Shooting Stars

BBC Two (ended 2011)


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  • Quite frankly the greatest panel show ever made, and possibly the greatest ever programme in the history of television.

    Welcome to Shooting Stars whoever you are. This panel show did something that few panel show ever do: it made fun of itself. Reeves and Mortimer start with some banter with their guests before asking some bizarre True or False questions. We then get to see some video clips (usually involving the duo and the team captains in a surreal sketch or TV parody) before question are answered on it. Next the Dove From Above which involves a song in the club style, more strange questions and "Eranu" and "Ovavu". Don't forget the impressions round, where both the hosts and the guests must do some impression while the others guess. After the quick fire round, the winning team choose someone to perform a mystery challenge that is always completely of the wall. Let us not forget the scorekeeper George Dawes (or Matt Lucas as he is better known) who is a giant baby who plays the drums. And of course the show is packed with strange interludes, random fighting and dancing, Maverick rounds and just about anything else that would not usually happen on a panel show. Overall a brilliant show that will never be bettered or replicated.
  • Welcome to Shooting Stars, welcome whoever you are!

    The most randomly hilarious quiz show ever made. Vic and Bob at their very best and the show that introduced us to the modern day legend that is Matt Lucas(Little Britain, Popetown, Rock Profile). The two team captains are the greased-up, 80s-throwback Mark Lamarr and Ulrika-ka-ka-ka-ka, who are both very entertaining.

    Random questions include "Name a junction off the M25" and "In Stockholm, Sweden, buses run on red wine. True or false?"

    Random brilliance. What are the scores, George Dawes? From me, it's a 9/10.
  • Who said a quiz show had to be serious?

    The dove from above, the crow from below, Ulrika-ka-ka-ka are just a few of the very funny gimmicks used on this show. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are entertaining guys.

    On this show even the scores are announced in a funny way. George Dawes, what are the scores? For m 8.5!!!