Shortland Street

Season 6 Episode 20

Episode 1190

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Feb 14, 1997 on TVNZ

Episode Recap

Saying nothing of her liaison with Johnny, Tiffany confides to Emily that Chris has asked for a divorce. Cameron tells Rangi that the divorce puts his relationship with Tiffany on a new footing. Despite protests, Rangi thinks it sounds suspiciously like Cameron has fallen in love with Tiffany. Tiffany and Johnny agree to keep their tryst a secret, but Rangi overhears. He keeps the information to himself - for now.

When Ana misses another appointment to discuss the hormone replacement therapy her company markets, Jenny heads to the Nurses' House where she finds Ana slacking. She pressures Ana into giving her sales pitch for hormone replacement patches. To Jenny's surprise Ana breaks down and starts to cry - she's a complete fraud and failure.

As the dance marathon draws to a close, Emily and Nigel agree to a sad but mutual parting. Ironically, they win the contest by default when Rangi suggests the weekend-for-two prize should go to a couple. Emily bids a heart-wrenching goodbye to Libby. She explains that she and Nigel think it best if she doesn't have anything more to do with Libby.

The Social Committee plans to raise more funds for Martha's surgery. In their enthusiasm, no one picks up that Martha is feeling homesick, overwhelmed and frightened. David and Ian learn of the RHA Ethics Committee's decision - as a special case, Martha can go on the waiting list. To everyone's surprise, Martha announces that she doesn't want the operation...

Despite David's quizzing, Isobel won't confirm dates or name the father of her baby. Ellen is dismayed that as well as smoothing things with Minnie, Isobel carries her pregnancy with style. Spying Johnny and Isobel together, Ellen puts one and one together to make three. She congratulates a bemused Johnny - Isobel's pregnant, and he's the father.

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