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ABC (ended 2006)


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  • This show attempted to rip off Deal Or No Deal and ended up in the scrap heap of failed gameshows.

    It was painful watching William Shatner captain this doomed ship into the rocks. From the set design to the models holding dollar amounts, it was basically a lame attempt to capitalize on the success of "Deal Or No Deal". It also added elements from "1 Vs. 100" which itself is another lame attempt to piggyback on the success of DOND.

    Fortunately this monstrosity was put to sleep after 5 episodes. This trainwreck will be nothing more than a trivia question sometime in the future - perhaps on Jeopardy? "I'll take Lame Game Shows Lasting Less than 6 Episodes" For $1000, Alex..."
  • Okay, it's cancelled. I get that. But here\'s why it should have stayed.

    Yes, originally, like most people, I wrote this off as a Deal or No Deal clone. And while it has elements taken from many other popular game shows, this show was pretty good while it lasted.

    One thing it had going for it was the fact that you needed to earn the money. You couldn't just quit while you were ahead. You had to answer six questions either correctly or incorrectly to leave, and even then, you were forced to. And the questions were pretty hard, so you needed to be really good, and really lucky, to win, unlike on other game shows where luck plays a huge part, no skill is required, or both.

    Another huge contributing factor to this show\'s greatness is it's speed and pace. After a question comes up, the contestant hardly stalls (or is edited to appear that way). Then, the show wastes no time in having them pick their dancer, get the amount of money that the question is worth, and tell them if they will get that money, or lose it. Then, another question pops up instantaneously, and the process resumes. Plus, the number of questions per show is often between 25 and 35, so viewers can easily play from home.

    Show Me The Money hit the snag that many new game shows of 2006 hit: People wrote it off as having jumped on the bandwagon. But if they hadn't, they would have discovered one of the best original primetime game shows of the year, and that's dissapointing.
  • "Show Me The Money," was a game show with "Star Trek," star William Shatner as host. They offered large sums of money if you won. To win you would have to get six answer right before you got six wrong avoiding the killer card. It had

    At first I thought this game show was awful when I watched it. I would watch it to see how bad it was. But once I figured out how to was played it started to grow on me. People would get on the show and dance and yell like jerks which I found to be fairly amusing. One of the guys played air guitar and he was pretty dopey. There was also a lady on roller skates I was hoping she would fall the whole time. Shatner dancing was pretty entertaining too. One of my favorite parts of the show was watching the girl dancers and picking out my favorite one. I would base it on which one was the hottest. It also had funny lines in it too like when Shatner would say "OK now you must pick a dancer with your answer," after they would answer their question. I also liked when the peopel would finish their game and Shatner would say well "I can't offer you any money but I will offer you one last dance." Like all game shows it would get me mad and make me yell when people would not know easy questions. For example, there was a navy officer that did not know Howard Dean was the guy who ruined his chance of becoming president by going rrryyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh. All in all I like this show it was rather comical and I wish the ladies danced for longer periods of time.
  • All the elements of a bad game show, but somehow it all pulls together to be very entertaining.

    I have to admit, I am a huge fan of William Shatner. No one else seems to enjoy life as much as he does. Even at 75 years old, he keeps himself constantly active, whether it is acting in Boston Legal, riding his horses, and visiting Star Trek conventions. When I heard about "Show Me The Money," I was curious and planned to watch it.

    On the surface, everything about this show should annoy me. The contestants, so far, have all been beyond manic. The questions lean towards being way too easy. The rules can get overly complicated (ever Shatner doesn't quite seem to understand how the Killer card works and only tries to explain it when it comes up...which was only once in three episodes). Bad puns like Cashtastic and Shatrific. Eye Candy dancing girls that seem like they would be more comfortable at a strip club than on TV.

    But, after watching the first episode, I was surprised to realize that somehow it all worked out to be a guilty pleasure show. Don't get me wrong, the show is definitely flawed, but Shatner does manage to make it all very entertaining. He seems to sympathize with the contestants, and he always looks like he's enjoying himself, even if he isn't always quite sure what he's supposed to do next. Without Shatner (much like Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal), Show Me The Money would probably be pretty unwatchable. With Shatner, you get a nice hour of cotton candy TV.
  • Good concept, but questions are not interesting or stimulating.

    Have watched the show on and off with some interest, but I am very disappointed that the line of questions are heavily slanted toward celebrity minutiae, and or Hollywood or Broadway music and plays. That may interest the couch potatoes of the world, but many people want to know the answers to deeper questions of history, math ,science, religions etc. While the show is akin to "Deal or No Deal", the show in my estimation will flounder from lack of interest because while it is based on questions and answers, the questions interest only a very narrow segment of the vast audience of possible viewers.
  • Basically, Show Me the Money is a "new version" of Deal or No Deal but a lot worse. Contestants play to win $1,000,000. The show's base is around the same of Deal or No Deal with models revealing chas prizes.

    This show is extremely silly and taken detail from detail from one of NBC's hit shows Deal or No Deal. Before commercials, the 13 models start dancing which I find ridiculous and has no point value to the show. If the contestants answer the trivia questions correctly, they advance on and gain money. Overall, I find this show too similar to Deal or No Deal and it is lacking any excitement for someone to want to watch it.
  • One of the worst game shows ever - will not last

    "Show Me The Money\" is another example what a network comes up with to fill time. I am a Shatner fan but not even he can save this mess. The lure of potentially huge payoffs and stupid questions make this one of the dumbest game shows ever. The 13 dancing, money-holding bimbos, the disturbingly cumbersome pace and the whole concept is just so lacking. The enormous set, the 5 star host, the dancing lights the special efx - nothing will save this pig of a game show. <br>

    Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right have stood the test of time over decades. Even Match Game and Password had staying power. <br>

    Show Me The Money will hopefully be history in a matter of weeks.

    As I stated in my last review I love game shows. I like the concept of this one. I like the fact that questions are answered fast without all the build up. I also like the fact that they cannot quit when the going gets tough. They have to get 6 right or 6 wrong to win what money is left. I also like that the time filler wasn't waiting long periods of time to see if answer was correct. With that they still stall with the dancers dancing. Now, what I didn't like was the music it was the same 5 beats over and over. If your going to have 13 dancers well, lets give them some music to dance to. I never want to William attempt to dance. I don't think he is the right host for this show he didn't conect very well with contestants. I will watch this again and see if he gets better. I think the networks should stop looking for big names to host new game shows. They should try to find so unknown talent that will give the show something different. Not to mention that the cost of an unknown host would be cheaper.