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  • Season 1
    • Cut
      Episode 26

      Mr. Long and Ms. Peterson are getting married. Everyone was happy for them except when the media class learned that Mr. Long is transferring to Greenland to be with Miss Peterson after the wedding. The class had a plan then, they will do everything to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Ruth is still mad at Kurt and she explains to Fiona that they are not really compatible because Kurt is all rock and roll stuff while she is a romantic. Kurt tried talking to Ruth but she wouldn't even look at him. The plan started with Oscar, who has a very poor fashion sense, advising Mr. Long on wearing mismatched outfits. Oscar realized though that the class owes Mr. Long his happiness and not the other way round. He tried to stop it but the plan was on the move, with Oscar's father driving the groom's van via long route to delay. Then Ross will do another delaying tactics by saying there's an emergency going. Oscar made him understand too that Mr. Long should be happy so they proceeded to the church where the rest of media class and the bride are already waiting. The finale of their plan (the realization that they should stop their plan came too late) comes in the form of disco complete with dancers inside the church. It was really thought that this will destroy the whole atmosphere but nothing can really dampen the couple's happiness so the wedding continued. Ruth had a surprise when she went outside the church. Kurt came to her horseback riding complete with Zorro costume. Ruth was impressed that Kurt made the effort and everything was right between them again. Ross finally showed that he likes Anna and the same goes to Fiona and Oscar. Tim and Tom were in love with another twins. Lastly, the class was ecstatic when Miss Peterson announced that they won't be going to Greenland after all.

    • As A Row of Tents
      As A Row of Tents
      Episode 25

      Mrs. Bartlett has found some new people to do the in-house television station. The Media Studies class are going to a camp. Once there, Mr. Long and the other teacher that is chaperoning bump heads and stare at each other. Night falls and the group are roasting marshmallows. Tim tells a scary story. Well, scaryish. Tom and his girlfriend come too. I don't know how they got there though. While Fiona is sleeping like a horse, Anna and Sophie talk about how to stop Fiona snoring. Ruth leaves and meets up with Kurt. They are just walking when Ruth goes "arrooooo". She gets a reply. Then they start to run frantically and notice they are getting further and further into the forest. Morning comes and the group go looking for Kurt & Ruth. Ruth calls Kurt a bonehead, but it turns out that Kurt knows a lot about the country (he was in the country a lot when he was younger.) Kurt could have taken Ruth back to the cabin, but he thought it would be more romantic to stay out in the woods. Mr. Long asks the other teacher (unknown name) to marry him. She accepts!

    • Survivor
      Episode 24

      Mr. Long isn't enjoying Phys Ed. Sophie wants to have a sit in in the school television station. They also want to film it, so that they get their message across. They start filming and well, they are in trouble. Sophie phones a local news crew and thing get even worse. The group are protesting about getting Mr. Long and the television station back. Time is slowly going on and Mrs. Bartlett is starting to crack. The group are starting to get annoyed with each other. Ross is doing a Big Brother-esque thing outside where people are voting whoever they want out. Or is supposed to be like Survivor? Most likely, hence the episode name.) Ross is turning it into a reality TV show. Anna is voted out. Mr. Long comes into the station and joins the strike. But just as he gets in, Sophie call it off. Mr. Long is allowed back into the Media Studies class as teacher. But for now unfortunately, the group cannot use the in-house television station.

