Shorty McShorts' Shorts

Friday 7:55 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Jul 28, 2006 Between Seasons





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  • They never even resolve the "Boyz on da Run" cliffhanger. Some show this was.

    "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" was WAY more better than this trash! >:-(
  • The Absolute Nadir of Disney Channel

    Disney Channel, already known for being dishonest to the Disney name, hit a new and absolute low with this... abomination. The animation is bile, the acting is bile, the plots are bile, and even the art style is bile! I'd rather watch Johnny Test and Digimon Fusion on an endless loop rather than this. I was so full of hope for this show, hoping to see the Classic Disney Shorts return, or at least something in their style. Instead, we got utmost inanity such as Bozzlebag's Zip. Really, a kid has to move to the street of some barney knockoff? I thought you were above this, Disney.
  • This is one show Disney Channel has axed, next to Hannah Montana.

    When this show first came on, I wasn't big on this. This series was well known for a year. The best episodes aired were Boyz on the Run and I thought that was entertaining. The next season became a downfall when that Flip Flopped episode aired, which was THE very episode that caused Disney Channel to pull the plug off of Shorty McShort's Shorts due to references of childbirth at a young age, which was dark for a family show. That episode received controversy and after all this, Shorty McShort's Shorts was axed and is NEVER to be seen on Disney Channel ever again. Plus, also because of the low ratings.
  • Another Disney DON'T!

    Another Disney DON'T! Shorty McShorts' Shorts is/was a five minute Disney Cartoon featuring what I would call 2 idiots doing idiotic things and the main cartoon, Shorty McShorts' Shorts- that short gut that wears the hat that is 5 feet tall that has "SMS" on it, he isn't even in the cartoons. There really isn't anymore that I can say except change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel! That's how much I hate it!

    Rating: 1.0 for stupid, idiotic, dumb, absurd, abysmal change the channel type show.
  • More like Crappy McCrap Crap!

    This is even WORSE than The Replacements! Okay first of all they think it's so hard to say Shorty McShort Shorts. I can say Shorty McShort Shorts 100 times without even messing up! Disney is DESPRATE for ideas, even more desprate than Nick. It also lacks unoriginality. It copies off of What A Cartoon! and Oh Yeah! Cartoons. This sucks badly. Who wants to watch stupid shorts that aren't even funny? Corny, pitiful, shorts. I wouldn't watch this if this was the last show on Earth! This is one of the shows that makes me feel bad for the kids growing up in this century. I get a feeling this won't last very long.
  • Shorty McShort Shorts didn"t not finish Boyz on da run.But,They made a fix offer number4#

    Shorty is the dude who hosts the show(Cartoon-Animated)Daily "Disney Channel premires them Friday at 7:55/6:55/c.But sometimes due to Disney Channel"s new movies friday.They can premire them on Thursday night.Shorty is so funny.But,I can"t find the place to watch em online.But,Still a good show.I don"t see anything wrong with it.So,Give a chance at least.
  • This is finally an answer to what if Oh Yeah Cartoons or What-A-Cartoon were to be considered as terrible shows.

    Shorty McShort Shorts is Disney's way of following the creations of Oh Yeah Cartoons and What-A-Cartoon from Cartoon Network , and Nickelodeon. This show however is most likely an acid trip full of animated shorts running in five minutes. A waste of air-space with idiotic ideas from a father who is a sasquatch that married a human who makes the new family into an unlikely people. Or how about adventures... with boy-band singers?! Who happen to be undiscovered now all because of an error in their vocalizing machine. Then , there's the show that is yet again in the list of families that aren't normal. You see , this family is normal , but they now live under a new job by some cracked Dr. Seuss mascot who didn't make it in Theodore's stories. If he did , then perhaps he should've been rolling his grave with that. Another one to be mentioned happens to be the first one to air in the show , and it was alright , considering the fact that it's been produced under a show that stinks. Finally , Disney actually passed the idea of having a group to make people who aren't popular to make their dreams come true by coming that popular person. Oh , I forgot to mention that this seems to be Extreme Makeover : Teeny-Bopper Edition. Yes , I'm serious. This is like Extreme Makeover on ABC.

    Okay , while this show is On Hitaus , I'm hoping that this show gets better , or face the consquence with the following rating. Rating : 1.0 out of 10.0