Show Me the Money

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • "Show Me The Money," was a game show with "Star Trek," star William Shatner as host. They offered large sums of money if you won. To win you would have to get six answer right before you got six wrong avoiding the killer card. It had

    At first I thought this game show was awful when I watched it. I would watch it to see how bad it was. But once I figured out how to was played it started to grow on me. People would get on the show and dance and yell like jerks which I found to be fairly amusing. One of the guys played air guitar and he was pretty dopey. There was also a lady on roller skates I was hoping she would fall the whole time. Shatner dancing was pretty entertaining too. One of my favorite parts of the show was watching the girl dancers and picking out my favorite one. I would base it on which one was the hottest. It also had funny lines in it too like when Shatner would say "OK now you must pick a dancer with your answer," after they would answer their question. I also liked when the peopel would finish their game and Shatner would say well "I can't offer you any money but I will offer you one last dance." Like all game shows it would get me mad and make me yell when people would not know easy questions. For example, there was a navy officer that did not know Howard Dean was the guy who ruined his chance of becoming president by going rrryyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh. All in all I like this show it was rather comical and I wish the ladies danced for longer periods of time.