Season 5 Episode 1

Bill Maher

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Sep 09, 2007 on SnagFilms

Episode Recap

The episode kicks off with Guber warning guests to reset their DVRs because of the show title change - henceforth the show is simply "Shootout." The opening discussion revolves around certain pop/movie stars public meltdowns. Guber's solution is to simply avoid problems. Bart thinks they need to go with the "Matt Damon method" - be as boring as possible so as not to attract the press. Guber disagrees, citing George Clooney. Bart thinks actors are a little bit imbalanced people and can't quite fit in, no matter what. The Peters call in the 'expert witness', long-time agent Ed Limato. He feels actors should keep their private lives private. He comments on his own headlines, when he left IMC to join William Morris. Limato comments on his client Mel Gibson's troubles and how it has affected Gibson's career. Limato comments on his altercation with Richard Johnson of the NY Post. The next guest, Bill Maher, whose first film (D.C. Cabs) was produced by Guber but would rather let that one be forgotten. Maher is currently working on a documentary about religion. Maher is not 'for' churches and children and their tax breaks. He admires Michael Moore and comments on the lack of impact of political films. Maher comments on actors running for office, about Fred Thompson and the need for a Democrat who can make the 'counter-argument.' Looking forward, he would rather do a movie than write a book.