but this time it's far from the glamour of lights, camera, action! It's a real life drama. Nova Scotia Fishing Boats Collide In thick fog in the North Atlantic, a giant steel hulled fishing trawler smashes into a smaller wooden fishing boat. It's sinking fast. All hands must abandon ship into frigid waters. Skydiver Bungee Snap - It's a double shot of adrenaline rush. A daring skydive / bungee jump turns into a tragic mid-air freefall. But an amazing daredevil- style rescue just might save the day. Female Dragster - A dragster explodes in flames at nearly 300 miles per hour. Highly combustible racing fuel feeds the fire as the crippled dragster violently tumbles down the track. Trapped inside one of drag racings fastest women. Watching from the pits in horror is the driver's father.moreless
    • Shockwave - 32
      Shockwave - 32
      Season 2 - Episode 32
      Houston Highway Rescue- A horrifying wreck on a highway leaves a young woman hanging out of the back window from the drivers seat and a young husband pinned under the dashboard. Two you men desperately try to free them as a fire erupts from the wreck. Rescue teams are on the way , but there is no time to wait the two victims will burn to death if the young men can't get them out. Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Explosion Disaster on deck. The first nuclear aircraft carrier in US History is on fire an about to blow. Hundreds of crewmen battle the blaze, then run for their lives as bombs explode from fighter planes parked on deck. San Antonio Police Helicopter Crash A police helicopter is in pursuit during a high-speed chase when it suddenly loses power and plummets. A cockpit camera catches the drama in the air, and a surveillance camera captures the chopper smashing into a parking lot. Boscastle Flood England's worst flood in 400 years nearly washes away the town of Boscastle. The vicious torrent rages down streets and washes through homes leaving residents on their rooftops pleading for help. Salt Flat Record Crash A run for a world land speed record, explodes into a race for life. A car traveling across the famed salt flats a nearly 250 miles an hour takes a slight turn and then takes off flipping violently in the air before crashing back down to earth. Dumptruck Hits Bus A thrill-seeker is going to try a stunt he's never done before, and will never do again. He wants to drive a dump truck into the base of a burning bus. His idea for the spectacular stunt is to flip the bus over the top of the truck, but tonight he's on course for disaster. The dump truck flips over on impact, erupts into a fireball and the driver is trapped in the crushed cab.moreless
    • Shockwave - 31
      Shockwave - 31
      Season 2 - Episode 31
      Tragedy strikes as American troops are leaving Guam to relocate 4 stealth bombers to their home base in Missouri. One sensor on the instrument panel malfunctions and brings this multi billion dollar flying machine crashing down on the tarmac. One of the strongest tornados ever to hit South Dakota literally wipes out the entire town of Manchester. The EF -5 twister whips at more than 300 miles an hour and levels every house in town. Manchester never rebuilds and now there is a simple plaque commemorating the towns one hundred year history and the people who once lived there. A foundry in Tacoma Washington erupts shooting flames and debris 300 feet in the air. The spectacular explosion was triggered as as a tanker truck was unloading 8 thousand gallons of propane. A tink leak in the delivery system triggers the massive eruption. England's worst flood in 400 years nearly washes away the town of Boscastle. The vicious torrent rages down streets and washes through homes leaving residents on their rooftops pleading for help. A race in Ohio ends tragically just before the finish line. The driver of the BMW car flips over 13 times, flying more than the length of a football field before coming to a crashing stop.moreless
    • Shockwave - 30
      Shockwave - 30
      Season 2 - Episode 30
      Hell-fire erupts in the middle of the night in the heart of the tiny town of Paris, Texas. A building that has stood for one hundred years is going down and going down with a bang. A massive back-draft explodes with deadly force engulfing the firefighters on the front line. Am African Village is paralyzed in fear by a killer lion on the loose. The rogue lion has attacked and killed a ranger, several lionesses and now he's back to claim another victim. An American on safari is brought in to take the lion out but the lion attacks him first. A top-secret rocket-powered aircraft designed for a real-life mission impossible crashes into a spectacular fireball. It happens during a training mission to rescue the Iranian Hostages. It's one of the few times the video has been released and surviving crew has talked about the tragedy. A 28 foot high wall falls, and the construction crew is buried under tons of cinderblock. Two jumped from almost three stories in the air, but another worker on the ground never had a chance. An extreme skier is caught in a white cloud of hell. An entire mountainside of snow is chasing him down the slippery slope as he races for his life. Then in one terrifying instant he's swallowed by the deadly blanket of snowand buried.moreless
    • Shockwave - 29
      Shockwave - 29
      Season 2 - Episode 29
      An Army training exercise in Fort Campbell turns to tragedy when two helicopters collide and crash. The Blackhawk's rear rotors hit and we talk to the soldiers who survive and their commanding officer. One of the most terrifying bank robberies in history. Two men, dressed in full boy armor open fire with automatic weapons on the Los Angeles Police Department. Their rein of terror last 44 minutes, and leaves several officers lying in their own blood. Shockwave takes you inside the panic, showing you the actually body armor worn by the bank robbers, the guns they used, the police cars riddled by their bullets and we talk to the cops who brought them down. A television reporter and cameraman are caught in a catastrophe. A new outdoor structure is about to be unveiled as the centerpiece of a huge park in Stockton, California. But just as the finishing touches are being put on, a cable snaps, the structure collapses, and the newsmen are sent running for their lives. A high speed chase comes to a crashing stop at a gas station in Manning, South Carolina. The runaway driver slams into the gas pump, his car erupts into a fireball and it's all caught on the cops dashboard camera. A para-glider is heading straight toward disaster. He steers into live power-lines with more than two hundred volts of electricity surging thru them. That's enough to fry an average sized man with a single jolt. Rescuers rush in, but one wrong move and they could get zapped.moreless
    • Shockwave - 28
      Shockwave - 28
      Season 2 - Episode 28

