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    [1]Dec 9, 2006
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    I dissagree with the question about the Beatles.Rod Stewart sang Maggie May in 1971,the Beatles sang a completely different version of Maggie May in the 60s,before they split in 1970.It was an unfair question and it didnt make any sense at all.
    I thought the show was good and entertaining,if only to see william Shatner dance.I think he should put a little more feeling into his voice,I find it to be a little boring at times with no excitement at all (his voice).I think some one slipped up with the Beatles/Rod Stewart question.The Beatles Maggie May is a completely different song from the one by Rod Stewart.The beatles split up in 1970 a full year before Rod wrote his song.It was confusing and misleading and I think the contestant should be given a chance at another question.Just to be fair to everyone.Posted Dec 8, 2006 10:43 am PST
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