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The Original Cast of "Shortland Street"

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    Here's a list of characters who were part of the original cast of SHORTLAND STREET, when it debuted on New Zealand television in 1992:

    Michael Mckenna

    Chris Warner

    Hone Ropata

    Meredith Fleming

    Alison Raynor

    Jaki Manu

    Carrie Burton

    Tom Neilson

    Marjorie Neilson

    Stuart Neilson

    Nick Harrison

    Jenny Harrison

    Gina Rossi

    Steve Mills

    Kirsty Knight

    Sam Aleni

    Can anyone tell me how many characters from SHORTY STREET's very first year are still on the show today?

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    Chris Warner is still with them.

    Hone Ropati did a cameo last year. Rachel McKenna, who is one of the earlier cast members now works backstage as a producer or something. I think Nick Harrison (the character) is dead.
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    I haven't seen this show since it was taken off Uk air, so here's what I know....... (apologies for any errors not in Uk since 2004

    Michael Mckenna died

    Chris Warner still in show (returned about time UK viewers lost it)

    Hone Ropata cameo recently

    Meredith Fleming

    Alison Raynor America - caught having fling with Chris when he remarried

    Jaki Manu

    Carrie Burton

    Tom Neilson died - heart attack

    Marjorie Neilson in government - she became a minister

    Stuart Neilson unsure, but turned up in Home and Away as a sailor, who dated Isla Fishers character Shannon Reed.

    Nick Harrison Left with his baby a few years ago.

    Jenny Harrison Went to Wellington with Marjorie as her aide.

    Gina Rossi Left with her husband Leonard to work in Australia

    Steve Mills died, car explosion in which Chris Warner escaped over an argument over the paternity of Carrie's babies

    Kirsty Knight Left for Australia with Stuarts older brother (?) who was identicle to the one who raped her in earlier episodes.

    Sam Aleni died after marrying his 'sister' TP (she was not his sister after all, but that was a GREAT storyline)

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