Show Me Yours

Season 1 Episode 5

The Following Game

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 23, 2004 on Showcase

Episode Recap

Inspired by Andrea, a subject who confesses to a steamy encounter with an anonymous man she once followed on the street, Kate fantasizes about what it would be like to tail a Handsome Stranger (Robert Seeliger, Deadly Betrayal, Paradise Falls) she constantly sees in the neighborhood. The trouble is her ex-boyfriend, Marshall, keeps popping into her daydream. Kate's reverie is broken by an urgent call from David on location in Mexico. He's staring from a perfect hotel room at a perfect beach, and the only thing missing is his Kate. But Kate's plans for a romantic getaway are dashed when Toni announces her latest coup—Vanity Fair wants to interview Kate and Ben—a fact Ben meant to share but which slipped his mind. Kate's delight over the prestigious opportunity is eclipsed by her dismay. Is Ben conspiring against her? While Kate and Ben field the journalist's questions about their professional and personal connections, Stella and the ever-attentive Fishboy (Balazs Koos, The Eleventh Hour, Soul Food) further their rapport. And as much as Kate applauds her subjects' bravery to act on their deepest desires, will she have the courage to act on her own after she pays a surprise visit to Marshall and discovers Ben romantically entwined with Toni? (From Showcase)
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