    • Cops & Robbers
      Cops & Robbers
      Episode 23

      The group are at the school television station to the episode off. Ruth is reading some bad sounding letters. Tom is getting laughed at. Suddenly, a girl comes over and smiles at him. The girl looks quite lonely, just like Tom. Ross is making some outrageously cheesy movies about wanting love.(Big surprise.) The group are making a film about cops & robbers (hence the episode name.) Police come up the road where the group are filming the movie. The officer tells the group that they did not notify the police. And they are all taken down to the police station. Mr. Long comes down (including Oscar's dad, but he isn't important.) The group want to complete the film. They do, but what you don't notice, is that Sophie never stopped filming. (I didn't anyway.) The finished film is a blend of when the officer was talking and inside the bank. Mrs. Bartlett is watching in the corridor on the overhead television and doesn't seem very amused. There is a substitute in the Media Studies class to fill in for Mr. Long and the class are trying to mess with his mind. The group are at the door of the school television station and can't get in. Then Mrs. Bartlett comes down the stairs and tells them all she was appalled at the class for their film. She also says that somebody else will be taking over the school television station and that the substitute will no longer be a substitute as he will now be the teacher. Mr. Long has been moved to Phys Ed.

    • Fight the Power
      Fight the Power
      Episode 22

      Oscar's sister wants to go to a protest about saving the rainforests. In a funny moment, Oscar's brother walks through the bathroom door when Oscar is having a shower! He gives Oscar such a fright that he rips part the curtain off the rails! If Kurt wants to visit his mum during the school holidays, his dad would have to have enough money for the train ticket and he doesn't, unless he fills in for his dad's band's bass guitarist. At first he is reluctant, but soon he agrees. Sophie has went to the protest about saving the rainforests. Oscar comes to the protest too to make sure that his mum and sister don't get sent to a woman's detention centre. Kurt's dad's band (I think it's called Big Daddy) go to play at the protest. Oscar & Sophie get arrested but get bailed out in the end.

    • Party On, Rhys
      Party On, Rhys
      Episode 21

      Anna is leaving hospital, but wants to come back and visit. Fiona is having a birthday party and it is labeled "the social event of the the year". Quite a few people are going, but Ross, Tim, Tom, Kurt and Oscar are not invited. It looks like Kurt & Ruth are getting closer listening to music together, but just as I am typing this, Jurt walks off with Ross. Tom is still wanting to spend more time with Tim. Ross, Tim, Kurt & Oscar are planning to sabotage Fiona's birthday party with flower bombs (or flour bombs, I couldn't make it out), super soakers and paint bombs. Anna is upset that her mind could be damaged beyond repair. But Sophie & Ruth come to Anna's room and tell her to put something on and come to the party. Ross told Tom to tell Tim a message, but it doesn't look like he'll tell him. Tom storms out on a conversation with Tim, Ross, Oscar & Kurt and says he doesn't want to be a twin anymore. Fiona's party was a complete tragedy.

    • Mummy Dearest
      Mummy Dearest
      Episode 20

      Kurt's mum comes for a visit. Tom is wanting to spend more time with Tim. Kurt asks out Ruth. Why? I think his attitude has changed from bad to good because his mum is back. Ruth's mum thinks Kurt is a bad influence to Ruth. Kurt's mum leaves which causes Kurt to yell at Ruth. Ruth's mum goes into labour and a new baby is born in the house, a girl. But Oscar, still can't stop shoving the camera in Ruth's mom's face!

    • Splitting a Tom
      Splitting a Tom
      Episode 19

      Anna is still in hospital but will be out soon. She meets some new people. She realises that the people in the room have been in the hospital a lot longer than she has. Ruth starts pursuing Kurt. Tom gets thrown out of the Media Studies class for his Karate film. Tom isn't enjoying Geography and Tim isn't enjoying Media Studies. Ruth is changing her clothes to make Kurt like her.

    • The Night of Nights

      To start off the episode, the group are talking about the television station. Kurt can't seem to keep his eye the girl who just moved in next door, who thinks she a witch. All the gang are preparing the television station for Thursday (launch day.) Oscar and Fiona have an argument. Oscar has really bad attitude and is way too power hungry.

    • Every Vote Counts
      Every Vote Counts
      Episode 17

      Things are still not great for Anna. Ruth and Sophie get a high number of votes in the election and are now candidates. Ross is worried that no one will remember him for anything. Fiona wants everybody to vote for her. There is serious tension between Fiona & Sophie. Ross wants to become a better person. Sophie has to pull out of the election or there will be no television station. Ross hasn't even been to see Anna yet, but that doesn't stop him cleaning up Anna's home.

