Shoebox Zoo

Season 1 Episode 12

Los Contrarios

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2004 on CBC

Episode Recap

Having found The Book, Marnie's trials and perils are far from over. As she tries to figure out how to return The Book to Michael, Toledo hypnotises Edwin to open the book. Marnie turns around too late to stop him, and the dark magic has been released.

The Shoebox Zoo warn her of Toledo's creation of Los Contrarios: their opposite but identical twins whose sole purpose is to seek out and destroy the original Shoebox Zoo. Marnie calls to Michael for help and he turns her away by saying it is her destiny, not his.

The door buzzer goes and the Shoebox Zoo panic. It could only be Toledo! The electric company buzzes a moment later, and to Marnie's alarm, Dad lets them in. She stashes The Book in the freezer, and as Los Contrarios seek out the Shoebox Zoo, Toledo and Marnie face off on either side of the kitchen door.

Threatening Marnie with death of one of the members of the Shoebox Zoo, Toledo almost convinces her to give up The Book, but at the last moment, she refuses and Wolfgang has to pay the ultimate price for Marnie's choice by being cast into the fire!