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Shooting Sizemore
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Former Hollywood A-Lister Tom Sizemore led a privileged life. He had a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, attended the hottest parties, and was a critically acclaimed actor. But this all came crashing down on him when his methamphetamine and heroin addiction got the best of him. Tom lost his house, his money, and was accused of battery by former girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. Now fresh out of rehab, Tom tries to put the pieces of his life back together and get his career back on track.
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  • Ugh! Another C-list celebrity show. LOL! Sizemore sent to prison! Couldnt happen to more twisted guy. How come the press isnt covering Tom? He is now sunk to Z-List has been.moreless

    Why do cable companies keep churning out crap like this? Weve seen shows featuring Anna Nicole Smith, Kirstie Alley and now this loser? Hes some kind of Danny Bonaduce wannabe. Dannys show is marginally watchable, but this SizeLESS has been should crawl back into the sewers.

    Sizemore is the male version of Anna Nicole.

    Its seems like cable executives sit around a table saying "Well what washed up has-been loser can we make a show about this year?"

    The only reason I even know this thing exists is a clip from E!'s "The Soup".

    With something like 750,000 viewers a week its amazing its still around let alone last 4 episodes.

    I was sort of hoping this series was about some nut (like Danny Bonaduce) chasing Sizemore around with a gun to shoot him. LOL! Then I would watch it.

    And it now appears its been cancelled? Suprised it lasted this many episodes.moreless
  • Someone actually reviewed this show as a complete waste of time, and what really stands out is that persons statement of "another C-List celebrity reality show". Tom Sizemore is a true talent, and his show proves real life does exist in tinsel town!moreless

    When I heard Tom Sizemore was making a reality show based on his struggles my initial thought was, "Nice! I get an inside pass to not only one of the greatest raw talent best actors of our time, but I get to see all the dirt behind the scenes."

    Then I watched the show. By the second episode all I thought was "wow, how could anyone go through all this and still keep going." The man was down and out, ordered to rehab, and now has to stay clean to stay out of jail.

    What people dont realize is how hard it is to get clean and sober and most importantly STAY that way. Normally I dont care too much about celebs with there "problems". Lets face it, compared to the average person there problems are a joke. But Tom's are way different then the normal Hollywood issues. You hear the term rags to riches. Not many people hear yet alone live a life of riches to rags. I truly feel for Tom, but not in a pity way. In a way where I hope he makes it. The show opened my eyes that he means well, has a good heart, and just needs in my opinion some meds to keep his mood swings in check. I suggest to anyone who needs to wonder what goes through the mind of a drug addict battling sobriety to watch this show. It is the closest to true reality I have seen in awhile. All your life sober people can wake up everyday with the mindset, "I will be sober" bc they have never been not! People like Tom, have been on both sides of the fence. Its a thought process that only he can battle. "Better to be loved then to never love at all?" Well Im sure theres a phrase somewhere out there that can be made for drug abuse and battling sobriety. Watch the show, this is true reality!

    Lastly, to the C-List Celeb comment guy. Do some research, Tom Sizemore is the guy in his early movies you talked about by saying, " you know.... the guy who looks like Michael Madsen or like the dude from Law and Order - Criminal Intent." The guy who acted in the movie where the two most pivotal actors of our time, Dinero and Pacino sat across a table in the diner discussing how each of there jobs were in a sense the same yet different (Personally I think that scene had alot more to meets the eye then the role of a cop and a bank robber, but thats for another review). Tom Sizemore was an A-List, will once again be an A-List, and I dont care if he works at McDonalds, he will never drop below an A-/B+ list actor.

    Thanks for the six episodes, truly insperational and I wish him the best!moreless

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