    • What A Feeling
      What A Feeling
      Episode 16

      There is a dance coming up and very surprisingly, Oscar is going with Fiona. There is a lot of tension between Ruth and Kurt. Both Oscar and Ross are in the dance class. The teacher is Fiona. Things are going really bad between Ross and Oscar. Meanwhile, Kurt is trying to get a message through to Ruth, who he likes by giving Ruth a tape with a song called "Me Dog Bit Me" on it. He also leaves a note for her on her desk. But when Ruth sits down and shoves all her folders and books onto the table, she knocks off the note. Even worse, Ross picks it up and thinks it was from Fiona. On the note (which was originally for Ruth) it says, "I want to dance with YOU". He goes to the dance studio to find Fiona and starts flirting. Just as he is starting, Oscar walks through the door and tells Ross that he is going to the dance with Fiona. Devestated, Ross goes into the school corridor and asks Sophie. At first, she thinks he is only asking because he is hurt and she was the first person he saw. But, she realises that this is only an act of kindness. She accepts. At the dance, Oscar finds out that Fiona already has a boyfriend. After all that, the next day, Mr. Long walks through the door into the media class where all the media students are. He says, "Anna has been diagnosed with Meningitis".

    • Eye of the Tiger
      Eye of the Tiger
      Episode 15

      The Media Studies Class has been planning to run a TV station for a pretty long time. They shoot a try to shoot a sort of "starting segment" although Ms. Bartlett, the principal, hasn't said yes, yet. Anna, being the selected "leader" of the station starts showing signs of weakness, which Fiona takes as signs of chickening out. Fifi gets mad at Anna for trying to let the group down. Then Anna really falls ill and lands in the hospital, making Fifi feel guilty for biting her head off. Then the MS Class decide to do a "profiling" video (Kurt's idea, I might add) of each member of the class to convince Ms Bartlett that they are willing and able to do the job, making Anna the "face of the station" and including videos of her and by her.

    • Anarchist's Convention

      The Media Studies Class talks about having a student-run TV Station. Kurt works off his debts by working in a barber shop (maybe that explains the buzz cut). Ross becomes kind of obsessed about running for office in the school against his brother, Laz, but ends up working as a 'bus boy' for his older bro, instead

    • A Fete Worse Than Death

      Mr. Long surprises the Media Studies Class with an awards ceremony, a la Oscars (with Oscar's picture pasted on the paper statue awards), but still gives them an end-of-term assignment with the camera, including school participatory. They decide to shoot the school in chaos, with Kurt, unbeknownst to the others, doing the 'dirty work' on the oval in school. He gets in trouble with Ruth's mom, who was planning to hold a fund raiser ON the oval, threatening to kick him out of school. Still, Kurt manages to gets out of being drooped out of school.

    • The Thrill of the Chase

      The twins, Tim and Tom, are kicked out of Media Studies Class, for being a distraction to the others. Mr. Long asks Kurt to submit a video of himself as an included requirement to pass the class. The twins, in revenge, 'kidnap' the camera and lead the others to find it. After all the adventure, the others make a sort of video petition to ask Mr. Long to bring the twins back to the class.

    • Super Geek
      Super Geek
      Episode 11

      A new girl moves in next door to Kurt's after his old lady friend dies, and he soon falls for this 'rock goddess'. The other Media Studies members shoot "SuperGeek", a short movie produced, written and directed by Oscar, earning himself respect from the class and finally being taken seriously. Well, sort of.

    • The Grass is Greener

      Kurt begins to spend more time with Mrs Green as he creates his latest film. However, he is torn when the old lady passes away before he finishes the film.

