Shoestring - Season 1

BBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • I'm a Believer
    I'm a Believer
    Episode 11
    A distraught mother asks Eddie to look into the cult her daughter has joined. It's called 'The Starshines', and it stands to receive the daughter's fifteen thousand pound inheritance in a few weeks' time.
  • The Partnership
    The Partnership
    Episode 10
    Sonia, who works at Radio West, sees her friend Jenny Kelson being harassed by a bully. When Jenny later accidentally leaves an envelope full of money with Sonia, Eddie picks up the story and looks into what Jenny is hiding.
  • Find the Lady
    Find the Lady
    Episode 9
    Toola, a rock singer, comes to Eddie for help when the girl-friend of a former member of her band goes missing - but the search leads to secrets someone is willing to kill for.
  • Stamp Duty
    Stamp Duty
    Episode 8
    Eddie's old friend Andy Stapleton witnesses the murder of a stamp-dealer. Andy comes to Eddie for help when the thugs are after him.
  • The Link-Up
    The Link-Up
    Episode 7
    A militant defender of abused women lodges a complaint with Eddie that leads him to Jimmy Colefax. Jimmie is trying to sail around the world in a home-made boat.
  • Nine Tenths of The Law
    A distraught woman asks Eddie to find her missing daughter, who she believes has been kidnapped by her former husband.
  • Listen to Me
    Listen to Me
    Episode 5
    The wife of a convict threatens to throw herself off the roof of the Radio West building unless Eddie investigates her claim of a miscarriage of justice. Her husband was jailed for killing a shop assistant while robbing a local jeweller's shop - but did he do it? Eddie accepts the challenge.moreless
  • An Uncertain Circle
    Marion Cutler, a social worker, asks Eddie to look for Nick Forrest, one of her charges who has gone missing. Nick is an eccentric who has been living in a hut on the beach, but Steve, the owner of the hut, claims he's never heard of Nick. The mystery begins to centre on some aerial photographs of the coast-line taken by Nick, and Eddie soon finds he's onto a dangerous gang of drug-smugglers.moreless
  • Higher Ground
    Higher Ground
    Episode 3
    Eddie is called in by Jean, one of his listeners and the wife of Major Hansford, a tough prep school headmaster. The Hansfords' small school is being threatened by a series of nasty pranks, and Eddie finds there is more than mischief afoot.
  • Knock for Knock
    Knock for Knock
    Episode 2
    As a result of his success with the case of Sarah Marshall, Eddie has been asked to host his own 'Private Ear' programme on Radio West. On his first day at the station, he tries to use his listeners to find the driver of a van which was responsible for killing a young woman's husband in a motor crash. Then some calls from listeners come in, and the story starts to develop new angles.moreless
  • Private Ear
    Private Ear
    Episode 1
    Eddie, an unusual private detective, is asked by Radio West to look into the life of Sarah Marshall, a prostitute who has committed suicide. Sarah died in a Rolls Royce belonging to David Carn, the radio station's most popular disc jockey, right after she had tried desperately to see him, and Radio West hopes Eddie can prove that Sarah had no connection with their man.moreless