      A runaway airplane is heading strait toward a crowd, it lifts off just in time, but the terror on the tarmac is just beginning. A man has flipped his car on a highway covered in black ice. Officer on the scene send him back inside the wreck to grab his license and registration. At that moment a van carrying a rock and roll band is coming in the opposite direction on the other side of the freeway. The van hits another patch of black ice and barrels into the wrecked car with the driver still inside. The terrifying crash is caught on tape by the trooper's dashboard cameras. The Basilica is Assisi, Italy has been hit by an earthquake and some of the magnificent artwork now lies in ruins on the floor. Architects and their crews are inside assessing the damage when another, stronger quake hits, bringing down the roof and burying people beneath the rubble. A fighter plane has just touched down on the deck of the aircraft carrier the USS Enterprise. It was supposed to be a touch and go training exercise, but before the pilot could take off again another plane lands and slams into the back of the fighter jet. Two surf boats racing toward the finish line in Sydney, Australia slam into each other. The crews are thrown into the pounding surf. Rescue teams rush to the scene but there is no sign of life.

    • Shockwave - 27
      Shockwave - 27
      Season 2 - Episode 27
      A pilot is out of fuel, one of the wheels on his landing gear is stuck and he's running out of time. If he tries to land with one wheel up the plane will crash and pilot will almost certainly die. One man in the ground crew puts his life on the line in a daring rescue attempt. He jumps in the back of a pickup truck and is going to try to reach up and pull the stuck wheel down by hand. Terror under the big top. A 75 hundred pound African Elephant erupts in rage and goes on a rampage. The angry elephant tramples his trainers then heads out of the tent and on to the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii. The terrified crowd runs for cover as the elephant breaks free. One of the worlds greatest helicopter pilots is putting on a spectacular display when suddenly virtuoso Denns Kenyon and his tiny two seat aircraft take a deadly plunge at a Utah air-park. A bus loaded with passengers has gone over the side of a bridge and splashed into the river. A heavy-duty crane is brought in to pull the bus out of the water. As part of the bus begins to surface from the murky depths, disaster strikes again. The crane begins to sway and then topples into the river. It's one of the most prestigious speed boat races in the world, The British Grand Prix, and we've got a camera in the cockpit. The hometown favorites are racing across the water at close to 200 miles an hour when disaster strikes. Their boat King of Shaves, flips and then explodes into pieces. The cockpit catches the carnage as to two pilots plunge and scramble to escape.moreless
    • Shockwave - 17
      Shockwave - 17
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      The most sophisticate fighter plane in Air Force history loses part of its wing and crashes into a fireball. The pilot desperately tries to steer it toward the water but it goes down on a house in neighborhood with families and small children all around. A hot air balloon that looks like Smokey Bear hits a radio tower with 50 thousand volts of electricity running through it. The nylon balloon is snagged 650 feet in the air and ripping. To make matters worse there are two young boys in the basket with no way for anyone to reach them. A motorcycle daredevil is trying to set a record jumping more than two hundred feet in the air, then landing on the back of two flatbed trucks stacked on top of each other. He falls short, and comes just inches from being cut in half. After the accident his mother doesn't