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Shorties Watchin' Shorties

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The creators of The Job, Denis Leary & Jim Serpico bring you a show about two over-sophisticated, under-supervised infants named Baby Nick and Baby Patrice. Nick and Patrice live in the slums of New York City and spend every moment with each other. There only source of entertainment: TV. Nick and Patrice watch the acts of many famous comics which they animatedly bring to life in their imaginations for us to see. The original concept for Shorties Watchin' Shorties, which is animated comedian acts, was simply short segments of the animated acts during commercial breaks on Comedy Central. The idea had such positive feedback that it was produced into a half-hour show and given its two baby icons, Nick and Patrice. Theme Song: Shorties watching shorties Shorties watching shorties We are shorties on the couch Watching shorties on the TV Make us laugh, bust a gut Fill our diapers up with pee pee Pee pee, pee pee, pee pee Shorties watching shorties Shorties watching shorties Babies watching TV who like pooping This is Shortiesmoreless
Patrice ONeal

Patrice ONeal

Baby Patrice

Nick DiPaolo

Nick DiPaolo

Baby Nick

Christine Walters

Christine Walters

Additional Voice Talents

Mike Shapiro

Mike Shapiro

Additional Voice Talents

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    Let's review the good parts of this show. Here are three reasons that make it good.

    Nick Dipaolo already makes it amazing. Patrice O'neal isn't quite as funny as Nick but is a nice touch.

    The fact that the comedians on here are hilarious.

    This show would have been great TV cult classic if only it was longer than 13 episodes. I think the only way this show could possibly improve is um... um.. well it can't really improve. I guess the theme song was kind of annoying. Since they canceled it they could have at least moved it to another channel, Cartoon Network or G4 maybe.moreless
  • Shorites, watching Shorites!

    this show was flat out one of the funniest shows of 2004. I would watch every episode over, and over, and over again. I also loved the animation. And the character design, that was also my favorite, the were so flat and two dimensional, I loved it, couldn't get enough of it. I miss this show. I wish Comedy Central could at least give us a complete series on dvd or something. I would buy that. Any way I have to say this show is freaking hilarious and I love it. I give it a 10/10. Comedy central, BRING IT BACK!moreless
  • Cartoon babies watching stand up comedy.

    Too bad it didn't last too long. It lasted for only 13 episodes probably due to low ratings. This show is really good though. Two babies that sound like adults always have the TV on watching animated stand up comedy. They always have a crazy random crazy babysitter watching them. It's like you have no idea what's going on in the series. The babies always make wise cracking jokes and and the series shows a lot of stand up clips. I laugh a lot every time I watch this show even though there's no plot in every episode. This show will be missed.moreless
  • nick dipaolo, and patrice o'neal are infants that go relatively unsupervised all day long. thier only source of entertainment is old comedy acts which they bring to life through animation. its scary really, because this should have lasted longer.moreless

    10 a gigantic nick dipaolo fan, hes hilarious. this show was great, but short lived for some reason. it did toutch on racism and general bad behavior, but come on..............patrice o'neal is an added bonus, and hes a funny guy as well. id still watch this if they would bring it back. cartoon network would be the perfect fit for this show on the adult swim lineup. ill just put it this way........if you cant laugh at nick dipaolo, then you have no funnybone.........go get yourself checked out. he is reason enough to watch the show.moreless
  • 2 infants watching animated versions of famous comedy acts

    This show was done before it started. I still to this day dont understand why this show was cancelled, this show was so freaking original! This show brought comedy in a whole new way with its hilarious depictions of the comics words. The animations enhanced the joke and made them even funnier.I love the Dane Cook \"The Creepy Guy\" and now when ever i watch a comedy special, i think \"Man, that would have been great for \'Shorties Watchin Shorties\'\" After seeing Family Guy, and Futurama soon, i believe that Comedy Central might just wise up and renew this one of a kind show.moreless

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Adult, foul mouthed kids, Stand Up, children in adult situations, topical humor