Show and Tell

E4 (ended 2011)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • James Acaster, Maeve Higgins, Joe Wilkinson

      In this final episode of the series, Chris Addison hosts Maeve Higgins, James Acaster and Joe Wilkinson. Maeve Higgins brings her Irish passport and talks about identity theft and her cat. James Acaster tells the audience about his sensitivity and 'an invisible bag' and discusses the issue of special agents and spies. Joe Wilkinson owns up to a lack of 'manliness' and shows a ¬£4 piping section. He further talks about some strange laws and wheelie bins.

    • James Acaster, Celia Pacquola, Josh Widdicombe

      James Acaster, an up and coming British comedian, and returning guests Josh Widdicomber and Celia Pacquola join Chris Addison to showcase items that make people laugh. James Acaster brings with him a cowbell and talks about a band that he used to be in; Celia Pacquola flashbacks on her visits to an underage nightclub called 'Protein'; and Josh declares his love for chili sauce and expresses the frustrations he has to live with for being thought a weakling.

    • Chris Ramsey, Joe Lycett, Susan Calman

      In Episode 6 of the first series of 'Show and Tell, ' Chris Addison hosts Susan Calman, Chris Ramsey and Joe Lycett. On personal items, Susan Calman comes with a Paddington Bear toy and talks about confrontations, Chris Ramsey talks about an incident when he went to a wedding in a purple tracksuit and Joe Lycett tells the audience about his love of baked beans and mini sausages.

    • Nick Helm, Diane Morgan, Josh Widdicombe

      Episode 5 from the television series Show and Tell aired on October 13, 2011 on the E4 network. Chris Addison hosts the comedian show and brings his friends Diane Morgan, Josh Widdicombe and Nick Helm to help him get the audience laughing. Each comedian brings a weird and quirky item from their lives and participates in a show and tell game with the audience.

    • Joe Wilkinson, Joe Lycett, Roisin Conaty

      Episode 4 of the series Show and Tell aired on October 6, 2011 on the E4 network. Chris Addison is joined onstage by comedians Joe Lycett, Joe Wilkinson and Roisin Conaty. Lycett brings an old t-shirt and tells the audience about a horrible Spanish experience. Wilkinson brings an Oyster card holder, and Conaty brings a relaxation kit to share with the audience.

    • Maeve Higgins, Elis James, Nick Helm

      Episode 3 from the television series Show and Tell aired on the E4 network on September 29, 2011. Comedian Chris Addison is joined by Maeve Higgins, Nick Helm and Elis James on stage. Each one brings a new and different item to the stage for the audience to play with; the audience must guess what their item is.

    • Tom Parry, Chris Ramsey, Celia Pacquola

      Host Chris Addison welcomes guest stars Tom Parry, Celia Pacquola and Chris Ramsey. The three up-and-coming stars of the improv scene prove their comedic chops on the show. Parry, Pacqula and Ramsey bring along personal props to truly showcase their stand-up routines, including funny costumes, embarrassing high school photos and more.

    • Roisin Conaty, Elis James, Chris Ramsey

      Episode 1 from the television series Show and Tell aired on the E4 network on September 15, 2011. Chris Addison is the main comedian of the show, and during this episode he brings various quirky items to the stage and has the audience guess what the objects are. The audience takes part in a small game of show and tell with Chris.