know weather to pray for him to live or die, but Mike Brown makes an incredible recovery and vows to ride again. It's one of the most terrifying three days in Lake Tahoe, Nevada history. A mad man has wheeled a bomb into Harveys Casino and he's demanding 3 million dollars or he is going to blow it up. Authorities work round the clock, but run out of time. Tanner Hall one of the worlds best stunt skiers takes a terrifying tumble. Tanner flies off a ramp backwards, jumps across a gorge and comes up just short slamming into the ramp on the other side. The bone crushing crash shatters both his ankles and doctors tell him he will never ski again. A newlywed couple is on a trek of terror. They take the ultimate gamble in a 4 wheeler on a treacherous rock known as Lions Back in Moab Utah. The couple reaches the top, but on their way down this steep, unforgiving rock ridge they loose their brakes. They fly down out of control and crash at the bottom.moreless
    • Shockwave - 16
      Shockwave - 16
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Para-glider Joe Parr is flying over the spectacular, but treacherous terrain in Mexico. He's hit with what is called a thermal updraft that rockets him 3 thousand feet straight up in a matter of seconds. The strong wind crumbles the canopy and sends Joe into a death spin and he's plummeting toward the ground. All of this is caught on Joe's helmet cam as he comes crashing down. Renowned stunt man Spanky Spangler is trying to set a world record, by jumping a car more than 220 feet and then landing in water. His wife is nervously twitching in the stands as Spanky hits the ramp at 90 miles an hour and comes crashing down nose first in Firebird Lake, Arizona. Two full minutes pass, and there is no Spanky A military helicopter carrying reporters and photographers on media day explodes into the headlines. A fireball erupts inside the chopper while news cameras are rolling, sending the media on board scrambling for their lives. An out of control speed boat goes airborne at 140 miles an hour, turns nose up, takes two spectacular spins and hurls the driver across the water like a skipping stone. At that speed the surface of the water feels like asphalt ripping at the driver's skin as he hurtles like a rag doll. It's hell on earth in Norfolk Virginia - as a gas tanker truck explodes into a blazing inferno putting firefighter Dave Delozier (dee-low-zhur) face to face with disaster. As the brave firefighter is on top of the tanker, the fire flares send him scrambling and falling into a scalding caldron of gasoline. If his fellow firefighters can't get him out within 10 seconds he'll burn to death.moreless
    • Shockwave - 06
      Shockwave - 06
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The most harrowing rescue ever at Niagara Falls takes place as a suicidal man stands at the edge of the falls with his feet trapped in an underwater crevice. Then watch drag boat racing superstar Scotty Lambert as he is catapulted hundreds of feet and smashes onto a concrete island. Can two island residents of Montserrat escape molten ash as the volcano erupts; one is trapped in his car the other is racing down the mountain. Next, a nearly impossible helicopter rescue is the only hope for two victims of tropical storm Erin. Witness the Helistat, a huge experimental craft, consisting of a blimp supported by four helicopters as it crashes and burns on its maiden voyage, killing one chopper pilot. Finally will a kite surfer survive a fall 250 feet straight down?moreless
    • Episode 27
      Episode 27
      Season 1 - Episode 27

      A pilot is out of fuel, he's going down, his wheel is stuck, his only hope pulling off the impossible; A angry elephant is on a rampage, she tramples her trainer, and now she's racing toward the street in a rage; Plus, desert heat dooms this helicopter.