    • My Funny Valentine

      Anna and Ross have to agree on a topic and create a video together – it is not easy. When Mr Long forces Anna and Ross to work together and they have to find a topic they can agree on it seems like an impossible task – until Anna comes up with and idea. They will swap character traits! Oscar begs his family not to embarrass him when Fiona comes for tea. And Kurt decides to make a video on the old lady next door. Fiona realises that she thinks Oscar is really funny but he doesn't know how she feels. In the end she takes the initiative and invites herself over to his house to watch TV and have dinner. Oscar is thrilled but he is sure that his family is going to ruin everything and embarrass him in front of Fiona. He tells his father not to do his Groucho Marx impersonation, his mother not to ask annoying questions and his brother not to stare. The family does everything wrong in Oscar's eyes, but Fiona likes the Coxons. Anna and Ross can't see eye to eye on the subject matter for their video project. Mr Long won't let them find other partners – they have to get together and work on a video. Anna has an idea – why don't they show how different they are by taking on each other's traits. The video is a huge success and Ross gets his best mark so far, but at the end of the day they are still too different to go out to celebrate their joint success. Kurt's father invites their neighbour, Mrs Green in for afternoon tea. Kurt sees the woman as an old nuisance and decides to use her as the subject of his video assignment – just to show what an old pest she really is.

    • Burn, Baby, Burn
      Burn, Baby, Burn
      Episode 8

      Sophie uses the camera to expose her mother's boyfriend as a loser. Instead she exposes her own frailties. Sophie can't bring herself to like her mother's boyfriend, Glenn. No matter how hard he tries Glenn can't do a thing right and Sophie won't give him an even break. Life at home is difficult for Ruth, too. When her mother goes on a diet she is forced to join in even though she doesn't need to lose any weight. Sophie's mother has a new boyfriend – Glenn. He is trying hard to get Sophie to like him, but she won't give him an even break. Her mother is keen for them to get on. Sophie sees Glenn as a threat and believes he is going to try and take her mother away from her. Ruth's mother comes to school to lecture the students on healthy living – all part of her new obsession with health and weight. Mrs Hartnell is going on a diet and insists that Ruth join her – even though Ruth doesn't need to lose any weight. Mr Long's suggestion that the video camera can be used like a diary to expose your inner thoughts prompts Sophie into using the camera to expose Glenn. She plans to show her mother what a loser her boyfriend is through the camera lens. Sophie can't believe how easy it is until Glenn takes the camera and turns the lens on her. Glenn doesn't want to break up her family – he just wants to get on with her. The diet is getting to Ruth. She is feint from hunger and collapses in class, landing on Kurt – much to his annoyance and her embarrassment. Her mother finally sees sense and the diet ends. But she has an announcement – Mrs Hartnell is pregnant!

    • Wonder Twins Activate

      A minor car accident outside the school causes mixed reactions from the media studies' students. The twins video the aftermath of a car accident outside the school. They see the video as a way to make fast money on TV's Funniest Home Video. Ross has his sights set on bigger fish – a new series called Funniest Home Car Crashes. For Sophie it is all too close to home – bringing back the bad memories of the accident that killed her father and left her in a wheelchair. It is up to Sophie to get the message across. There is a car accident outside the school gate when the twins are working with the video camera. They see this is a great joke and begin taping the drivers arguing. No amount of cajoling by the drivers and the other students will make them stop. As the drivers argue the twins see their video becoming a moneymaking enterprise. They believe they can win the major prize on TV's funniest home video show. When Ross hears of their plans he thinks they are not aiming high enough. Here is a big chance to sell the idea for a television series – Funniest Home Car Crashes. The twins' video causes a lot of dissension in the class and they sit down to discuss their views on camera. But Sophie doesn't want to talk about it. How would they understand that a car crash killed her father and left her in a wheelchair? Mr Long convinces Sophie to try and get her point across. Once he understands the whole story, Ross has a change of heart and can't believe how uncaring and thoughtless he had been. But the twins will never see the error of their ways – even when the tape is confiscated as evidence. Oscar turns to the love and peace values of the hippies as a way of thwarting the twins – but it doesn't last.

