Shoebox Zoo - Season 1

CBC (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • The Day of Reckoning
    In the season finale Marnie must make one last attempt to stop Toledo. She reveals the shoebox zoo to Laura. But when the book turns out to be a fake, Marnie's Quest continues and with a vision, she learns that it's back home. But, with two people really close to her missing, will she ever complete the Quest?moreless
  • Los Contrarios
    Los Contrarios
    Episode 12
    Toledo hypnotizes one of the animals to open the forbidden book. This releases evil opposites of the shoebox animals, which could destroy them.
  • Where Four Elevens Meet
    Marnie finds a hidden door leading to the Inner Sanctum, where she confronts Michael Scot. Meanwhile, the animals decide that they must find the book on their own, without Marnie's help.
  • The Sign of the Unicorn
    Despite the animals' pleading with her to finish the quest, Marnie tries to catch up on her schoolwork, but then she is accused of cheating. Later, at the Pagan Mysteries, a stranger gives her the next clue in her quest.
  • Where the River Flows
    Marnie hopes to find the archway on a camping trip to the Eildon Hills with her father, Dougie and Laura, but Toledo interferes.
  • Mother's Footsteps
    Mother's Footsteps
    Episode 8
    Marnie is on a class trip to visit a "stately home," and uses her new powers to defeat a bully, but the shoebox animals become separated from her and find themselves trapped in the basement. Michael Scot appears to Marnie once again, trying to get her to accept the quest by talking about her mother. Then Toldeo appears, telling her that Scot is evil and is responsible for her mother's death.moreless
  • A Little Knowledge
    A Little Knowledge
    Episode 7
    Marnie leaves school in the middle of the day to try to get in touch with Michael Scot, but Toledo masquerades as the school psychologist to convince Marnie's father that she needs to be brought in for therapy.
  • A Strange Birthday Party
    Marnie is reluctant to go to John Roberts' birthday party until she has a dream revealing that he is the mysterious Toledo. Then Michael Scot appears at the party as a magician and urges Marnie to undertake the quest.
  • The Inner Sanctum
    The Inner Sanctum
    Episode 5
    When Marnie's class goes to Tantallon castle, she finds herself face to face with Michael Scot.
  • A Guide for the Perplexed
    Marnie finds a way to get the red book from the library, and when she does an old man appears and tells her that she must open to the map on page 11 and use her imagination.
  • Echoes of the Past
    Echoes of the Past
    Episode 3
    When a mysterious problem causes school to be cancelled for the day, Marnie and Laura visit a church to try to find clues about the shoebox animals in a stained glass window.
  • Friend or Foe?
    Friend or Foe?
    Episode 2
    It's Marnie's first day of school at her new home in Scotland. She has an encounter with a bully but makes a new friend in Laura. Back home, she receives a package from America containing a necklace that belonged to her mother. She discovers that her shoebox animal friends were once human, and that only a lost book can return them to their original form.moreless
  • The Magic Is Awakened
    On her 11th birthday, still grieving about her mother's death and uncomfortable with being moved from Colorado to Scotland, Marnie discovers that she is able to make a group of four old toy animals come alive.