    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Season 1 - Episode 5

      The worst crash in pro-stock racing history rips a car in two; The most powerful hurricane ever hit Hawaii, leaves islanders scrambling for safety, and one family with no place to hide; And the man some people call "the luckiest chopper pilot on the planet".

    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Season 1 - Episode 4

      Maritime history sends an SOS, nearly 500 passengers are trapped, and a captain and his crew have abandon ship; a historic run at a world land speed record takes a terrifying turn, andbecomes a race to survive; and a navy landmark, as a crewman get sucked into a jet engine, and lives.

    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Season 1 - Episode 3

      An eyewitness to aviation history captures a news chopper turning into a horrifying headline; One of drag racing's worst crash ever as a funny car explodes in more than 260 mph; Navy test flights are forever changed after a fighter jet accidentally blows another one out of the sky.

    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Season 1 - Episode 2

      A man with a death wish and a bomb tells cops time's up; A sign of hope turns into a tower of terror; And a lifetime of dreams disappear in a heart-breaking split second.

    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Season 1 - Episode 1

      A terrifying twister tears a house to pieces; A firefighter vanishes in a horrifying split second.

    • Shockwave - 08
      Shockwave - 08
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      The crew of the Alaskan Monarch is stranded in the freezing tide of the Bearing Sea--an iceberg has snapped the rudder. The rescue that ensues will become one of the most dramatic in Coast Guard history. Watch as daredevil Kangaroo Kid attempts to jump a twenty foot high riverboat on a quad runner with a ramp that is only eight feet high. Then a vengeful man uses a bulldozer to plow down a small town in America's heartland. Will the National Guard be called in to take it out with an anti-tank missile? Next, a navy aviator's ejection seat malfunctions and he's stuck half out of the cockpit as his jet is coming in for landing. Finally, a home video camera rolls as a family is trapped in the worst fire in the history of Southern California.moreless
    • Shockwave - 10
      Shockwave - 10
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      A stunned crowd watches as a top fuel funny car hits the rail at over 100 miles an hour, knocking the driver unconscious, and continues roaring down the track. Next, a mountain biker tries to break his own record by riding his bike down a volcano in Nicaragua. But the rocky surface is too much for the bike, and it literally blows apart. A fighter jet pilot tries to make a routine landing onboard an aircraft carrier but the jet rockets off the edge of the deck and plummets into the Mediterranean. A vertical lift bridge operator accidentally lowers a bridge on a fifteen thousand ton freighter--sheering off the boat's pilot house and 29 ton smoke stake. And a tourist and his girlfriend are posing for pictures in front of the Moi Hole, a seaside cave off the coast of Oahu, when a monster wave unexpectedly sweeps him into the sea.moreless
    • Shockwave - 15
      Shockwave - 15
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      A speed boat is racing across a lake at more than 150 miles an hour. The pilot crosses the finish line, but the boat is not slowing down. The throttle is stuck wide open, the shore is rapidly approaching, and there is nothing the driver can do to stop it. The boat hits the beach full speed, is thrown 50 feet in the air, and then explodes when it flies into power lines. Extreme skier Garret Bartelt is racing down the most treacherous terrain imaginable near Valdez, Alaska when he catches an edge and is launched into a terrifying freefall. Eric drops a distance greater than the Trump Tower in New York, flipping over and over hitting jagged rocks all the way down. Those looking on in horror are sure the brutal beating from the unforgiving mountain has killed him. A runway ultra-lite is headed straight for a terrified crowd. It's running at full speed and there is no pilot on board. The crowd scatters but 13 year Mandy Bernar is crushed and driven into the ground by the nose of the plane as her grandfather watches on in horror. It's one of the most dangers moves a skateboarder can do, a full 360 degree loop. There are only about 15 people on the planet who can pull it off. It turns out that the subject of this catastrophe is not one of them.moreless
    • Shockwave - 14
      Shockwave - 14