    • Home and Away
      Home and Away
      Episode 6

      Mr. Long decides that the class needs to be revamped a little, and shuffles the kids in different pairs, deviating from their usual pair-ups. Ruth is delighted (but tries to be subtle about it) when Mr. Long pairs her up with Kurt. Anna, on the other hand is disgruntled when she ends up with Ross as a partner. Ross isn't very happy either. Meanwhile, Laz, Ross' brother has decided to move out of the house, and their mother is going nuts. Ruth uses the project as a farce to order Kurt to go with her to the movies.

    • Crash and Burn
      Crash and Burn
      Episode 5

      There's a car crash outside the school and Tim & Tom film it all to show in class and Fiona disagrees and Ross was going to send it in to funniest car crashes because they had made it sound like it was funny but when Ross heard that Sophie's dad died in a car crash and that's how she got in a wheel chair he decides not send it but Tim & Tom still want to send it.

    • Au Naturel
      Au Naturel
      Episode 4

      Anna becomes the most popular girl in class when Mr Long orders everyone to make a ‘nature' video. When Anna shows her nature video to the class they agree on one thing – it's boring. The class is not afraid to tell Anna what they think. Mr Long knows how to remedy that attitude – everyone has to make a nature video. What seems simple proves far more difficult and Anna becomes the most popular girl in class as everyone tries to solicit her help. Anna's nature video is not well received by the class. They think nature is too boring to be considered a suitable topic. They make no pretence of hiding their dislike for the subject matter. Mr Long doesn't think the class has the right attitude. To make them learn about the true worth of nature he assigns a project – a nature video from every member of the class. When the girls can't come up with an idea themselves they each try to become Anna's friend, hoping she will help them out. Anna isn't fooled by their new attitude towards her and turns to Mr Long for some understanding. But what she gets is misunderstanding, with Mr Long reading far more into her actions than is intended. Having mocked Anna's video as being too easy, Ross tries his hand at a nature video. He finds it is a lot harder than it looks and instead of creating a masterpiece he finds himself the subject of one – Anna's new nature video. Everyone thinks it is a scream – except Ross. Oscar is sick of being bullied by the twins and turns to Kurt for help, but Kurt just wants to be left alone.

    • Money Or The Box
      Money Or The Box
      Episode 3

      Fiona's favourite band are called International Oyster, not the screaming oysters.

    • Wheels On Fire
      Wheels On Fire
      Episode 2

      Fiona is still angry with Ruth for making a video that made her crush look like an idiot (which he is :D). No one is talking to her. Meanwhile, Ross is being extremely vain about himself and asks help from the others to film his game. Only Sophie agrees, and he ends up pushing her off her wheelchair in the heat of the moment.

    • Action!
      Episode 1

      It is the first day of term and the kids in the media studies class have to complete their first project – a three-minute video. There are new friendships to be forged and old alliances to be renewed as the Year 9 media studies class at Sunridge Park School begins the new term. Mr Long sets them a new challenge – a three-minute video on the topic of their choice. Ruth sees the project as the chance to help Fiona find true love. It is the first day of term and the Year 9 media studies class at Sunridge Park meet for the first time. There are the old friends Ruth & Fiona, soccer mad Ross, movie-buff Oscar, the terrible twins, Tim and Tom, wheelchair bound Sophie, studious Anna and the mysterious Kurt. Mr Long is going to have his work cut out for him with this group. The first project for the year is a three-minute video on any subject. Mr Long gives the class a chance to work in pairs with Anna helping out the twins and Oscar teaming up with the Kurt. Ruth convinces Mr Long to give her the video camera before the other students when she claims to know the subject of her video. The brainwave comes to her when she and Fiona are walking around the school – a documentary on Ross' older brother, Laz, the captain of the soccer team. Guest Cast hero and dies of embarrassment when the video doesn't give her a chance to meet Laz – it gives him a chance to laugh at her. Ruth and Fiona might be friends, but this kind of embarrassment would test any friendship.