Shoot for the Stars

NBC (ended 1977)


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Shoot for the Stars

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Two teams, consisting of a celebrity & contestant competed in this word game show. Teams had to solve twisted phrases which meant something else (IE: An overheated Lassie = Hot dog). There are 24 squares that contained money amounts ($100-$500) or action cards (explained later). Teams start off with $100. In turn, the team chooses a number and is shown a twisted phrase. The contestant has to solve the first half while the celebrity solved the second half. If the contestant is stumped, (s)he can let the celebrity guess their part & the contestant could figure out the rest. Successful answers earned money. The first team to reach $1,500 are the winners! ACTION CARDS *: If a star (*) is revealed, the team can risk any amount on guessing the twisted phrase. These were added later to the series. INSTANT CAR: If the team guesses the twisted phrase correctly, the contestant won a new car! INSTANT WIN: If the team guesses the twisted phrase correctly, their score is augmented to $1,500. In the bonus round, the contestant determines her/his fate by pushing a button that randomizes how many correct answers were needed to win the jackpot! The numbers ranged from 5-9. The contestant could elect to give or receive the clues. If successful, the contestant won the jackpot of at least $1,000 (and grows $500 per unsuccessful try). This series would mark NBC's last daytime game show broadcast from New York City. It would come back 9 years later as "Double Talk" on ABC. The theme itself would later be used on the USA & syndicated editions of Jackpot!moreless