Show Me the Money

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • Okay, it's cancelled. I get that. But here\'s why it should have stayed.

    Yes, originally, like most people, I wrote this off as a Deal or No Deal clone. And while it has elements taken from many other popular game shows, this show was pretty good while it lasted.

    One thing it had going for it was the fact that you needed to earn the money. You couldn't just quit while you were ahead. You had to answer six questions either correctly or incorrectly to leave, and even then, you were forced to. And the questions were pretty hard, so you needed to be really good, and really lucky, to win, unlike on other game shows where luck plays a huge part, no skill is required, or both.

    Another huge contributing factor to this show\'s greatness is it's speed and pace. After a question comes up, the contestant hardly stalls (or is edited to appear that way). Then, the show wastes no time in having them pick their dancer, get the amount of money that the question is worth, and tell them if they will get that money, or lose it. Then, another question pops up instantaneously, and the process resumes. Plus, the number of questions per show is often between 25 and 35, so viewers can easily play from home.

    Show Me The Money hit the snag that many new game shows of 2006 hit: People wrote it off as having jumped on the bandwagon. But if they hadn't, they would have discovered one of the best original primetime game shows of the year, and that's dissapointing.