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Watch as the most powerful stunt plane in history goes down while the pilot's wife and daughter watch in horror from the grand stands. Then a snowmobile hits a mogul, becomes a flying buzz saw and the speeding spikes on the tread hit another racer. A camera mounted on his handle bars tapes the collision. View one of the most horrific race track wrecks ever as a driver is clipped in the rear and slams into the rail. The car then flips and is torn in half by another car. Next, a beautiful Mexican soap star working as an escape artist is chained in a box with powerful explosives. What she doesn't know is that the clock is set for 45 seconds and she thinks she has 60! Her fiancé watches helplessly as she is caught in the explosion. Finally a Sunday boat ride turns tragic when the boat is crushed under a huge barge. Can the coast guard rescue 11 people from the resulting whirlpool?moreless
    • Shockwave - 09
      Shockwave - 09
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Watch as a derailed train whose cars are loaded with toxic chemicals explodes like a rocket in the Illinois countryside. Then a paramedic rushing to help a wrecked driver at the Daytona International Speedway is hit by another racecar, thrown 30 feet in the air and then hit again by the same car. Can eight people fit into a life raft built for four when their perfect fishing day turns into a nightmare? Relive the day Matt "Kangaroo Kid" Coulter tried to jump his 40 horsepower "quad" over a huge riverboat. Finally a Delta ll Rocket explosion in Cape Canaveral, Florida results in huge chunks of burning metal raining down on the launch pad and surrounding areas.moreless
    • Shockwave - 07
      Shockwave - 07
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Watch as a magician dangling over a river in a straight jacket is set on fire as the burning platform above him collapses. See footage of the infamous Sioux City plane crash and listen to an interview with the pilot who was highly decorated for his heroism on that terrible day. Then a pilot loses control of his plane when a parachute opens prematurely and the chute snags on the tail of the plane. Next, a high tech crime fighting robot provides pictures of a four day standoff between a crazed gunman and Kentucky police. Finally the camera is rolling as two contractors are caught in a massive landslide in Portland, Oregon.moreless
    • Shockwave - 13
      Shockwave - 13
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Watch as a brave bomb squad technician is forced to pick up a bomb when it blows up in his face. Then a skydiver's pant leg is caught on the planes landing gear and he's dangling at 10 thousand feet! Can modern day Evil Knieval, Bubba Blackwell, set a world record by jumping 22 cars on his motorcycle? Will a female extreme ski racer survive a free-fall of 600 feet on an unforgiving mountain? Finally view the tense scene as a maintenance worker clearing debris from a flooded canal is sucked into a drain. Frantic rescue workers desperately try to keep him from drowning.moreless
    • Shockwave - 12
      Shockwave - 12
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Watch as a midget car racer crashes and flips several times, then is trapped as the car explodes and engulfs him. Next an 8,000 square foot mansion is sucked into a sinkhole in the hills of San Francisco. A flight instructor is showing another pilot how to recover from a "spin" in a training jet when it spins violently out of control and the ejection system fails. Then a hydroplane speedboat crashes at more than 200 miles an hour. The boat disintegrates, the drivers' capsule fills with water, flips upside down and the driver is drowning while still strapped in his seat. Will a pregnant skydiver survive crashing face first in a parking lot? Finally a helicopter on a rescue mission crashes and erupts into a fireball on a rugged mountain range. The six men on board scramble for their lives and one of the crewmembers is pinned under the nine ton chopper.moreless
    • Shockwave - 11
      Shockwave - 11
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      What begins as a peaceful air show ends in disaster when three planes collide above Ramstein Germany then slam into the runway. Australian stunt driver Ray Bauman attempts a world record by launching a car off a ramp over 229 feet. He nearly goes the distance, but the car nose dives straight into the track from a height of sixty feet. Two years later he tries again. Next, a huge tanker loaded with 80 tons of crude oil breaks in half and erupts into a massive fireball in the Indian Ocean forcing crew members to scramble for the lives. A daredevil parachutist tries a death-defying stunt and takes a terrifying fall. Two window washers hang-on for dear life when their platform breaks loose from a building in downtown Denver. And, firefighters battle a wind-whipped blaze in an Oklahoma City hotel when suddenly a huge hunk of a burning roof collapses and a fireman is swallowed by 500-degree flames.moreless