Shoebox Zoo

CBC (ended 2005)


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  • New school, new country, new people, and her mother dead, a quest is the last thing Marnie Mcbride needs, but it's exactly what she's got. Shoebox Zoo follows her search for the Book of Forbidden Knowledge.

    This is a pretty decent programme, I would recommend it for children up to about twelve years. I personally enjoyed it. Some bits of the dialogue are a little weak, but the great animation more than makes up for that. It has a good storyline, and I think most children would find it enjoyable.
  • Well, i don't have the usual habit to watch this difficult genre of childs shows, but Shoebox Zoo is probably the most better than this one

    For a Canadian/UK Production, that's a big deal. Shoebox Zoo are a good show with great stories and good actors (unfortunately not-knowest). If you hated Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings considered too commercial, join Shoebox Zoo. The proof that with less money, but much imagination, we're created a really good show based on one thing often forgotten today: The Quality.
  • A great children's show with a rich storyline and interesting characters. First series is set in Edinburgh, Scotland and has some fine location shots.

    Very interesting characters and wonderful locations. My favourite in series one is when the school kids visit Tantallon Castle along the coast to the East of Edinburgh. A show that will become a classic I think. It follows the adventures of a girl who acquires a box of toy charcaters who have an an "interesting" past! Her father works as a librarian at the University of Edinburgh.
  • A show that should not be missed!

    This is an amazing show that should not be missed. You will really regret it if you do miss it. I can\'t believe how good it is. Everything is so origional from Marnie, to Laura, to John Roberts and everyting. I really hope that now that season two is to begin soon, that it explains the prophecy. I also can\'t wait for the movie!
  • this is such a gud show for a kids show

    This show is really gud but no one knows i watch it. The first time I watched it I got hooked and so did my 50 year old dad now thats I love the animals spesh edwin and the bear one they are so funny. The quest for the book kept me hooked and i cant wait for the second series.