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  • I want it back and NOW

    Shortland Street is a hospital based drama, based on the lives and loves of the staff at Shortland Street Accident and Emergency Department in Auckland New Zealand, which was originally on ITV in the UK until about 5 years ago where is was taken off the air due to viewing figures. Why? This show was fantastic, and better than UK home grown medical drama's, actually developing the characters throughout the run. The characters were pretty true to life, and their lives were as emotional as any great drama. Deaths were fantastically written, characters blown up in car crashes, and one even got an anuersysm when a truck rammed the building on Christmas Day, you can't get better than that - the weddings were always great - grooms legging it at the alter, brides dying on the groom, great drama.... what I want to know is WHY was it removed from UK TV ? Please ?
  • Once hated it, now love it

    A few months ago I posted a review bad mouthing this show. However, I started watching it and now have a change of heart. This is an excellent program and really enjoyable. Th Serial Killer storyline really captivated me and I was sitting on the edge of my seat and nearly fell off when one of my favourites, Joey, was revealed to be the killer! My favourite charecters would be Libby and Keiran, and I am sure they'll get back together again. There have been tons of classic moments, like Lara Wade interogatting Gerald, which was a crack up! Brenda's death was the most shocking to me, though Tracey's leg grabbing one was more shocking. I am now hooked and I hope it is around for a long time
  • Love Joey Henderson!!

    I love Joey. I can't figure out how to write about characters on the show so I'm going to write about Joey here.

    He's funny and sweet and gorgeous! I'd date him! He said lastnight that no chick wants to date him because he's like a cute brother and they just want to be friends. He would be a good boyfriend! Joey rules the show now! I hope he's not the murderer! It would suck if he was! I love Joey.

    There hasn't been a decent guy on Shorty St for ages. I don't like TK. Everyone else I know does because he's hott but I don't. There's Kip Denton, he's sooooooooooooo funny!!! But I will stick with Joey. He's the BEST!!
  • It is what it is... A Soap Opera!

    It is designed to have lots of drama and things constantly happening to characters who are real enough to be believable. It does this well. After 15 years, 5 nights a week, the writers are still coming up with new ideas. New Zealand is a small country with limited resources when it comes to actors, so often it can take a while for characters to fall into their groove. Some on SS are good, others not so. Shortland Street has been a starting block for many actors who have gone on to bigger and brighter things, Martin Henderson, Tem Morrison, etc. Being based in a hospital, there is a bit of medical stuff going on, but that is certainly secondary to the personal lives of the characters... again.. in soap opera tradition. It deals with some very sticky topics, and manages to do it well, with knowledge and with respect. I was 13 when it first came on TV, so both Shortie Street and I have grown up together. All in all, give it a shot. just hold onto the fact its a soap opera, so give it a few episodes to grow on ya and to get to know the characters.
  • kiA oRa cAzZ

    sHot mAn sHortLanD wOUlD b DA bAdDeSt thIng In nZ LoLzzzzzzzzzzzz nAA jOkEs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it bE pReTty bAd dIdNt evEn no lOl but i LikE wAtch iT eVEry dAy at 7pM wEek niGht ahh sHamE hUiA gOt dA chOp nAa jOKes nO sRry if Ya reAdiN di.... . . . .
    iF yA thInk sHorTlaND stREEt wOulD b Like 1 oF dA bEsT thIng tO hApPen iN nZ tHEn AgRee wIt mE nD iF yA doNt dEn gO awAAy na jokes hOlLa bAk AIIghT.............. . . . . . . . .kLaP bAk. . . . . . .
  • i dont know why all you haters are haten coz dis show iz juz da bomb i mean it has some momments but overall itz algudie n ma hoodie faw a soap kk. so yes i am a shorty fan yip yip

    The tv series is taken place in a local auckland hospital named shortlaind street hospital where many romances, high pressure and suspence is ocurring between those who work in or/and revolve around the hospital. has been going on for ages i think way before i was born and is still going strong in the year 2006. (when i wrote this it was actually the episode where scarlett is found wasted by sarah lol but you propably dont even care hehe) so a trully aiite soap kk.
  • I don\'t know why so many people complain about this it is a great show and no one should be complaining it is a great new zealand soap my whole family watches this so stop complaining and get over yourselves

    I don\'t really know what this is so I am just going to say random things shortland street is a great show and so is home and away and charmed and joey and friends was and the ghost whisperer is cool to and so is neighbours and gilmore girls and mcleods daughters and csi and if any one disagrees with me well you just shouldn\'t because these are all wonderful shows and I never miss them and if you do complain about these programs just stop complaining and get over yourselves i am only a young person so i don\'t know what this is so that is why there is just a random conversation thank you and goodbye
  • A decent medical drama.

    A decent medical drama. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • Complete and utter c**P

    Never watch this show. Just Dont its just crap the only reason why anyone wver watches it is to find out how it ends. But it never ends it just moves in huge cycles of c**p. It is not even worh watching to laugh at how c**p it is just c**P. The only reason I gave this such as a high raiting is it wont except anything below 1.
  • Please no more.

    I live in New Zealand and I have never gotten why this show is so popular. Maybe when it first started it was fresh and new but now it’s a waste of TV time. The writers are even running out of ideas when there was an episode almost exactly the same as a CSI episode. So I think its about time my hard earned tax dollars pay for some new shows, or just anything at all would be good.
  • Get new writers!

    It feels like this year the writers were scrambling for storylines. I reckon the whole business with Robyn and the babies should have been the climax and in between they should have had all the relationship stuff happening and Norman's death! It was inevitable he was going to die anyway - the car crash just killed him off sooner. This year was an okay year for shorty. The urge for the writers to seem to want to include all aspects of kiwi life is what I think is bringing the show down. (lesbian couples, stereotypical country values, online dating/cheating etc) There were some good storylines in there but I feel the season was let down by the fact that there was no big cliffhanger.
  • Well Shortland Street is My Favurite Drama Show ever why its funny sad and silly the actors and actress are funny and i love it there is too many hot guys like jacob who plays Norman man he is A fantasic Player and has an girlfriend.

    I love the show to bits and when im older i want to act like toni and sarah
    Well because i rate it 10 it should be rated 40/40 cool i watched it since i was little girl and i love shortland street to bits and bits
    So Guys and gals watch Shortland Street You Should Ok Because there Is Going To be a crash sometime in october u cant Miss It
  • This show was great towards the end of last year, but this year it seems to have lost it's way.

    This show was great towards the end of last year, but this year it seems to have lost it's way.

    Last year they had exciting storylines such as Dominic's evil doings. Shortland Street was the best it has been in a really long time. However, this year there are too many new characters and they have severed all their links to the past by getting rid of Nick and Waverley who had been a part of Shortland Street for more than a decade.

    Also this thing with Hugo as the home invader seems to be dragging on a bit and its not as good as the Dominic storyline from last year. I'm also getting sick of what they are doing to Chris and Toni. As usual the show just couldn't have a happy marriage and so they are also on the rocks.

    On the plus side, at least they got a pretty decent Lesbian couple with Jay and Maia. Shortland Street can be a really good show when it tries so I give it a 7/10 for the moment...
  • It's about time Shortland Street livened up, and added some good storylines.

    Shortland Street is a great New Zealand show. But now it seems that its unoriginal, and the storylines have become extremely ridiculous. One thing I cannot help noticing is the similarities between the storylines in this show and Home & Away. Both shows ended their season finales last years on a positive note, then they both have pregnant storylines, and also the have the home invader/ summer bay stalker. Come on writers, come up with something fresh and unused, that would be nice.